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TSG Jump It Contest

Tuesday, June 20th, 2017

The TSG Jump It contest is a fun event for pros and rookies. Hosted by the german Gravity Mountain Bike Magazine and TSG’s Amir Kabbani. Here is the highlight video.

TSG Jump it! Contest 2017 by Gravity Mountainbike Magazine from Homegrown Motion Media on Vimeo.


Lords of Dirt 2014

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Pros from all around the world made it once again to Sérignan in South of France to celebrate the 8th edition of Lords of Dirt with a new more technical course.

On Friday the riders and the large crowd enjoyed the sunny afternoon with the Max Rider Best Trick and it was obvious that the size of bike was irrelevant!!

Saturday was just amazing with the PRO qualifications followed straight by the Masters Of Dirt best tricks. Sick riding level and insane new combos as the flip toboggan to no-hander to turndown by TSG ambassador Desmond Tessemaker who took 3Rd place; just behind Michael Meisel with a huge front flip tail whip and Adolf Silva, the young spanish freak who took the best trick victory with a perfect double flip.

The night continued with concerts and DJ set by MPC STEF who literally rocked the place as always.

Finals on Sunday went wild even with the common french wind putting some of the riders into troubles.

Brazilian and TSG Pro, Leandro Moreira took the 3. spot with insane runs and a signature flow that all of us love! German, new trick machine, Michael Meisel took 2. place. Lords of Dirt 2014 champion got the french JB Peytavit, who impressed with perfect runs and not a single mistake.

Lords of Dirt will be back in 2015 with 3 stops in different countries!! So stay tuned!



1. JB Peytabit (France)

2. Michael Meisel (Germany)

3. Leandro Moreira (Brasil)

4. Daniel Tunte (Germany)

5. Simon Moratz (Germany)

6. Dawid Godziek (Poland)

7. Dale O’brien (Australia)

8. Paul Langlands (New Zeland)

9. Danny Josa (Hungary)

10. Philipp Baum (Germany)



1. Adolf Silva (Spain)

2. Michael Meisel (Germany)

3. Desmond Tessemaker (Holland)



FMB World Tour’s Diamond Serie starts soon

Thursday, June 26th, 2014

Uniting five of the roughest and toughest courses on the FMB World Tour event calendar, the brand new FMB Diamond Series will be the battleground from which only one Champion can emerge. Pushing the sport and riders to their limit, the FMB Diamond Series draws in the gnarliest crowds in support of these epic showdowns.

Hosted worldwide – the series begins in the French Alps for Crankworx Les 2 Alpes. The tour will then head over to the legendary Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler and then venture into the Canadian wilderness for the Bearclaw Invitational before crossing the Atlantic once more for the return of the biggest urban event, Red Bull district Ride in the city of Nuremberg, Germany.  The grand finale will held at the ultimate freeride event, Red Bull Rampage in the harsh terrain of the Utah Mountains.  Visit the FMB World Tour website to learn more about the events:

The FMB Diamond Series will be broadcasted live through and
Check out the teaser and get amped for the biggest FMB showdown yet.

TSG domination at NL Contest 2014

Tuesday, May 27th, 2014

The NL contest 2014 at Le Festival Cultures Urbaines in Strassbourg past weekend ended up with 3 TSG riders on the podium. UK kid Matty Carlisle took the win, longtime TSG team rider Jürgen Horrwarth got 2nd and TSG ambassador Mike Kieffer from Luxemburg ended up 3rd.

Similar picture at the Best Trick contest. Prices for Matty and Jürgen again.


Thomas Genon wins the golden shovel at Hall of Dirt

Tuesday, April 1st, 2014

 TSG’s “la Frite” Thomas Genon nailed the premiere of Hall of Dirt in Stuttgart last weekend. After his glorious victory with his team mates from Team France 1 at the Hall of Nations Cup on Saturday, he also took home the win of the FMB World Tour Silver Event on Sunday. He shared the podium with Antoine Bizet and the young shredder Torquato Testa.

Saturday was show time in Stuttgart. At the Hall of Dirt Nations Cup 9 teams consisting of 3 riders took the chance and represented their country. Every crew dropped in one after the other as a train supported by the cheering crowd. At the end Team Canada 2 as well as Team France 1 ruled the first 2 rounds and competed head to head in the final round. Louis Reboul, Mehdi Gani and Thomas Genon impressed with their tight runs and their opposite 360s at the last jump. The judges awarded them with a well-deserved victory score!

The trick level was high which meant: those who didn’t spill the beans at the main competition couldn’t make it into the finals. Antoine Bizet impressed from the very beginning: in his first run the Frenchman gained the lead with a huge double backflip. TSG’s Patrick Leitner and Sam Reynolds increased their performance from run to run, but couldn’t beat Bizet’s high score.

Only Thomas Genon could beat Bizet’s advanced performance. He showed perfectly executed tricks with maximum amplitude and a great variety. His truck driver, 360 table, double downside whip and a decade brought him an incredible score of 95.67 points and the first victory at the Hall of Dirt.

Felicitation Thomas!



