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Gian Simmen

Gian 4 Fun

First Olympic halfpipe winner back in 1998. Gian is still part of the scene, competing for fun and coaching the swiss freestyle rooky squad.




Krattigen, Switzerland


Laax, Grindelwald, Meiringen



Years riding

As the 21-year-old halfpipe gold medal winner of snowboarding’s 1998 Olympic debut in Nagano, Japan, Gian Simmen’s place in the history books was written at an early age. Since then, Gian has continued to be a true ambassador for the sport: as a pro rider and TV sports presenter, his infectious passion and sense of fun inspired countless young Swiss riders to follow in his footsteps, while behind the scenes he continues to work tirelessly to promote the sport. Today, Gian is a family man recently retired from a career spanning three decades and three world titles. But as always, he continues to rip the backcountry of his beloved home resort Davos, passing on wisdom and stoke to the next generation.