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Eurobike 2019

good times in Friedrichshafen






Every year, beginning fall, Eurobike invites the bike scene to Friedrichshafen. See and read here our little recap on what was going on during the show.

I. TSG booth and new products at Eurobike 2019

The first three Eurobike days are pure business days. We present our 2020 product lines to retailers. So sneak-peak some styles and colours that will be in the shops from spring 2020. 

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth

Our booth in prime position at the main gangway right before the show started early morning.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth

And the view from the other side.

New colours of the Scope Enduro Helmet and the new mountain bike apparel line. We launch more rain gear, bring new jerseys and shorts/pants and cool new Sam Pilgrim SP Line and Amir Kabbani AK Line combos.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth Bike Helmets

Scope helmet colour range for 2020 and the new TSG apparel line.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth Kleiderstange

Cushioning for the feet

Head-to-toe is the magic word. In 2020 your feet will be protected as well. TSG insoles are coming and give stability, cushioning and impact absorption to your feet.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth Insoles

The eew TSG Insoles for happy feet and full body protection for serious mountain biking.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth

Don’t forget the kids. They rock more than ever before in biking. At TSG we have a full range of kid’s protection gear for beginners to trail shredders and rad dirt jump rookies.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth Kids Bike Protection

Our kid’s models show different knee and elbow pads from soft-shell to hardshell.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth Kids Bike Protection

At Eurobike you get the chance to see our full range of bike, bmx and skateboard helmets.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth Bike Helmets

Just some of the new helmet colours for 2020

II. TSG Team visit at the show

Eurobike is also a family gathering. It’s great to see and chat with our team riders.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Messestand Timo Pritzel Lukas Schäfer

Timo Pritzel, Lukas Schäfer and Erik Fedko hanging at the TSG Eurobike booth

Eurobike 2019 TSG Messestand Erik Fedko

A highlight of our booth was the scribble column. Everybody was invited to get creative or leave a love message.

Eurobike 2019 TSG booth Matt Jones signing

Mountain biker Matt Jones is leaving a message on our scribble wall

Eurobike 2019 TSG booth Matt Jones signing

Sam was here

Eurobike 2019 TSG booth Sam Pilgrim signing

Same does Sam Pilgrim with a little self portrait

Eurobike 2019 TSG booth Sam Pilgrim signing

III. Signing Session at Eurobike public day

When business and hard numbers are in the pocket (hahaha), Eurobike opens its doors for the public on Saturday. A bike-fanatic crowd conquers the halls. 

Seven of our team riders came for the TSG signing session that takes place every year. This year was so crowded that Sam Pilgrim, Matt Jones, Lukas Schäfer, Erik Fedko, Lucas Huppert, Timo Pritzel and Max Fredriksson signed posters and fan gear for an complete hour. They sure had have cramps in their fingers afterwards. 

Eurobike 2019 crowded TSG booth during signing session

The crowd was insane. They had been waiting for 15 minutes before the official start of the signing session.

The riders throw free products into the crowd and were really close to their fans.

Eurobike 2019 crowded TSG booth during signing session

Who gets’ the helmet signed by all riders? And Matt Jones talking to the kids.

Eurobike 2019 TSG booth Matt Jones and fans

The table was a mess after 30 minutes.

Hundreds of signing cards.

Eurobike 2019 TSG booth signing session autographs

Hundreds of signing cards and posters…

Eurobike 2019 crowded TSG booth signing session

Lukas Schäfer is cheering the crowd and they cheer back.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Messestand Team: Sam Pilgrim, Matt Jones, Lukas Schäfer, Lucas Huppert, Erik Fedko, Max Fredriksson, Maxime Vinchent

Team photo after the show. From left to right: Lucas Huppert, Lukas Schäfer, Maxime Vinchent, Sam Pilgrim, Matt Jones, Max Fredriksson, Erik Fedko

IV. Fun for the kids at TSG Nipper Race

Right after the signing session two of us run outside to build up the Nipper Race course and get the kids ready for the balance bike race. Eurobike prepares a space just for the kids visiting the show. We are partner and organise this little race for small bikers.

