TSG saved my life

Horrible Crash On Snow

I Fell On My Head





Christian had an horrible crash on a snowboard last year. Thanks for sharing your TSG saved my life story.

story and photos by Christian Fluher

I. TSG Saved My Life

This time last year I had a horrible crash on snow. Riding a snowboard, I fell on my head. Your helmet saved my life! Literally saved my life!

Without your product I would have died

After the accident the helmet broke on two pieces. After a 3 hour ride to the hospital I had multiple x-rays and MRI scans (even today I have to have my head checked) and thankfully they didn’t find any broken or cracked bones in my neck, head or spine. Your helmet really saved my life!

TSG saved my life snowboarder with helmet

Christian snowboarding before the accident and a couple hours later in the hospital

TSG saved my life

Thank you for making such a good product that is worth investing in!! Sadly I was left without a helmet, but I still have my life! The Doctor said that if I had been wearing some cheap shit or nothing at all, instead of pants and a helmet from your company, I would have died! Thank you for making such awesome products TSG!

You saved my life!

I still have some fear for this year to get back on the snowboard. Actually a lot of fear. But I’m looking forward to overcoming my fear and stepping on the board one day and start feeling the freedom it brings once again!

Again, thank you for making the best quality equipment! I owe you! You saved my life!


II. The TSG Fly helmet

Christian head was saved by the TSG Fly snowboard and ski helmet. due to its in-mold construction this helmet is super light. It’s a great choice if you enjoy riding snow parks and pipe. The shell features a sleek design without top vent holes what makes it very strong. It is also convenient to use during very cold temperatures.  Check it out here.

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Product News

Dermis A Line

Lightweight and Compact Protection





Introduced in 2018, the Dermis A Sleeves for knees and elbows soon became our enduro rider’s favourite pads. Easy on/off and light they offer just the right amount of protection when you prefer non-bulky, uncomplicated pads. Now for 2019 we increase the range and launch the Dermis Pro A with Shin Protection and a set specially designed for younger riders.


I. The Dermis Pro A Knee-Sleeves

The new Dermis Pro A is a lightweight, slimline and compact knee and shin protector for trail and all-mountain bikers as well as bmx racers. The Lycra sleeve, with protective foam insert, features a compact, lightweight design that is easily stowable for ascents and can be quickly put on for downhills. An inner anti-slip silicone print delivers additional support.

Meet the flow of trail riders and BMX racers

The protective pad covers the knee and tibia with no gaps and is made from an ergonomic Arti-Lage softshell pad with stretch Kevlar cover. Arti-Lage compresses on impact and absorbs a huge amount of the shock before it reaches a rider‘s joints. The stretch Kevlar cover allows easy sliding through bails and protects the foam.

TSG Dermis Pro A Knee-Sleeves

Front and rear view of the Knee-Sleeve Dermis Pro A

TSG Dermis Pro A Knee-Sleeves

The protective foam in the Dermis Pro A is deliberately thinner than in TSG’s dirt and downhill pads to meet the flow of trail riders and BMX racers as they’re light, flexible and comfortable when pedalling. The Dermis Pro A offers sufficient protection against abrasion and light shocks on and off the trail and racetrack.

TSG Dermis Pro A Knee-Sleeves Anti-Slip

Anti-Slip top cuff and vented backside for pure riding pleasure

TSG Dermis A Knee-Sleeves vented mesh

For better ventilation, the Lycra protectors are equipped with air-flow mesh on the back. An aperture at the back of the knee improves mobility and amplifies the pads’ comfort. The sleeves are easy to slip on and can also be stored in slim trail backpacks.

The Dermis Pro A are CE certified based on the EN 1621-1 norm. 


II. Protection for young Mountain Bikers and BMXers 

Young, up and coming bikers are riding seriously hard these days. To meet their needs we introduce the Youth Sleeve Dermis A for knee/shinbone and elbows. They offer all the advantages of the adult pads but are designed to fit young bmx and mountain bike rookies. 

These are protectors for knees, shins and elbows that kids will love to wear!

