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Thursday, August 29th, 2013


 Germany’s Peter Henke and Britain’s Daryl Brown, 2 important cornerstones of our roster, have made the leap from the TSG Ambassador Team to the Pro Team.

Pete originally landed on the team through the recommendation of Timo Pritzel. Soon he was a member of our Ambassador Team and we watched in awe as over the coming years his ability and stature grew. This year has seen him become a continual presence in the top 10 at big events such as Vienna Air King, Red Bull Bergline and 26Trix. His ascent was underscored by being the only domestic rider to receive an invite to compete at X Games Munich. Furthermore, Pete also demonstrated his rich run of form with a 2nd place at the Colorado Freeride Festival in the USA this summer. Pete came over for a relaxed afternoon of Wake Surfing and a BBQ and the deal was sealed. Welcome to the team!

Daryl Brown made headlines with a near-world record jump of 7.5 metres at the Highest Air contest at Bike Days in Switzerland. However, this British lad doesn’t just go big, he also has super style. His trademark one- handed Superman seat grab is a show- stopper with every single audience. Daryl is usually to be found on the podium at UK contests, notably winning the Dirt War series in 2012. In the coming year, Daryl’s plan is to compete at major Gold and Diamond Tour events as well as competing in the USA. In preparation, he is headed to California on a training mission with his teammate Sam Pilgrim this coming spring. We look forward to receiving video evidence of their escapades!

Official Video of Rocket Air Slopestyle 2012

Friday, April 20th, 2012

The new season brings a new FMB World Tour

Thursday, March 22nd, 2012

The FMB  World Tour starts into its 3rd season and sees some great new changes: amendments to rider licening, implementation of amateur rankings and athlete’s ability to access FMB World Tour events.

They are going to introduce 2 different athlete license categories: amateur (AM) and professional (PRO), helping young and upcoming riders and enable them to participate in the FMB Word Tour. Riders with AM license will be able to collect ranking points counting towards a European or North American AM ranking list.

Several steps have been taken to regulate the invitation process for FMB World Tour events, to ensure that riders are given the best opportunity to improve their ranking. Diamond and Gold events will be required to guarantee a certain amount of starting places for the the top Pro Riders. Same for Silver and Bronze event, they have to guarantee starting places for PRO and AM riders.

For more detailed information, visit

Athletes can register on the FMB World Tour website:


Angie Hohenwarther came, saw and conquered at the Nightsprint

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Angie Hohenwarther came, saw and conquered at the Nightsprint at the Bikefestival in Riva des Garda, Italy. It’s a 4X Race in the flat.

Darlings of the public were dirt bikers  Timo Pritzel and Amir Kabbani who both gave it a try. But it was our ambassador Flo Gottschlich you ended up in front of Timo and Amir on a lucky 2nd palce behind Guido Tschugg.

Congratulation Angie and Flo!

Another Sam Pilgrim Random Day

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Sam send over a little teaser for his next edit to come, riding motocross, dirt jumping and street.
Stay tuned for the real edit and log in to:

Ricardo Laguna Pro Dirt Jump promo video

Friday, March 18th, 2011

com’on head over to Vegas for some sin fun at Ricardo Laguna’s Pro Dirt Jump at the Desert Breeze Skate Park on March 26, 2011.

TSG wins Ispo Boardsports Award

Wednesday, February 2nd, 2011

Our Arctic Kraken helmet with flexible interior wins the Ispo Boardsports Award in the accessories category!

The Arctic Kraken is the first-ever helmet with a flexible interior. An inner shell features the so-called FlexTech innovation, which symbolizes an entirely new approach in the field of hard shell helmet construction; this design was strong enough to convince the jury of the Ispo Boardsports Award, making TSG the proud winner in the accessories category.

We are super happy we could convince the jury with our product. We have put a lot of thought, time and effort in the development of the Arctic Kraken since comfort and above all,  excellent fit and hold, are essential features to ensure a regular use of the helmet. Practically, the wearer can’t make any mistakes with the Arctic Kraken, he or she does not even have to make adjustments. The helmet automatically adjusts to the wearer’s head. Just put it on and enjoy its outstanding comfort. We consider this prize an honorable reward for our ongoing investments in helmet design and protection issues, and we are more than inspired to surprise our customers and the industry with even more TSG innovations in the future.

our friends at featured the whole press release. read it here

2nd place for Ipod at the Evolution in Davos

Sunday, January 9th, 2011

TSG rider Iouri Podladtchikov got 2nd at the O’Neill Evolution Halfpipe finals in a spectacular day of snowboarding action.

It was a close fought final in the 6Star TTR Men’s competition with the top three on the podium – an all Swiss affair of Christian Haller, Iouri Podladtchikov and Jan Scherrer  – exchanging the lead after each heat.

It was Christian however who took the final victory and the $15,000 prize money after his third heat run with a score of 87.45 for a run of a Backside 540 Melon, Frontside 1080 Tail, Cab 1080 Nose and Frontside 900 Mute.

Last year’s winner Iouri Podladtchikov had been leading after his second run of a Cab 720, Frontside Crippler, Backside Double McTwist 1260 and a Frontside 1080 Tail.

“I was thinking that I could have made it two wins in two years after landing my trick. But it feels great to have Christian in front of me. Of course it hurts a bit. But it’s Christian. If it was someone else I would probably be more pissed right now.”