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Daniel Fetz at the Wakeboard World Championship 2012

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Fetzi Daniel Fetz just came back from the Wakeboard World Championships in the Philippines with a happy 11th place. The level was super high and the younger once are killing it, states Fetzi. Watch the video above for his final run.

In total 210 riders of 32 countries participated and again they elected Fetzi as the Riders Representative for the IWWF World Council. 2 people of the IOC (Olympic Comittee) where in the Phillipnes and Daniel taught one of them his first wakeboard tricks. Both were impressed how spectacular wakeboarding is, they will definitely give a good feedback to the committee. Next month Fetzi travels to Switzerland to hold a presentation in front of the IOC, so we keep the fingers crossed, that wakeboarding gets Olympic. The final decision will be taken in Buenos Aires in Sept 2013.

TSG week on Rixen Cableways WakeContest

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Have you checked out the WakeContest yet? Do it now and you can win sick TSG prices (worth up to 130 Euro).

WakeContest is online weekly series with the world renowned pro wakeboarder and coach Daniel »Fetzy« Fetz. Every week you will be able to watch the full HD video WakeTrickTips starting from air date Sunday 19th June. The WakeContest series offers 7 tricks to be learned this summer, which we have produced for you .

After release of video you have 1 week to learn and submit current trick and 1 week more to share it and get friends to like it.


Watch videos on

Do it (the same trick we showed you) yourself on your home cable.

Submit current trick previously filmed by camera, phone or any other device and

Win some goodies from our sponsors.

And of course don’t forget to tell your friends to vote for videos.

Check it out here

WaketrickTips Series starts soon

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

We are happy to announce the start of WakeTrickTips weekly series, produced by WakeTrickTips in cooperation with TSG’s pro wakeboarder and coach Daniel »Fetzy« Fetz. Every week you will be able to watch the full HD video WakeTrickTips starting from air date Sunday 19th June.

The WakeTrickTips series offers 7 tricks to be learned this summer.

Wakeboarding is fun, but lets face it, the exciting part is to learn a new trick. Therefore they will deliver 7 WakeTrickTips in English and German for free, and with a little bit of your time and training you can win cool TSG and other goodies.


Sunday, 19/6/2011: Trick no. 1

Sunday, 26/6/2011: Trick no. 2

Sunday, 03/7/2011: Trick no. 3

Sunday, 10/7/2011: Trick no. 4

Sunday, 17/7/2011: Trick no. 5

Sunday, 24/7/2011: Trick no. 6

Sunday, 31/7/2011: Trick no. 7

As you can see, the tricks are still a secret. It is not that the crew doesn’t want to tell you; they just want fair play for everyone.

To be part of the competition you have to follow these 4 steps:

• Watch tricktip on or YouTube

• Go to your homecable, and film trick of the week with your cell phone, camera or any other device

• Upload the clip as video-response on YouTube

• Tell your friends to vote on

Aframe session with Daniel Fetz

Monday, January 3rd, 2011

Wakeboarder Daniel Fetz shredding down the Aframe Slider at Salmsee in Austria

Need a little break from the cold? Enjoy this little session with Daniel Fetz shredding down the new Aframe Slider at Salmsee in Austria.

Board Fusion 2

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Board Fusion Wakeboard Flyer 2010We support the Boardfusion Tour that brings together board sport enthusiast of different disciplines. Mid July Board Fusion 2 took place at the wakeboard cable in Thulba, Germany. Great weather, happy participants and lots of fun! That was definitely due to the new format. No contest but a video and photo session. Best riders were filmed and shot. Finally the 15 best riders rode a 2 hour sunset session to crown “The Most Impressive Rider”. 15 year old Nico Kauzner was the lucky one, showing sweet tricks and creative jibs at kicker and boxes with tons of style.

Next Board Fusion with skateboard contest takes place July 30th in Schweinfurt.

Most Impressive Rider Nico Kauzner All Winners of the Board Fusion Wakeboard 2010