Lennox Zimmermann BMX, kid, Dermis Pro A

Lennox Zimmermann rocks at age 11! Always safe with the Youth Knee-Sleeve Dermis Pro A

TSG Rookie Lennox Zimmermann is also excited:

“In the past I sometimes used to ride BMX without knee pads, as it was always quite cumbersome to put on the individual and thick knee and shin pads. Very often a painful experience. Today I put on the Dermis Pro A Youth Knee-Sleeve fast and uncomplicated. I am very mobile, but still perfectly protected. With the Dermis Pro A Youth Knee-Sleeve I have a great riding feeling on my BMX.”


III. Kinesiology meets Mountain Bike protection

With our Dermis A Knee and Elbow-Sleeves we took a new approach when we launched them in 2018. Enduro mountain bikers love simple protection that is compact, slimline, lightweight and can be quickly put on for downhill action and effortlessly slipped off and stowed away on uphills. Lycra sleeves with protective foam inserts are especially easy to use and wear but unlike robust neoprene protectors with Velcro closure they can slip easily.

The Dermis line pads are so comfortable that you might just forget you’re wearing them!

This is why we have invented Powerbands for improved stability. These strategically placed PU Powerband stripes, inspired by kinesiology tape, add more strength to the lightweight material and significantly reduce movement.

TSG Dermis A Knee-Sleeves Powerband. prefered also by the Austrian mtb team Dorong

Powerband Stripes give a little bit more stability to the Lycra. Appreciated by the Austrian Mountain Bike Team Dorrong in Black Hole.

Dermis A knee-sleeves mountain biker


IV. Dermis A Sleeves used in the mountain bike contest circuit

Mike Broderick and Mary McConneloug have both dedicated their life to mountain bike racing and have more titles and podiums than they can recall. They spend the majority of the year actively traveling and competing around the globe with a strong focus on the international XC and enduro mtb race circuit.

They wear the Elbow-Sleeve Dermis A in all their enduro training and events, paired up with Kneeguard Task A 2.0 or the Knee-Shinguard Temper 2.0. For lighter days on the trails when they don’t feel like they need as much protection they use the Knee-Sleeve Dermis A. 

Mike Broderick mountain biker TSG Dermis A elbow-sleeves

Mike and Mary both enjoy riding with the Dermis A Sleeves to protect their elbows

Mary McConneloug mountain biker TSG Dermis A Elbow-Sleeves

“The Dermis line pads are so comfortable that you might just forget about having them on unless you happen to hit the ground while wearing them. A supple body heat sensitive ballistic foam allows the pads to closely follow the contours of the elbow without restricting movement. This foam instantly hardens upon impact to protect against the initial hit and stays in place throughout any unplanned dismounts or contact with foreign objects.

The Dermis line pads are low in bulk and malleable, making them easy to bring along in a pack if you prefer to keep your protective gear stashed away for the DH sections.

The Dermis line pads are a fantastic choice when you are headed out for an adventure that mandates some level of protection but can’t afford to be held back by cumbersome gear.”

Follow Mary and Mike here.


V. Covered in Magazines Worldwide

Another TSG rider wears the Dermis A Sleeves regularly and has already featured them on photos in mountain bike magazines worldwide.

Alban Aubert is the former coach of the Swiss downhill team has published more than 1000 pages in magazines worldwide. The Swiss Freeride mountain biker has countless inspiring riding images from his travels to countries in Oceania, Europe, Asia, and South America.

Alban Aubert Mountain Biker TSG Dermis A Knee-Sleeves Scope Helmet

Alban Aubert in his home spot Creux du Van in Neuchâtel. Perfect trail to use the Dermis A Knee-Sleeves. Photo: Hansueli Spitznagel

“The Dermis A Knee-Sleeves are my favourite when it comes to riding singletrail. Indeed, the Dermis A perfectly fits the knee and are very comfortable. The ideal is to be able to wear them also on the way up and thus keep them all day long, without having to stop to remove them when you go up. In addition, they are well ventilated enough to be worn even in hot weather. They also offer good protection for this practice. Finally, they take up little space so if you have to put them in the backpack, there will always be room.” states Alban.

All Dermis A protectors are perfect for comfortable climbs and fast downhills, providing outstanding protection from scratches and knocks on and off the trails.

Watch here what TSG Rider Amir Kabbani thinks of the Knee-Sleeve Dermis A:

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TSG Global Team



Amir Kabbani discovers the island of Mallorca





Join TSG’s Amir Kabbani as he travels to the small island of Mallorca where the weather is hot, the towns are busy, but the trails, dirt jumps and spectacular scenery are prime for riding.

