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Pontus Björn
Smooth and technical on vert, fast and flowing on concrete, always stoked to be rolling.
Matty Carlisle
Matty is one of the few young guns landing a 720, constantly dominating the UK Vert Serie and is definitely the next generation of vert skating.
Jürgen Horrwarth
Jürgen defines skateboarding as an attitude to a form of art that aligns beautifully with bodily manoeuvres.
Renton Millar
The Melbourne skate legend describes himself as skateboarder, traveller and husband. He combines all three perfectly and is crowned World Cup Skateboard Champ.
Jono Schwan
Smart, world-travelled and passionate about both skateboarding and sharing his love for it with others, Jono seems mature beyond his years.
Kevin Reimer
In the world of downhill longboarding, ‘K-Rimes’, AKA ‘White Lightning’ is a true legend, a master.
Max Fredriksson
He might be young and a relative newcomer to the top ranks of FMB, but Swedish ripper Max is quickly getting a reputation for combining progressive tricks with a silky smooth style.
Thomas Genon
The only Belgian on the FMB World Tour is a true slopestyle talent and brings vertiginous progression into the freeride discipline.
Peter Henke
This young German ripper is one of the hungry new breed of bike riders set to take MTB freeride and slopestyle to the next level during the next few years.
Ramon Hunziker
Ramon is the poster child for progressive Swiss dirt jumping and freeriding. After dominating the national scene, he is now entering the international stage.
Amir Kabbani
Ambitious, consistent and determined! But this is only one side to characterize Amir, he is a nice and funny dude as well who just loves riding his bike.
Sam Pilgrim
You know what to expect when your nick name is leopardhead... aggressively he attacks dirt and street grounds like an animal while always staying nice and friendly.
Timo Pritzel
Timo evolved from bmx pro to dirt pro to team coach to business man with his own clothing brand without ever loosing his natural niceness.
Vali Höll
Vali Höll is a young talent from Austria with downhill in her DNA. She entered her 1. bike race at the age of 3 and is now old enough to compete on the European Cup. World of downhill, watch out!
Patrick Guimez
The french BMX pro lives in beautiful south of France and hosts its own event. Lords of Dirt is a friendly jam session with international riders.
Ricardo Laguna
Multi-talented Vegas sunny boy who competes in BMX, hosts TV shows, organizes events, builds dirt courses, teaches at clinics, appears as guest speaker at schools... everything is possible!
Josh Perry
Josh is a professional BMX athlete, a triple brain tumor survivor, a certified holistic health coach - and a true inspiration.
Daniel Wedemeijer
Daniel aka. the flying Dutchman is definitely the Netherlands finest export when it comes to BMX. He is well known for his technical stylish riding skills and being a genuinely nice guy.
Angie Marino
Angie Marino is one of the best female BMXers in the world, but not content to rest on her laurels. She started Yeah Zine, a online site for girls that ride BMX.
Iouri Podladtchikov
I-Pod is one of the sickest riders around blowing up the scene on the slopes and charming everyone with his smart and funny character.
Michael Schärer
Michael Schärer is a talented young Swiss snowboarder who is riding a curve of progression that looks set to take him to the very top of the competitive world of Slopestyle.
Gian Simmen
First Olympic halfpipe winner back in 1998. Gian is still part of the scene, competing for fun and coaching the swiss freestyle rooky squad.
Elias Ambühl
Known as the freeski wunderkind of Switzerland, Elias has been dominating many contests. Besides traveling and competing, he wants to help evolving the sport by organizing camps.
Leilani Ettel
Leilani is a young talent snowboarder who is already on track for glory, becoming the German champion at the tender age of twelve years old. She is also a talented skateboarder and surfer and now part of the national german snowboard team. So bette watch
Daniel Fetz
Successfull self-made wakeboarder and dad, that doesnt only dominate the international scene but also runs his own wakeboard school.
TSG ambassadors are upcoming riders, great legends or dedicated people we respect for their performance.
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