organized by TSG’s Patrick Guimez


of dirt


BMX riders from all over made it to France



The Lords of Dirt were back for their 13th edition. This BMX dirt jump event organized by our team rider Patrick Guimez brings together BMX fans from all over the world.

Photos by: ntx visual

I. Thirteen’s Edition of Lords of Dirt

For their 13th edition of the Lords of Dirt contest Patrick Guimez and his crew again made sure that every BMX rider that loves sending it over big jump doubles gets to do this. This dirt contest is open for amateur as well as pro riders.

TSG rider Jacub Benda from Czech Republic impressed with a huge flip tail whip to bar

The course once again was insane. Take this overview of the jumps!

Riders went wild one more time and gave the best show ever to the crowd. TSG rider Jacub Benda from Czech Republic impressed with this huge flip tail whip to bar and a solid 3rd place.

TSG rider Jacob Benda

 II. Lords of Dirt Best trick winner

Timothée Bringer grabbed the best trick crown with an insane flip triple whip followed by a cashroll.


Pro best trick:

1. Thimothe Bringer (Flip triple whip). 

2. Anthony Jeanjean (360 double whip to bar). 

3. Vincent Massardier (Front Superman seat grab) 

Thimothe Bringer wins best trick

III. Lords of Dirt Pro Results

And Anthony Jeanjean made it again by winning the pro comp for the second year in a row.


Results pro finals:

1. Anthony Jeanjean

2. Thimothe Bringer

3. Jakub Benda

4. Vincent Massardier

5. Alessandro Barbero

6. Florian Ferrasse

7. Istvan Caillet

8. Valentin Antonuccio

Anthony Jeanjean jumps on the podium

IV. Great show – Happy crowd

Patrick is preparing the prices for the winners. We sent a huge box with helmets, gloves and shirts.

Selecting the prices

And not to forget the public that was perfectly entertained and happy about receiving some freebies.

Lots of freebies from the sponsors for the crowd

Get hyped by watching the highlight video and stay tuned for next year as Patrick has announced preparing something new and insane. Can’t wait.

When Patrick is not organizing events, he is rocking at The Masters of Dirt tours and always pushing his limits as far as he can. Always protected by TSG.