Amir’s buddy Sandro Szukat moved to Mallorca in his van this summer and told him how much potential for bike riding this Spanish island has. So Amir took his word for it and it didn’t take long until the trip was planned.

I was really fascinated by the beauty and variety of the island

They chose to go filming at possibly the worst time of the year as it was ridiculously hot, dry and busy. But they still had great fun driving through beautiful locations. And the great thing about travelling around the island in a van is that they could always stop when they found rad trails or an interesting spot.

Amir Kabbani's mountain bike bike trip to Mallorca: Mallorca Treasures 2019

I never thought there would be such a beautiful bay on Mallorca. The SUP idea came to me and we just had to try it.

Amir Kabbani's mountain bike bike trip to Mallorca: Mallorca Treasures 2019

Before the trip Amir had strong prejudices as he knew Mallorca only from the reputation of the party mile Ballermann/Magaluf.  This quickly changed as he discovered that the island has so much more to offer with remote forest, deserted bays and relaxed little cafes.

Amir Kabbani's mountain bike bike trip to Mallorca: Mallorca Treasures 2019

Thanks to Sandro’s Van we could get from one spot to the other and stay overnight when the film session was over.

Amir Kabbani's mountain bike bike trip to Mallorca: Mallorca Treasures 2019

It was high season when we were on the island but in the forest we had our privacy and explored many great trails.

I also got a new Trailbike from GT which needed to be tested

Amir Kabbani's mountain bike bike trip to Mallorca: Mallorca Treasures 2019

camera check

Amir Kabbani's mountain bike bike trip to Mallorca: Mallorca Treasures 2019

Amir posing with his new GT bike.

Mallorca is absolutely worth a trip for mountain bikers. Maybe not necessarily in high season, but Spring or Autumn are ideal

Amir Kabbani's mountain bike bike trip to Mallorca: Mallorca Treasures 2019

Fascinated by the beauty and variety of the island.

Now enjoy the Mallorca’s Treasures video and see just how beautiful an island it is. 


Amir Kabbani rides with our Scope enduro helmet. It was launched in fall 2018 and is a great choice for any enduro trip.

Read about the benefits of the Scope helmet here. 

TSG Collabs & Friends

World Rookie Tour Freeski

Discover the future stars of Freeski




Since many years the famous Black Yeti mascot of the World Rookie Tour supports the best snowboarders of the world: Now it’s the freeskiers’ turn!

I. The Yeti invites freeskiers

As official partners to the World Rookie Tour, TSG are proud to support and invest in the future stars of snow sports. So we are absolutely stoked that the World Rookie Tour, a proven platform for rookie snowboarders to make the leap to the pro ranks, is expanding to include Freeskiers with the announcement of the 2019 World Rookie Tour Freeski.

If you dream is to become a professional freeskier, then your future starts from the World Rookie Tour!

The 2019 World Rookie Tour Freeski will feature qualification events in the United States but also many stops in Europe. The best WRT freeskiers will participate to the World Rookie Finals Freeski in Seiser Alm – Alpe di Siusi, Italy, from March the 18th until March the 21th 2019, on the same slopestyle facility of the FIS World Cup. This same location will host the World Rookie Finals Freeski until 2021.

II. WRT joins forces with Audi Nines

The best freeskiiers of the finals will receive fantastic prizes from the sponsors. The Champions of the Tour will win an amazing prize bundle of a surf trip to Santander, invitations to the Rookie Trip in the Southern Hemisphere as well as the World Rookie Tour Shooting and last but not least they will be invited to join to the legendary Audi Nines event, which will be held in Solden, Obergurgl-Hochgurgl, Austria, from April the 22nd to April the 27th 2019.

World Rookie Tour Freeski

WRT Freeski finals take place in snowpark Seiser Alm

III. From Rookie to Pro

The World Rookie Tour represents a unique opportunity to start the professional carrier in the action sports field. Many of today snowboard stars started their carrier at the WRT events, and now this opportunity is also given to young freeskiers: winning the World Rookie Finals is the only way for a talented youngster to get a spot in the legendary Audi Nines and receive other incredible prizes.

If you dream is to become a professional freeskier, then your future starts from the World Rookie Tour!

