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Anthony Jeanjean

Pure love for BMX

Jeanjean’s love affair with BMX began at FISE Montpellier, aged 10. From that day on his line through life’s rhythm section was set – he was going to be a pro BMXer.




Sérignan, France





Years riding

It was a chance meeting with freestyle BMX at FISE Montpellier that changed the destiny of the then 10-year-old Anthony Jeanjean. From that day on he knew that he wanted to ride BMX professionally and has peddled tirelessly ever since to make it happen. Jeanjean is now French BMX freestyle champ; the first ever European champion and leads the vanguard of French bikers to Tokyo in search of the first Olympic gold in freestyle BMX. But there is more to Jeanjean than just winning: He wants nothing more that to share the guts and glory of riding with anyone that will take to the saddle and to present his chosen line through the rhythm section of life in the best possible light.
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