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Daniel Dhers

From Venezuela to Olympic silver 

Psyched to be riding for a brand I’ve looked up to since I was a kid!




Holly Springs, NC





Years riding

“I’m psyched to be riding for a brand I’ve looked up to since I was a kid,” says the legendary BMX star from Venenzuela, Daniel Dhers, on his signing to the TSG bike global team. And, likewise we’re psyched to have him riding for our stable of world-class bikers. Daniel, who now lives in Holly Springs, NC, started riding as a kid in Venezuela, when his buddies got bikes. Then really stepped up his freestyling when his folks moved to Buenos Aires and he got to get his wheels down in bigger, better parks. 
In 2006, he broke into the BMX comp scene, winning the Action Sports Tour title and since then has consistently earned spots on podiums the world over. His haul of precious metals include 5 golds and one bronze at the XGames; the first ever FIS World Series Championship in 2014; and medals from the Baltic Games and UCI circuit. The newest addition to his collection though is a silver medal from the Tokyo Olympics, which is where we spotted him riding in our Meta helmet. 

As if you needed any further proof of Daniel’s commitment, he says of his riding: “I’m very focused, and work until I get as close as possible to perfection.” In our books, Olympic silver is pretty much as close to perfection as you can get, and TSG is super pleased to be able to keep Daniel safe and in his saddle with our series of pro level bike protection.  Watch out for Daniel in his Meta helmet and TSG protection at a BMX contest near you and expect to have your socks blown off.