IV. 2019 World Rookie Tour Freeski provisional calendar

A51 Grom Fest Freeski (SS) – Keystone, USA , 9 -10 February 2019

FIS European Junior Slopestyle (SS) – Kronplatz, ITA, 23-24 February 2019

Skyline Park Rookie Fest Freeski (SS) – Skyline Park Innsbruck, Austria, 1-3 March 2019

World Rookie Finals Freeski (SS) – Seiser Alm, Italy, 18-21 March 2019


World Rookie Tour Freeski 2019 Flyer

Other qualifications events and series in Europe, North and South America, Oceania and Asia to be announced. Make sure to check https://www.worldrookietour.com for any updates. 

Read more about our collaboration with the WRT here


TSG Global team

Welcome Lara and Lucas

Lara Lessmann and Lucas Huppert join the Global Team




We are happy to announce that BMX rider Lara Lessmann (GER) and slopestyle mountain biker Lucas Huppert (SUI) join the vanguard of TSG riders, keeping themselves safe while riding with TSG protective gear!

I. Lara Lessmann is one of a new breed of female BMX riders

Lara Lessmann, age 18, has been regarded as the it girl in German BMX freestyle and park for some time. In 2017, she reached the top, winning silver at the Urban Cycling World Championships, in Chengdu (CHN). Then, in 2018, she competed in all four BMX Freestyle Park World Cups on the UCI, scoring podiums in all four, and crowned her season with a victory at the final in Chengdu. To top it off she also won a mixed, gold medal at the Youth Olympic Games, in Buenos Aires. She is one of a new breed of female BMX riders peppering their runs with stylish tricks and combos, making her performance in women’s heats a thing of beauty.

TSG gives me the security I need to feel comfortable while riding.

Lara Lessmann BMX TSG team rider

Lara captured by Jan Bekurtz

Lara Lessmann BMX TSG team rider

Lara’s career began with her grandparents winning the lottery win and buying their then nine-year-old granddaughter a BMX with the cash. Her brother took her to the local BMX park “Schlachthof”, in her hometown of Flensburg, and she was hooked. Today, Lara lives in Berlin, where she practices at the infamous Mellow Park as part of the German Olympic BMX squad. She is now set to achieve her next big goal, to win at the Summer Olympics 2020, in Tokyo!

Lara has been supported by TSG Germany since 2017 and will join our Global Team with immediate effect: “TSG’s Evolution helmet has been a part of my kit for many years and has been just as much a part of my riding experience as my bike,” she says. “Equipment by TSG protects me on my travels, competitions and sessions, giving me the security I need to feel comfortable while riding. I’m really excited to be part of the TSG Global Team”.

Check out Laras Team profile!

Lara Lessmann BMX TSG team rider

In Mellowpark, Berlin Lara spends most of her time. Photo: Kira Eilenna

II. Lucas Huppert has fought his way to the top

Lucas Huppert has a similar position in slopestyle and dirt jump mountain biking as Lara Lessmann has in BMX freestyle park: He is a young rider who has fought his way to the top, challenging international competitors throughout the ride. In 2018, the 18-year-old Swiss rider from Niederweningen, near Zurich, won gold at an FMB Gold Event, the O’Marisquino, in Vigo, Spain, after a string of top-ten spots on the FMB World Tour.

It’s a dream to join the TSG pro team and ride with my childhood heroes.

Lucas Huppert mountain bike TSG team rider

Lucas enjoying Canada after the Big White Invitational. Photo: Dominik Bosshard

Age 18, Lucas Huppert was already an experienced mountain biker. He took part in 4-cross competitions when he was only 8, then at 10 switched to dirt jumping. His riding style is a perfect mixture of tricks and flow, his tricks being more technical than acrobatic in style.

TSG have supported Lucas Huppert from a long age, as part of the Swiss Biroma Team and even when he went his own way, TSG continued to sponsor him and nurture his potential – the outcome being success and promotion to the Global Team:

“This is my fourth season with TSG and it’s definitely a dream to join the TSG pro team and ride with my childhood heroes, including Sam Pilgrim. It’s so cool to have such a good relationship with a sponsor from my hometown and I’m really thankful for the support TSG has given me on and off the bike in the last few years. I’m really curious what the future holds”.

Check out Lucas team profile!

Lucas Huppert mountain bike TSG team rider

Photo: Dominik Bosshard

Lucas just recently released a video from his busy hometown Zurich. Watch it here on youtube!