The kids start in two age groups:  Minis (2-3 years old) and Maxis (4-5 years old). it’s all about the fun.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Nipper Race balance bike race Laufradrennen

The kids are ready to start

Eurobike 2019 TSG Nipper Race balance bike race Laufradrennen

Congrats to the little winners.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Nipper Race balance bike race Laufradrennen

The fastest kids: Mini and Maxi podium

Eurobike 2019 TSG Nipper Race balance bike race Laufradrennen

V. New TSG Products and reviews

Thanks to all bike media that came visiting us at Eurobike 2019. Find here some links and videos with reviews from the show. More to be added.

MTB-NEWS.DE published a nice review and you can sneak-peak many news TSG products.

Read TSG Eurobike review now

The editors of Vital MTB wanted to know everything about our new Patrol A 2.0 Kneeguard design. Watch the video!

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Bang Bang

Michael Schärer Blows Up!

A banging clip from Swiss TSG rider Michael Schärer




Check out the latest clip “Bang Bang” from TSG team rider and Swiss Olympian Michael Schärer as he blows up the Grindelwald park.


I. The story behind “Bang Bang”

TSG team rider and Swiss Olympian Michael Schärer is no stranger to putting down bangers. But in his latest clip “Bang Bang” he takes this laboured axiom far too literally, adding shock and awe pyrotechnics to a display of pure booter radness.

It wouldn’t get out of my head. I had to do it

We caught up with Michael over breakfast in New Zealand, as he rested up a shoulder injury. Even the best riders fall and injuries like this only highlight the importance of wearing protective gear while riding. Despite being grounded Michael was as ever stoked on life and happy to tell us about what he coined his “explosion session”. 

Michael explains that the idea for the “explosion session” was hatched when his buddy Jonas showed him an old video part of Marco Lutz and in Michael’s words “it wouldn’t get out of my head. I had to do it”. 

Bang Bang by Michael Schärer. Explosion Session in Snowpark Grindelwald

Michael lighting up the sky over the Grindelwald Park

Bang Bang by Michael Schärer. Explosion Session in Snowpark Grindelwald

II. How to light up the snow park

Michael approached Gian Simmen from Snowpark Grindelwald and asked if the park would be into the idea, and got a resounding YES! Next he recruited a pyro technician who with the help of a few gallons of gasoline was happy to light up Grindelwald with a few explosions. And, the final piece of the jigsaw was a hook-up through the girlfriend of the Swiss team’s physio with the highly skilled drone filmers Dedicam TV. All the charges were now in place for the mother of all banger sessions. 

On a perfect Grindelwald bluebird day Michael had ten jumps with explosions to make the session a success. In his own words he had to “choose between style tricks and video tricks” – in other words bangers that look good on film and stills over difficulty – his favourite being a switch back 9 stalefish and the double tricks with his buddy Ralph Menth.

Bang Bang by Michael Schärer. Explosion Session in Snowpark Grindelwald

Michael and buddy Ralph Menth put the wang into a pair of methods

III. TSG has got his back

It is Michael’s precision on kickers – and now slopestyle courses – that has earned himself the nickname “Big Air Mike”. But going big comes with consequences and when something fails in flight-mode TSG has got his back.  

Bang Bang by Michael Schärer. Explosion Session in Snowpark Grindelwald

Michael going out with a bang!

Michael protects his head in the skate style, hard shell Gravity Helmet; the reactive, low-profile Backbone Tank A back protector; and a pair of Goggle Amps to guarantee a clear view of the terrain in which he rides.   

“90% of the time I ride with a helmet but when I’m chilling I just ride in a beanie” explains Michael. The TSG Gravity Helmet is the slimmest profile riding helmet on the hill and features customizable comfort and fit for the best riding protection. 

He may chill without his helmet but Michael never rides without his back protector: “The TSG Backbone Tank A is super comfortable and I don’t feel safe when I’m not wearing it” he explains. “It is not one of those hard ones it is made from 3D and conforms to your back”. 

