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Josh Perry back after surgery

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Welcome back riding Josh Perry! 4 months and one 1 week after ACL reconstructive surgery, Josh rides with his CTI knee brace for the first 2 times. He was accompanied by BMX legend, Duncan Gore, as well as David Goodall and Greenville, NC locals, Mike Hoffman and Joseph Lee. Acting according to Dave Mirra’s wise words: “If you do your homework, the test is easy”, Josh  worked his ass off 2 months prior to surgery, and took care about his nutrition and fitness to be back riding earlier than the norm.

Welcome to the BMX team Josh Perry

Thursday, February 4th, 2016


From now on, BMX pro Josh Perry will use TSG helmets and protection.

Josh is well-versed in the field of safety and protection. When he was 21, Josh was diagnosed with a brain tumor that had spread over large parts of the left side of his brain. That day abruptly ended his “normal” life as a BMX pro. The tumor was removed during a seven-hour operation, returned twice, and was the decisive factor in Josh questioning and realigning his life. His main focus remains on food. When Josh changed his eating habits he realized how much energy and self-healing is possible with the right diet. Today, Josh is a certified holistic health coach who helps others discover the benefits of proper eating habits and learn a positive outlook on our life in general and reaching our goals in particular.

Even during those times of hardship, Josh also pushed his BMX career. His passion for BMX helped him focus and build the energy and determination to overcome his illness.

Nowadays, Josh combines his love for BMX and his passion for health care and dietary habits on his blog

In early January, Josh released his latest video full of new tricks on Ride BMX, which he had produced in record time right before a pending knee surgery. He still has to rest for another six weeks before being able to give it his 100% again. Watch video here:

Lords of Dirt 2014

Thursday, August 21st, 2014

Pros from all around the world made it once again to Sérignan in South of France to celebrate the 8th edition of Lords of Dirt with a new more technical course.

On Friday the riders and the large crowd enjoyed the sunny afternoon with the Max Rider Best Trick and it was obvious that the size of bike was irrelevant!!

Saturday was just amazing with the PRO qualifications followed straight by the Masters Of Dirt best tricks. Sick riding level and insane new combos as the flip toboggan to no-hander to turndown by TSG ambassador Desmond Tessemaker who took 3Rd place; just behind Michael Meisel with a huge front flip tail whip and Adolf Silva, the young spanish freak who took the best trick victory with a perfect double flip.

The night continued with concerts and DJ set by MPC STEF who literally rocked the place as always.

Finals on Sunday went wild even with the common french wind putting some of the riders into troubles.

Brazilian and TSG Pro, Leandro Moreira took the 3. spot with insane runs and a signature flow that all of us love! German, new trick machine, Michael Meisel took 2. place. Lords of Dirt 2014 champion got the french JB Peytavit, who impressed with perfect runs and not a single mistake.

Lords of Dirt will be back in 2015 with 3 stops in different countries!! So stay tuned!



1. JB Peytabit (France)

2. Michael Meisel (Germany)

3. Leandro Moreira (Brasil)

4. Daniel Tunte (Germany)

5. Simon Moratz (Germany)

6. Dawid Godziek (Poland)

7. Dale O’brien (Australia)

8. Paul Langlands (New Zeland)

9. Danny Josa (Hungary)

10. Philipp Baum (Germany)



1. Adolf Silva (Spain)

2. Michael Meisel (Germany)

3. Desmond Tessemaker (Holland)



Daniel Wedemeijer invites to #Braaab BMX Contest

Friday, March 14th, 2014

braab bmx contest

TSG`s Daniel Wedemeijer now goes into event organization and invites to his own #BraaaB BMX contest at the 040 BMX Park in Holland. The park has just been rebuilt by Daniel and the owner of the park. To celebrate the re-opening Daniel hosts a new contest for the BMX community. Expect 2 days of pure BMX for amateur and pro rider! Daniel is happy to be able to give something back to the sport by offering unexperienced kids to ride a real contest. And of course by inviting real pros from all over Europe for a great show.

#BraaaB BMX contest takes place March 22-23.


Lords Of Dirt 2013

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

Pros from all around the world made it to Serignan in South of France to celebrate the 7th edition of Lords Of Dirt . This legendary contest is organized by our rider Patrick Guimez.

For the 2nd time the event took place on an area which looked like a golf course with grass and swimming pool to keep riders fresh and happy.


The best trick contest on saturday night went completely wild and the riders performed an amazing show with huge moves. Young blood Alex Landeros won Best Trick with an perfect 1080. 2nd Dawid Godziek, throwing down a huge frontflip barspin to no hander. 3rd Nicholi Rogatkin with a cashroll.