Here is a selection of TSG products that Lara and Lucas use to ride safe 

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World Rookie Tour 2019

Nick Pünter wins World Rookie Fest

TSG Ambassador invited to X Games Norway 




Congratulation to TSG’s Nick Pünter for winning the 2019 World Rookie Tour Fest by Rock and Ride. Nick brings home an invitational ticket to the official X Games Norway qualification event in Hafjell.

I. Heavy snow fall followed by the sun

The 2019 World Rookie Fest by Rock and Ride in Livigno and Mottolino Snowpark welcomed 90 riders from 10 nations! Heavy snowfall during the first two days made qualification impossible but the crew enjoyed uncountable powder runs. Finally the sun came out and qualifications and finals took place under blue sky.

World Rookie Tour Fest 2019 rider Nick Puenter

Nick Pünter up in the air

II. Amazing Set-Up

The  amazing set up consisted of three lines: M with four tables, three kickers (eight, ten and twelve meters), a jib crounch box and a pole jam; L with a thirteen meter kicker and a fifteen meter kicker and a cannon box; XL with a eighteen and nineteen meter kickers and a rainbow pyramid.

The World Rookie Tour helps young riders to make their dream come true

World Rookie Tour Fest 2019 rider Nick Puenter

Backside double 10 melon

Once again the riding level was insane. Rookies and Groms did their best to win the legendary World Rookie Fest Champion title and a spot in the X Games Norway qualification event.

World Rookie Tour Fest 2019 rider Nick Puenter

The Yeti is stoked with Nick’s performance

World Rookie Tour Fest 2019 rider Nick Puenter

Nick Pünter with a cap double under

III. TSG rider wins

The Swiss TSG ambassador Nick Pünter showed an amazing run and ended up first. He won the 2019 World Rookie Fest by Rock and Ride Champion title and the ticket to the X Games Norway Qualification Event, taking place February, 16th in Hafjell! Nick now is only one step away to join the X Games Norway! Together with Nick on the rookie podium were Øyvind Kirkhus (2nd) and Gabriel Almqvist (3rd). 

World Rookie Tour Fest 2019 rider Nick Puenter

Happy like hell! Nick on his way to the podium

Odin Røhrt won in the groms’ category followed by Benedikt Fridbjornsson and Sander Mork Danielsen.

Tina Steffensen won Girls Rookie with a 50/50 front 260 out, indy, backside 360 melon, frontlip grab. The Grom Girls also showed their best: Evy Poppe took first place with a blunt 270, frontside 720 indy, backside 9 mute and cab 270 in 270 out, followed by Mia Brookes and Kamilla Espeli Olsen.

World Rookie Tour Fest 2019 rider Nick Puenter

Rookie podium

IV. Partnership with X Games

Marco Sampaoli, World Rookie Tour Co-Founder, is excited about the partnership with the X Games Norway: “This is a great recognition for our project to help our World Rookie Tour riders to make their dream come true and to become professional snowboarders! Last year WRT Champion, Takeru Otsuka got a ticket to the X Games Norway and won the gold medal and before him many of todays big snowboard names were Rookie Tour Champions. Our mission is to discover and support the next snowboard star.”

The next events in February and March take place in the USA and Japan. Check the tour calendar here

V. World Rookie Fest Video Recap

Now watch the future stars os snowboarding in action.


Nick in a training run before the contest:

Sieh dir diesen Beitrag auf Instagram an

Ein Beitrag geteilt von TSG (@ridetsg) am


Want to know more about our partnership with the World Rookie Tour? Click here!

TSG saved my life

I fell of

the board

at 60 kph

Joel’s story


Joel took part at the Bela Joyride DH event in Austria when he fell of the board at 60 kph. Thanks for sharing your story.

Text and photos by Joel Mahamoud

I. TSG Saved My Life

It was the 4th run of Bela Joyride 2018.  The track has two distinct sections. The upper part is quick and challenging with a lot of long strait sections while the bottom part is just one hairpin after another (16 hairpins in all!!!).

Weirdly I heard songs and voices in my head while crashing

I just switched wheels and was about to do a very fast run. Everything went well until me and my buddy were approaching the party corner. I was about to do a toeside stand up at like maybe 60 kph. My wheels didn’t break out and I fell straight on my right side, dislocated my shoulder and smashed my head heavily on the ground.