1 Genon Thomas BEL  95.67

2 Bizet Antoine FRA  94.33

3 Testa Torquato ITA  90.00

4 Reynolds Sam GBR  88.67

5 Leitner Patrick AUT  87.67

6 Reboul Louis FRA  81.33

7 Zejda Tomas CZE  78.00

8 Van Steenbergen Tom CAN  74.67

9 Knopf Lukas GER  71.67

10 Henke Peter GER  61.67

11 Jones Matt GBR  40.00

12 Godziek Szymon POL  20.00

Daniel Wedemeijer invites to #Braaab BMX Contest

Friday, March 14th, 2014

braab bmx contest

TSG`s Daniel Wedemeijer now goes into event organization and invites to his own #BraaaB BMX contest at the 040 BMX Park in Holland. The park has just been rebuilt by Daniel and the owner of the park. To celebrate the re-opening Daniel hosts a new contest for the BMX community. Expect 2 days of pure BMX for amateur and pro rider! Daniel is happy to be able to give something back to the sport by offering unexperienced kids to ride a real contest. And of course by inviting real pros from all over Europe for a great show.

#BraaaB BMX contest takes place March 22-23.


Iouri Podladtchikov wins Burton European Open 2014

Tuesday, January 21st, 2014


The 2014 Burton European Open  came to an end last sunday in Laax, where TSGs Iouri Podladtchikov won the World Snowboard Tour 6 Star Halfpipe finals.

The men’s contest commenced with 10 riders from 5 countries dropping in. Iouri immediately secured his top spot with his first run, scoring 86.30 and dominating the field. Iouri’s ironclad run consisted of a Frontside 900 Tail Grab – Backside 900 Mute Grab – Frontside 1080 Tail Grab – and Cab Double Cork 1080 Mute Grab. Christian Haller’s 2nd run earned him 84.90 points and brought him close, but it wasn’t enough.

Iouri commented: ’I feel amazing, it’s so great to ride here back home. Actually, this has been my first week riding back home, I haven’t had the time to come up here and now it feels even better to come back after last year and to win here today.’

Janne Korpi was satisfied coming in 3rd, after also having competed in the Slopestyle finals yesterday.

Iouri came into 7th place on the TTR Halfpipe rankings with his win.

The World Snowboard Tour will continue on the 6 Star level with the X-Games in Aspen, CO from Jan 23-26, in the disciplines Slopestyle, Halfpipe and Big Air newly added this season. The final  6 Star event will be the Burton US Open in Vail, Colorado, where all 2013-2014 champions will be crowned.

TSG’s Sam Pilgrim is the 2013 FMB World Tour Champion

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

FMB World Tour Trophy

With an outstanding season and back to back podium results, TSG’s Sam Pilgrim has finally achieved what he has been fighting for over the last few years: the FMB World Tour overall title! Sam is the first ever European to win this title. Besides writing FMB World Tour history, Sam will be presented with the golden CamelBak Eddy Bottle and a major part of the 30,000 EUR overall cash prize money.

Sam’s consistency during the season was incredible. He landed on the podium at almost every event he competed in. He entered the season with a huge bag of tricks and the courage to send them at some of the biggest FMB World Tour Slopestyle competitions. In the end, his determination and focus gave him the victories he deserved and consequently enough points to claim the FMB World Tour title before the season finale at Red Bull Rampage. His top 6 results which collectively crown him FMB World Tour Champion are:

Event Level
Red Bull Berg Line (GER)
Crankworx Les2Alpes Slopestyle (FRA)
Colorado Freeride Festival Slopestyle (USA)
Red Bull Joyride at Crankworx Whistler (CAN)
Bearclaw Invitational (CAN)


Sam says about his victory:

Since the world tour first started I’ve always wanted to win the overall title cause after all that’s what it is all about – you travel the world and compete at events with the goal of winning the overall title. For the last three seasons I have always been in the lead of the FMB World Tour overall ranking but never managed to hold it together till the end. Finally I managed to stay in the lead and came out on top. This is just awesome.”

Tune in to the live webcast of the Tour grand finale at Red Bull Rampage on October 13th, live on and

Lords Of Dirt 2013

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Pros from all around the world made it to Serignan in South of France to celebrate the 7th edition of Lords Of Dirt . This legendary contest is organized by our rider Patrick Guimez.

For the 2nd time the event took place on an area which looked like a golf course with grass and swimming pool to keep riders fresh and happy.


The best trick contest on saturday night went completely wild and the riders performed an amazing show with huge moves. Young blood Alex Landeros won Best Trick with an perfect 1080. 2nd Dawid Godziek, throwing down a huge frontflip barspin to no hander. 3rd Nicholi Rogatkin with a cashroll.


Due by strong wind on sunday, the organizers decided to run a straight final: The pros had 2 hours of riding, the best two runs counted for the ranking. Less stress and more chances for everyone to stick their tricks without pressure. Mike Hucker Clark, TJ Ellis, The Bridges Brothers, JB Peytavit, Alex Landeros, Nicholi, Philipp Baum, Danny Josa, Dawid Godziek and many more rode the final session.
1st Dawid Godziek
2nd Alex Landeros
3rd JB Peytavit
Watch the highlight video:

Sam Pilgrim wins 26TRIX 2013 – video highlights

Thursday, June 27th, 2013

TSG’s Sam Pilgrim yet again retook the lead of the FMB World Tour after victory from close rivals Brett Rheeder and Sam Reynolds at the 26TRIX 2013 in Leogang.

This edit features some of the biggest tricks and some even bigger crashes from Saturday along with highlights from the top three riders runs.