Due by strong wind on sunday, the organizers decided to run a straight final: The pros had 2 hours of riding, the best two runs counted for the ranking. Less stress and more chances for everyone to stick their tricks without pressure. Mike Hucker Clark, TJ Ellis, The Bridges Brothers, JB Peytavit, Alex Landeros, Nicholi, Philipp Baum, Danny Josa, Dawid Godziek and many more rode the final session.
1st Dawid Godziek
2nd Alex Landeros
3rd JB Peytavit
Watch the highlight video:

Welcome to the team Leandro Moreira!

Thursday, August 22nd, 2013


We welcome the Brazilian BMX rider Leandro Moreira to our roster. The 27-year old grew up riding dirt parks around Sao Paulo and quickly developed a distinctive riding style which he later refined in the city’s concrete parks.

Leandro’s riding fuses power with grace. Although he never dreamt of coming so far within BMX, it is his life and he has dedicated his talent to pushing the sport inside and outside his country.

We are delighted to have Leandro become an ambassador for us in Latin America.

Leondro uses our Evolution Helmet and our Tahoe Kneeguards.

“TSG is THE brand when it comes to world- beating protection for action sports: certified safety, and the best fit out there. That’s what I can confidently rely upon, so I can focus fully on my bike and my riding,” says Leandro.

Welcome to the team!

Learn more about Leandro here:

10th Annual Ricardo Laguna Dirt Challenge

Thursday, April 4th, 2013

Ricardo sent over some photos, results, and some video links from his annual dirt comp in Vegas…

“If you would have told me in 2004 that I was about to begin hosting 10 years of BMX dirt comps, I probably wouldn’t have believed you. From the feedback I received for the 10th annual Ricardo Laguna Dirt Challenge, it was a bigger and better contest than any over the past 10 years. As for Extreme Thing, now on its 18th year, we had a huge turnout, great bands and the best weather we could have asked for. This year we had a solid lineup of riders from all over the world, plus a mix of heavy hitters and great up-and-comers. Some of the runs I saw couldn’t have even been done in video games.

“One new addition to this year’s Ricardo Laguna Dirt Challenge was the High Air Jump that brought me back to the King of Dirt days. When I was working on building this with the Clark County Heavy Equipment team, they couldn’t believe I set up an 18-foot pole on top of an eight-foot lip because they didn’t believe a BMX bike could go that high. The two winners TJ Ellis and Austin Winters ended up maxing out the high bar and splitting the winnings.

“Extreme Thing 2013 was such a huge success, Las Vegas, Clark County Parks & Recreation, the riders and all the attendees can’t wait to see what’s in store for 2014! For more info and photos, visit” — Ricardo

Watch the live web stream from YouTube:
Finals –
Qualifier –

1. Colton Satterfield 93.66
2. AJ Anaya AKA the Anayalater 93 (won tie breaker highest lowest score 92.33)
3. Alex Landeros 93 (tie breaker highest lowest score 91.33)
4. TJ Ellis 93 (tie breaker highest lowest score 89.33)
5. Kevin Peraza 92.66
6. Pat “Big Daddy AKA God” Laughlin 92
7. Ryan Guettler 91.33
8. Ben Voyles 91
9. Dustin Grice 90.33
10. Santiago Munoz 90

Daniel Wedemeijer Edit

Friday, October 26th, 2012

Daniel Wedemeijer aka ‘The Flying Dutchman’ teamed up with Tom Lammerse this summer and made a day trip to five different skateparks all over Holland. Daniel has been a supporter of the Amsterdam based Lifestyle blog/brand since day one so he was more than stoked to film for this exclusive video.


Ricardo Laguna’s Dirt Challenge 2012

Thursday, October 4th, 2012
TSG’s Ricardo Laguna invites to the Ricardo Laguna Dirt Challenge on October 27th at the Tinnell Memorial Sports Park in Lake Havasu, Arizona. New for 2012 is that they now also add an amateur category.
Confirmed pro riders are Pat “Big Daddy” Laughlin, Colton Satterfield, Josh Hult, Ben Snowden, Matthew Olsen, Jake Kinney and TJ Ellis and many more, plus Fat Tony will be announcing!
Starting Oct. 1, sign ups are open online at where you can save money by registering in advance. Pro sign ups are $40 online, $50 at the event, and Amateurs are $10 online, $15 at the event.
There is a $5,000 Pro purse, and Amateurs will receive prizes from DK Bicycles, TSG, Sidewall and more!
Check out the course layout to see the Pro and Amateur lines!
Full details can be found at
And don’t forget to wear your Halloween costume – they’ll be giving out awards for the best ones!

Yeah! Trip DVD trailer

Thursday, August 9th, 2012