Weirdly I heard songs and voices in my head while crashing. Totally weird!!!  🙂

The helmet cracked and wasn’t rideable anymore, even the EPS inside cracked open.

TSG saved my life Joel's story

Joel’s Pass full-face after the crash. Luckily his head was protected by our helmet.

TSG saved my life Joel's story

I don’t want to imagine what would have happened, if I weren’t riding this helmet. So thank you again TSG. Great work! And thank you for letting me share my story. 

II. The TSG Pass helmet

Joel head was saved by the TSG Pass skateboard downhill helmet. Check it out here.

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TSG saved my life

I missed the bars

whilst barspinning

Roland’s story

Roland was trying barspins on dirt and after an initial successful attempt he missed the bars and fell heavily. Thanks for sharing your story.

Text and photos by Roland Janku

I. TSG Saved My Life – Roland’s story

I was trying barspins at my local dirt jumps. I landed the first one but on the second attempt i didn’t catch the bars and crashed heavily hitting my head on the ground.

I was thinking I had suffered brain shake

I got up and felt ok but two minutes later I couldn’t remember what had happened (I thought I maybe had suffered brain shake).

My friends called my Mother and she picked me up and we drove to the hospital. After examination they told me that I had indeed suffered brain shake but due to wearing a helmet it was only minor and they allowed me to go home.

Roland’s head was saved by the TSG Evolution helmet. Here is a photos after his crash. Still looks pretty good! But remember to always replace your helmet after a crash on the head. 

TSG Evolution Helmet after a crashTSG saved my my - Roland's story

II. Video of Roland’s crash

Roland’s buddy filmed his crash.

III. Well protected

Want to check out the helmet that saved Roland’s head?

Anatomically designed bike and skateboard helmet featuring a tough hardshell construction. The low fit protects all the useful bits of your noggin. 460 grams.

The Evolution comes with a snug fit that curves anatomically around your head for a great fit and tailored wearing comfort. This helmet fits without jiggling, no sizing band needed. The inside pads are washable and come in two sizes.

Click to see all Evolution helmet colours and designs 

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TSG Kids

The Snowboarding


Three generations united by one activity




Three generations, one passion! The Krebernik family has snowboarding in their blood. And they are still riding together as a family from granny to grandchild. 


The Snowboarding Family – just unique

The Krebernik family, aka The Snowboard Family, has been shredding since the mid-eighties and nowadays three generations of them hit the slopes together.

He said “You are a snowboarding family!”

Snowboarding unites this amazing family so we wanted to know a few more things about them. We asked Lilo, who is the Father of the four children, to give us the lowdown on his unique family and his thoughts on kids wearing protection whilst snowboarding.


Lilo, can you tell us a little about The Snowboarding Family?

We are nine riders aged between 4 and 76 years (young), made up of three generations from Grandpa down, and have been snowboarding for quite a while. When we started in the mid-eighties it was unusual to have both parents go riding with their kids. One day in 1988 we met Bert LaMar in Sölden and he was surprised to see all of us riding together. He said “You are a snowboarding family!” so that’s where the name came from.

The Snowboarding Family

The Snowboarding Family – fully kitted out and ready to hit the slopes

The last three seasons have been more intense than ever as the kids have started to ride more so it was a good excuse for all of us to shred more. Grandma has restarted after a break of more than ten years so she could ride with the Grandkids. It’s quite special for us to have Grandparents share the passion with the kids!


When you started snowboarding in the mid-eighties what reception did you get at your local ski resort?

Dieter bought his first board in 1986. He was a skiing instructor back then at the local resort, and already in his forties, so people thought he was crazy and that it would only be a craze. A year later his wife Ingeborg and Lilo and Mac started riding on snowboards, or snowsurfers, and Dieter took part on the first official course to become a snowboard instructor. We have never stepped back on skis since and looking back at it now one would call us crazy 😉

The Snowboarding Family

Grandpa Dieter enjoys riding the slopes with 4 years old Ferry


So it’s good for everyone that attitudes have moved on which has allowed progression in skiing as well as snowboarding?

Things did change of course, some for the better but others not really. It’s definitely great that there are more suitable products out there now, especially for small kids because when we started out the children’s equipment was all DIY.

But then again, it was great to have all the powder for ourselves as there weren’t any skiers in the backcountry, just a few snowboarders who rode really well. Even thought it was a different time, riding with the kids still feels the same, it’s about pure fun!


