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Privacy Policy

TSG will not share our data with third parties. Any personal information that you provide to TSG is used for the purpose of personalizing and enhancing your web experience with TSG. The only reason we have to give your data to third parties is for logistical reasons (ex. shipping your bought products to your address). All data collected from the TSG web site are used for internal purposes only. TSG's specific privacy policies are outlined below.

1. The Information We Collect

There are three ways that TSG obtains information from you: (1) via signup on TSG's website; (2) from an on-line purchase; or (3) navigational information about where visitors go on our website.

2. How We Use The Information

The information obtained from registration on-line is utilized to improve your web experience with TSG by enabling you to obtain a faster checkout for purchases and/or opt-in to receive occasional e-mails, which provide you with the latest and greatest information regarding TSG and its products.
The information we ask for when you order online is your name, address, phone number, credit card number and email address, and is used only to complete the order, to confirm the order and to confirm shipment of the order. You may, upon placement of an order, opt to allow TSG to save the information for a speedier checkout process the next time. This information is then stored only for the purposes of faster checkout and is not used for any other purpose.
The navigational information allows us to see which areas of our Web site are most visited and helps us improve the quality of your online experience by recognizing and delivering more of the most desired features and services. Additional non-personally identifiable information (for example, browser version, IP address) may be collected which will provide information regarding the general use of our website.
TSG will never sell any information about you to anyone. "Cookies" are used by TSG only to allow you to use TSG's web site in the most efficient manner.

3. E-Mail

TSG will only send e-mails to you if you ask for them and you can easily unsubscribe at any time you want. TSG has a company policy not to flood people with e-mail correspondence, but simply gives you periodic information so you can stay up to date on what TSG is offering. TSG also uses your e-mail address to confirm your order and to confirm shipment of your order and to respond to any inquiries you make on-line. All e-mails you receive will provide you with information as to how to get off the e-mail mailing list if you so desire.

4. Children's Privacy

Visit only with involvement of a parent or guardian. Although TSG does not specifically direct its web site to children, TSG strives to provide children with as much customer service as possible without violating their privacy rights. For their protection, TSG asks that anyone under 14 years of age not attempt to register with TSG or otherwise provide TSG with any personal information without the consent of a parent or legal guardian.

5. Access To Your Personal Information

TSG will provide you with access to the personal information you provided to TSG by allowing you to view, update or correct your information. In order to protect your privacy, TSG takes steps to verify your identity before granting you access to the private information or enabling you to make corrections. TSG will accomplish this through the use of passwords and personal data.

This privacy policy was last updated on January 09, 2014.