TSG / Hannes Klausner

Hannes Klausner

Going all out on two wheels

Being a lover of the environment Hannes lives the rule of leaving only tire marks wherever he goes.




Salzburg, Austria


Trails around Salzburg



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Austrian mountainbiker Hannes Klausner is no stranger to TSG, having loved and ridden their helmets for time. Now he also rocking TSG Protection and Apparel on the global team and he’s more than stoked! Hannes got into MTB in 1997, after injuring his knee as a snowboarder and ever since then has gone all out on two wheels, excelling in the disciplines of freeride, enduro and downhill as well as dabbling in art. He also gets off on travel and adventure but being a lover of the environment lives to rule of leaving only tire marks wherever he goes. Hannes swops between the Advance, Scope and Dawn helmets, depending where and what he is riding and protects the rest of his bits with the TSG Crash Pant, Backbone and Kneepad. And now he’s on the global team for apparel he’s never going to go short on pants, shorts and jerseys, wherever in the world he’s riding.