Black Friday

Giving Friday instead of Black Friday

TSG raised  € 400 for skateiastan and skate-aid





Thanks to you we raised € 400 for children on our Giving Friday instead of Black Friday weekend campaign.

Giving Friday vs Black Friday

When we started thinking about this year’s Black Friday campaign, this whole bargain shopping day event didn’t feel right. Not that we don’t like to offer you a discount, but we don’t like this excessive consumption frenzy, especially now that we need to think about how to deal with our environment.

Together we raised 400 €

So we dropped Black Friday and decided for Giving Friday. Instead of offering a 10% discount, we donate 10% of the sales on from Nov 29- Dec 1 for our charity partner projects Skateistan and skate-aid (50/50).

Thanks to you, TSG managed to raise € 400 for children who don’t have the same chances in life as we do.


The Giving doesn’t stop

Would you like to support Skateistan or skate-aid? Have a look at their current campaigns

Afghan kids with skateboards Skateistan

safe to skate Skateistan giving friday kids skateboard

Skateistans current campaign Safe to Skate


Find out more about Skateistan and skate-aid 


Skateboarding for a brighter tomorrow

It was our team rider Renton Millar who introduced us to this fantastic project. Skateistan was founded by his Aussie compatriot Oliver Percovich, in 2007, and provides skateboard schools as well as skate parks in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. The initiative aims to empower children and youth through skateboarding and education.


The pedagogic power of Skateboards

Skate-Aid supports kids in areas of conflict and deprivation by bringing skateboarding to their communities. In times of adversity, skateboarding provides unity, equality and a stable social environment. It enables kids to grow their self-confidence and self-worth and, most importantly, to enjoy good times.