Do you feel that attitudes towards wearing protection on the slopes has changed for the better?

That’s a tricky question, the biggest plus is that the individual decisions are now easier to make. There are great products out there and everyone can decide what they want to use. And it’s nice to have a wider range of gear, so there’s a good fit for every rider if they want to use a certain item.

The Snowboarding Family

The Snowboarding Family

A big family means a huge amount of gear!


Why do you choose TSG for your kids’ protection?

We grew up using TSG protection in skateboarding and we even still have some of the old skateboard bags from ’89 at home (and packing slips, no joke!). All the photos we have from back then, we’re using these pads, with the legendary spider design.

The Snowboarding Family Lilo Krebernik Judo Fakie The Snowboarding Family Lilo Krebernik skateboarding in the 80ies

Lilo skateboarding in the 80’s with TSG helmet and pads

And that was also the same year when we met Ruedi Herger at a snowboard event in Sölden. Our paths have crossed every now and then and when he got involved in the TSG brand Kathi designed a few helmets for them. 

TSG Lotus Helmet design by sixxa, Kathi Macheiner 

TSG Lotus Helmet design by sixxa, Kathi Macheiner

Here are two examples of Kathi’s work for TSG. The Lotus helmet with Kathi’s “Circus” (2010) and “Sixxa” (2011) designs.

So when the kids started riding it was an obvious choice! It’s great to see the product portfolio grow and that the kids really benefit from it. It’s also great to work with a brand, and the creative minds behind it, that have been in the sport for so long!

The Snowboarding Family - Hedi

Hedi in powder heaven! She relies on the TSG Expect Mini Goggle, for crystal clear vision, to choose her lines


What TSG helmets and Goggles do the kids use whilst snowboarding?

They are all currently riding Arctic Nipper Maxi helmets with the Expect Mini goggles and lately the backbone vest junior. It’s great that there are vests specifically designed for small kids!

The Snowboarding Family - Wally snowboarding kids

When you see Wally snowboarding you know she is having fun

The Snowboarding Family - Wally snowboarding kids -


Do they choose the colour/design?

Each of them has a favourite colour and usually they try to match their clothes as well somehow. There are enough options for them to combine and it’s great to see how they go for different designs! I guess they would prefer designs that Kathi did but, who knows, maybe there’s another design up her sleeve in the future? It would be fun to see the kids ride with her graphics 😉

The Snowboarding Family - Wally and Hedi snowboarding kids

Wally and Hedi fully equipped. These kids have style! Colour-matching their Arctic Nipper Maxi Helmets and Expect Mini Goggles to outerwear and boards.


Do you worry at all when the kids are on the slopes?

It’s tricky at crowded resorts in high season as sometimes you do have the feeling that many others don’t know or respect their own limits. They go too fast and don’t pay attention. We’re less concerned about the kids trying things or going fast than others possibly crashing into them. That’s why helmets and back protectors are really important!

The Snowboarding Family - Ferry- Kids that snowboard

4 year old Ferry is already sliding over boxes in the park so it’s a good job that he is fully protected with TSG


What other sports do the kids participate in and do they involve wearing TSG?

They skateboard and use the Skate helmets, the TSG Meta in XX/XS and the Nipper Maxi, as well as the Junior Padsets (knee and elbow pads). 

Want to see what skate gear for kids is currently available? Click here!

The Snowboarding Family - skateboarding with TSG skate protection The Snowboarding Family - skateboarding with TSG skate protection

If you are a good skateboarder, snowboarding should be a piece of cake. The Snowboarding Family kids have fun on any board.

They also use them whilst riding their BMX bikes.

The Snowboarding Family - riding bmx with TSG protection Kid with helmet

BMX ride in summer

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Finally, can we get a couple of fun statements/comments from the kids about their TSG protection? Let’s put a smile on the readers’ faces!

They call their back protectors “Turtle Vest”! So every time we go snowboarding one of the last questions will be “Turtle”? Even though most of the time they already have it on! And they love the helmets when they try to do breakdance moves because it’s much easier for them to do headstands on the helmet and rotate!

The Snowboarding Family - Kids in gondola with TSG back protector The Snowboarding Family - Kids in gondola with TSG back protector

Hedi doing a great turtle impression with TSG Backbone Junior Vest

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