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The first TSG King Of The Air ended with freshly crowned kings, an awesome atmosphere and a world premier

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012


The premiere of the TSG King Of The Air in the evening of June 23rd, 2012 was a complete success. The crowed was stoked by the unbelievable trick performance on the 12m respectively 15m large Big Air kickers. At sunset the MTB and BMX dirt riders jumped into the night, accompanied by the happy atmosphere of the public.

The biggest highlight was brought by the 16 year old US American Nicholi Rogatkin with his Quadwhip, a world first on a dirt landing. This guarantied him the win in the BMX discipline in front of Patrick Guimez with a sweet Flipwhip. Daniel Tünte whipped himself on the third place with a Triplewhip.

In MTB we saw a tight decision between Bienvenido Albas Frontflip and Xavier Pasamontes Flipwhip, both over the 15m gap. At the end Bienve came out on top with his Frontflip. The Belgian Thomas Genon ended up third with a Double Tailwhip.

Followed by a 30 minutes jam session jury and public additionally crowned Best Trick, Best Style and Fans Favorite. This was when the creativity exploded, as the riders had many tries to land their tricks. The German Simon Moratz (BMX) took home the Best Trick title with a 360 Backflip.

Best Style won Desmond Tessemaker (BMX) with some unbelievable Supermans. This was a really tight decision, as TSG rider Thomas Genon (MTB) scored heavily with a beautiful 360 Flatspin.

Bienve Aguado Alba and the Swiss Ramon Hunziker split the price money of Fans Favorite.

More trick highlights were shown by Desmond Tessemaker (BMX) with a Pendulum to Tailwhip and a Cannonball Superman, Markus Hampl (BMX) wowed with a 360 Superman Seatgrab und Pasamonte (MTB) with a Backflip Superman.

TSG rider Daniel Wedemeijer landed during practice way to far a slightly over rotated 360 and crashed heavily. He had to go to hospital. Luckily nothing was broken and he got off with a swollen blue face. Recover fast Daniel!

Within the jury was nobody less than BMX and MTB legend Timo Pritzel, who didn’t wanted to miss our first own event. He enjoyed the mountains of Laax during some downhill sessions.

We are looking forward to next year’s event!

Results BMX:

1. Nicholi Rogatkin, USA

2. Patrick Guimez, FRA

3. Daniel Tünte. GER

4. Desmond Tessemaker, NED

5. Hampl Markus. GER

6. Simon Moratz, GER

DNS Daniel Wedemeijer, NED

DNF Lluis Lacondeguy, ESP


Results MTB:

1. Bienvenido Aguado Alba, ESP

2. Xavier Pasamonte, ESP

3. Thomas Genon, BEL

4. Amir Kabbani, GER

5. Kelly McGarry, NZL

6. Jonas Janssen, GER

7. Ramon Hunziker, SUI


TSG King of the Air Best Trick: Simon Moratz, BMX, with a 360Backlip

Best Style: Desmond Tessemaker, BMX, with a super extended Superman

Fans Favorite: Split between Bienvenido Aguado Alba, MTB & Ramon Hunziker, MTB


Thomas Genon wins 26TRIX in Leogang 2012

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

TSG ambassador Thomas Genon from Belgium is the new 26TRIX champ 2012!

With a technical straight and extremely versatile mix he was able to push the Swedish trick machine Martin Soderstrom and Sam Reynolds (GBR) on the two lower spots of the podium. Thomas, a good example for the rapid progression in freeriding, showed almost everything that the world elite has in repertoire in 2012: From front flip, 360 barspin to x-up, to double tailwhip, a decade aswell as an gigantic 360 flatspin at the last jump. His broad variety, greatamplitude and high trick difficulty was rewarded with the first place in the end.

Thomas definitely made clear that we can expect more from him in the future.  The 18-year old Belgian went home with 6,000 Euro prize money and lots of FMB World Tour points.

1. Thomas Genon 22 BEL 18 UMF VELO TEAM 96.67
2. Martin Söderström 18 SWE 21 SPECIALIZED 95.67
3. Sam Reynolds 25 GBR 20 POLYGON 95.00
4. Yannick Granieri 27 FRA 25 POLYGON 93.67
5. Sam Pilgrim 16 GBR 21 NS BIKES 88.33
6. Jakub Vencl 29 CZE 22 ROSE VERSAND 80.67
7. Szymon Godziek 24 POL 20 DARTMOOR BIKES 77.33
8. Mitch Chubey 21 CAN 23 MORPHEUS CYCLES 67.67
9. Anton Thelander 114 SWE 17 BEDDO 64.67
10. Brett Rheeder 14 CAN 19 TREK 63.00
11. Peter Henke 28 GER 19 SCOTT 50.33
12. Anthony Messere 20 CAN 16 MORPHEUS CYCLES 48.33
13. Cameron McCaul 30 USA 26 TREK 17.33
14. Mike Montgomery 13 USA 25 SPECIALIZED 13.67
15. Lance McDermott 19 GBR 26 SARACEN BIKES

Rocket Air – Sam Pilgrim 2nd!

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Thomas Genon Rocket Air 2012 Price Giving Rocket Air 2012

Rocket Air 2012, what an event! At the final on Saturday evening 15 of the worlds best riders from 7 countries performed a spectacular show on an extremely high level. The entertainment was perfect for the completely crowded ice skating rink in Thun, the spectators could witness flip and trick combos that were not even thought possible last year.

