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Oscar Rodriguez

Extrovert, sociable, a bit crazy,rogue and always creative

Oscar is looking into the gnarliest roads, skating as fast a possible and taking the weirdest line as precise as he can.




Barcelona, Spain





Years riding

There are some action sports that dole out adrenaline at irregular intervals then there are those like downhill skateboarding which turns on the tap at the top of the hill and don’t stop serving up until the rider either stacks or the hills flattens out. Naturally, these tuck masters of the road need protection, so it’s just as well the Spanish speed demon Oscar Rodríguez Escoin is a fully fledged member of the TSG crew. When out on the hill he is sporting the TSG Pass Pro helmet for aerodynamism and to keep his head on his shoulders; the Kneepad SK8 DHP, a pad with an extended puck specifically designed for downhill; and his trusty Backbone Vest A which will keep him skating for longer safer.

Oscar caught the downhill bug when he spotted some dude pointing a pintail through ‘Barca and in his own words progressed into “looking for the gnarliest roads and racing skateboards.’ His crew describe him as “rogue but always creative,” which might explain his penchant for picking “the weirdest of lines” then riding them as precisely as possible. Anyway, if you live by the axiom that the proof is in the pudding, then go check out Oscars buns on his Insta feed or YouTube channel. Advisory notice: Videos contain gut churning lines, speed blur and bails. Just as well Oscar rides TSG.