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The TSG STATUS bike helmet. be safe. be seen.

Tuesday, May 16th, 2017

Be visible on the streets!

Our Status bike helmet makes cycling in the city safer and more comfortable.

The detachable LED light at the back of the helmet guarantees safety in the dark and bad conditions, while reflective straps and stickers provide additional visibility. At the same time the new reflect color makes the entire helmet reflective: In daylight the helmet shimmers at unobtrusive grey-silver but starts to glow in bad visibility or when illuminated by headlights.

Lightweight design

The helmet’s low-fit design with deep side panels covers the entire head without being too flashy; and weighing only 330g the Status is a real featherweight. TSG has revised the classic skate design for the Status: The more square-edged and aerodynamic design with new vents is perfect for everyday use on the streets. The Status perfectly matches a business suit as well as casual clothes.


Thanks to the Dial-Fit System the Status can be adjusted to any head shape. Soft, premium pads on the inside of the helmet absorb moisture and can be washed easily; each helmet comes with two sets.

Explore it here: Status Helmet