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We care and support several non-profit care projects that provide humanitarian help for kids by using either skateboarding or mountain biking as medium. Additionally we support from time to time several skate and bike parks around the world with products in order to help them following their project as you can never have too many halls and parks where riders follow their passion. currently we support the following projects:


Skateistan began as a Kabul-based Afghan NGO and is now an International non-profit providing skateboarding and educational programming in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Pakistan. Skateistan is non-political, independent, and inclusive of all ethnicities, religions and social backgrounds.

Skateistan engages large numbers of urban and internally displaced youth through skateboarding, and provides them with new opportunities in cross-cultural interaction, education, and personal empowerment. Skateistan brings kids with diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds together, equipping young men and women to lead their communities toward social change and development.

By purchasing a Skateistan helmet or protection gear set you are supporting the project and helping spread the message further.


Skateboarding is a global movement: it knows no boundaries or war, skin color or hate, poor or rich. skate-aid works with children and teenagers ? and the skateboard ? in different war and crisis regions of the world. Skateboard pioneer and

founder Titus Dittmann explains: “With our global initiative we cooperate with experienced lotcal partner projects f.e. in Afghanistan, Uganda, South Africa, Kenia or Tanzania. The latest project is a skate park in Costa Rica“. Using the pedagogic and educational power of the skateboard, they promote self-confidence, community awareness, self-reliance and determination and offer guidance. skate-aid uses skateboarding to bring hope to the everyday life of children whose lives are affected by war, hunger and poverty. They want to convey joy of life and confidence to the children and give them back a piece of their childhood: Hope on four wheels.

By purchasing a skate-aid helmet you are supporting the projects and helping spread the message further.


GummiLove is a unique social-lifestyle brand, deeply rooted in board sports, music and street art culture that educates about safer sex in a cool, easy and transparent way. It spreads the message of safer sex trough products, events, parties and workshops and works with selected role models such as TSG’s Iouri Podladtchikov.

Daniel Rietman and Corinne Kurz are the masterminds behind GummiLove. Their unconventional way of educating the youth about a healthy, self-confident and pleasurable sexuality impresses us. 15% of the sales revenue of GummiLove products is donated into their safer sex prevention work. GummiLove makes safe love sexy since 2009.


Stay Strong started as a simple tee shirt worn by Pro BMX riders on the Dew Tour showing support for Stephen Murray who was paralyzed on 22nd June 2007 in the dirt finals in Baltimore Maryland. For Stephen a multiple X Games and Gravity games gold medalist a double backflip attempt went horribly wrong when his foot slipped off the pedal mid rotation causing a tragic crash that resulted in 4 shattered vertebrae in his neck.æ His helmet saved his life... now the young father of two faces his biggest challenges yet. Paralyzed from the shoulders down, Stephen has become an inspiration to many people across the world. His sheer strength, courage and positivity have helped unite the global action sports community. Stay Strong is a positive life message, a sign of solidarity that has now developed into a brand, which can hopefully one day fully support Stephen and his children.

By purchasing a Stay Strong helmet you are showing love to a fallen BMX soldier and helping spread his message further.