Martin Söderström from Sweden made amends for 2011 and was just able to edge out last years winner TSG’s Sam Pilgrim to take the crown. Martin laid down a run with heavy trick combos like Barspin to tailwhip or 360 double whip. But not that Sam was out of his element, Sam smashed some big 720s and Frontflips to stay well in the contest. But Martin just managed to keep his nose in front! Third after Söderström and Pilgrim was the young Frenchman Antoine Bizet, using impressive flip combinations. On a great 4th place came TSG’s Thomas Genon.

The TEVA TRICK Showdown was also a big hit with the spectators on Friday night. TSG ambassador Ramon Hunziker managed to wow the crowd with stylish 360 combos winning the FANS FAVORITE!! The BEST TRICK went to the Frenchman Yannick Granieri and the BEST STYLE award went to Martin Söderström.

Congratulation to all TSG riders! It was impressive and fun watching!

1. Martin Söderström
2. Sam Pilgrim
3. Antoine Bizet
4. Thomas Genon
5. Sam Reynolds
6. John Alm Högman
7. Louis Rebould
8. Jakub Vencl
9. Patrick Leitner
10. Clemens Kaudela
11. Bienvenido Alba
12. Ray Samson
13. Tomas Zejda
14. Teo Gustavsson
15. Yannick Granieri

Rocket Air is ready to kick-off

Tuesday, April 10th, 2012

The Rocket Air is ready to kick-off this friday. Around 1500 pallets arrived for the landing and the starter list is set.

15 invitated pro riders and 10 riders that pre-qualify on friday are set for the qualification of this silver event of the FMB World Tour. Sam Pilgrim, Amir Kabbani, Thomas Genon and Ramon Hunziker of the TSG Team will definitely bring the ice hockey arena to a boil and rock the show.

The spectacular and trick friendly course now features at the end a quarter pipe and a wall with 2 jumps for even more action.

Small riders striving for the pros can train on the TSG Kids Parcours, located behind the ice arena.

Qualified riders are:

Sam Pilgrim
Martin Söderström
Sam Reynolds
Yannick Granieri
Amir Kabbani
Ramon Hunziker
Tomas Zejda
Anthony Rocci
Blake Samson
Raymond Samson
Danny Pace
Teo Gustavson
Antoine Bizet
Thomas Genon
Henrik Tafel

Daniel Wedemeijer bmx edit @ WUB Innsbruck

Thursday, March 15th, 2012

In February 2012 TSG’s Daniel Wedemeijer made his way down south from Amsterdam to Innsbruck (Austria) riding and filming at the new indoor skatepark “WUB”.  It’s definitely the most unconventional BMX video ever.

Welcome Matty Carlisle

Tuesday, February 14th, 2012

We welcome 14-year old Matty Carlisle to our UK ambassador team.

Matty has been skating just 4 yrs in total and has only been vert skating 2½ years. He skates mainly park, bowl and vert although he’s also won the odd street competition as well. He is well known in the UK skate scene and is seen as a positive role model for younger skaters. He’s started to attract the attention of the Dew Tour and Maloof Money Cup.

He is currently one of only about half a dozen under 16’s worldwide who have landed a 720 and he is nowhere near his full potential.

He has won the U16 European Mid-Vert championships for the last 2 years running. This year he will be skating in the men’s pro/sponsored category against the top European pros like Sam Beckett, Sam Bosworth, Oskar Gydell, Jussi Korohnen and Ben Hatchell (off the USA Dew tour), plus anyone else who may turn up like Rune Gliffberg.

We are stoked to support you Matty!

Thanks to Eddie Think from Tagster magazine for the photo.

Check out more of Matty here:

TSG proud co-sponsor of Identiti BMX Team

Friday, January 20th, 2012

We are stoked to support and sponsor the Identiti Factory BMX team. They will be racing at National UK, International and Worlds in 2012.

Welcome Martin Ogden (Masters and 35-39 Cruiser), Jake Power (Male 15), Michael Cummins (Junior Men) and Joey Gough (Championship Women)

Follow the progress of the team here:



Watch the team’s debut in BMX racing at the new indoor track in Manchster for the 1. round of the 2012 British Cycling BMX Nationals. This was the 1. time that all of the team came together, as the riders are from all over the UK, and with the impressive team pits all set up and riders in full factory kit they aimed to start the season with a bang.

Daniel Wedemeijer wins Fise Experience Tour

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

TSG ambassador Daniel Wedemeijer won the Fise Experience Tour 2011. He won 4 out of 6 tour stops. And he also won the highest air and the best trick in Paris.

Congratulation Daniel, you rock!

Watch the Paris finals below!

Angie Hohenwarther came, saw and conquered at the Nightsprint

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Angie Hohenwarther came, saw and conquered at the Nightsprint at the Bikefestival in Riva des Garda, Italy. It’s a 4X Race in the flat.

Darlings of the public were dirt bikers  Timo Pritzel and Amir Kabbani who both gave it a try. But it was our ambassador Flo Gottschlich you ended up in front of Timo and Amir on a lucky 2nd palce behind Guido Tschugg.

Congratulation Angie and Flo!

Brendan Howey shredding

Friday, April 29th, 2011

check out some sweet shredding of our canadian ambassador Brendan Howey.