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Marin Rantes

Living the BMX dream

TSG is like family




Varaždin, HRV


Varaždin Skatepark



Years riding

There is one sure way of finding out what someone is up to and that’s by scrolling through their Insta feed. A quick visit to Marin Rantes’, the latest recruit to the TSG Global Team, and the blur of whips, flips, spins and other stuff that just doesn’t compute, is irrefutable proof that he’s been killing it - as ever - on his BMX. No surprise then that Marin is pegged as one of the best freestyle BMX riders in the world, with a trophy cabinet brimming with precious medals, including gold from the 2018 UCI World Cup and the 2021 UCI World Championships. Some of these awards even date back to the 20 teens, when he was named best BMX rider in his home nation of Croatia. But Marin is big headed, in fact he credits his mum and her weekly driving missions to Zagreb so he could ride park with his best mate for his success: “She was and still is my number one support,” Marin confesses. “And I can be only thankful to her for everything she has and is still doing for me.” It was also his mum who scored him his first BMX, bought so he could blaze the school run. Anyway, Marin has come a long way since then and is as amped as we are to be shredding under the gold standard protection of TSG: “They’re like family,” he glows, “and they make the most comfy helmets and pads.” We couldn’t agree more.