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Leonardo Vinicius

Leonardo is the name on the lips of all those in the know in skateboarding

Sport is a way of understanding life and my goal is to set milestones in skateboarding.




Burgos, Spain


La Bañeza (León)



Years riding

Leonardo Vinicius is the name on the lips of all those in the know in skateboarding. And it should come as no surprise if you’ve seen some of the clips he’s putting out. “The guy is like three foot high,” Screamed Jason Elis on Hawk Vs Wolf. “To be that little and to go that high with the body power you have… It’s incredible…” Just breaking into double figures of age, this mini man of transition is set to take vert skating to new highs in the coming decade. He’s packing an impressive bag of tricks, topped with style galore, and even has double airwalks on lock which Tony Hawk thought were once the stuff of THPS. Of mixed Brazilian and Spanish heritage, Leonardo was gifted his first deck age six and has been flying ever since. He refers to his dad, who doubles as coach, as his “great teacher”, and to help little Leonardo on his quest for skate greatness the family even moved house to be closer to the Burgos halfpipe. TSG are stoked to have Leonardo flying high on the team and will be keeping him as safe as can be in a Kraken Helmet, Force III A Kneepads, Elbowpads and Crash Pants. From the XGames to the World Skate Games and home again we’ve got you covered Leonardo!