IV. What’s next ?

Although Michael says it may be some time before he does another “explosion session” you can catch up with him next winter in Stubai and then on the comp circuit, including Air & Style Beijing. If last season’s victory at Total Fight is anything to go by it promises to be another banger season for our team Swiss team rider and although we can’t protect you against explosions we can certainly keep you safe while riding. 

Michael wants to give a shout out to “Snowpark Grindelwald First, Nitro Snowboards, TSG, Hess Moto and Dedicam” for helping to make the dream of the explosion session a reality. 

V. Bang Bang video


TSG saved my life

Huge crash at Winterberg

Matt’s story



I have just had a huge crash at Winterberg and my TSG helmet and pads saved me from serious injury.

story and photos by Matt Andrews

I took off from a jump at the start of the Freeride trail and got bucked off the lip. This threw me forward and way up into the air. As I landed the front wheel dug into a braking bump hole and threw me over the bars, onto my back and head sideways.

Apart from superficial cuts and bruises it seems I am fine. I hit my head really hard on the rocky ground. It really rang my bell!

My TSG helmet, pads and DH Pants certainly worked!

TSG saved my life Huge crash at Winterberg

Matt took a pretty gnarly hit but keeps smiling

 TSG saved my life Huge crash at Winterberg

Find here what full-face protection we offer or check out all our TSG Bike Helmets

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Eurobike 2019

Meet & Greet the TSG Bike Team

Signing Session at public day



Eurobike brings together our top riders and we are happy to announce that you can meet & greet them at our booth at Public Day. Or win a set of signed posters.

read more below

I. Meet & Greet at Eurobike 2019

Six of our mountain bike team riders will be visiting Eurobike trade show in Friedrichshafen, Germany from September 4th-7th. The first 3 days are reserved for business only, but on the 4th day the Eurobike opens its doors for the public and you get the unique opportunity to sneak peak all the great new stuff that hits the stores next season.

TSG Bike Team Meet & Greet Signing Session at Eurobike 2019

The last signing session took place in 2016. It’s worth coming early to get one of the prestigious signing cards. From Left to right: Pavel Alekhin, Timo Pritzel, Amir Kabbani, Matt Jones, Sam Pilgrim and Max Fredriksson

II. Signing Session at public day

Meet & Greet UK mountain bike youtube stars Sam Pilgrim and Matt Jones, Redbull Rookie of the year 2018 Lucas Huppert, German high-flyer Erik Fedko, the legendary Timo Pritzel and one of the best German freeriders Lukas Schäfer. 


Saturday, 7.10.2019

TSG Booth: A4 -100 

12:00 pm

TSG Bike Team Meet & Greet Signing Session at Eurobike 2019

This years line up.

They bring new signing cards for you. And will for sure throw some TSG gear into the crowd as they did in the previous signing sessions.

TSG Bike Team Meet & Greet Signing Session at Eurobike 2019

Huge crowd! Matt Jones is throwing some TSG caps and t-shirts into the public!

III. Win if you can’t make it to Eurobike

Can’t make it too Eurobike? We give away 5 packs of hand signed A5 posters from our riders.
Email us your address and tell us who is your favorite rider of the TSG bike team.

send email to:

Put into email header: I want to win. 

Closing date for entries: 13.09.2019

Competition Terms: The competition is open to all European residents. All entries submitted correctly by 13 September 2019 will be entered into the draw. The winners will be selected by TSG employees behind closed doors. Prizes will be delivered to European addresses only. No cash alternative. Participants will be contacted using the contact details provided. If TSG does not receive a response within ten calendar days (based on the date of receipt by TSG), the winner shall forfeit their prize and TSG shall be entitled to draw a new winner. By entering the competition, participants agree to the data they provide being stored for the duration of the competition and used for the purposes of conducting the prize draw. Substantive Swiss law applies exclusively. No correspondence will be entered into regarding the competition. The judges’ decision is final. By entering the competition, participants agree to the conditions of participation.

Read now what our team riders’ favorite products are

TSG Summer 2019 Collection

Must-Have Skate Products

Our pro skaters reveal their favourites




It’s the TSG Skate team’s turn to tell you which TSG products are their favourites, so drop into a world of products with the rippers who push them the hardest. Read on to find out their essential must-have items for street, vert and the park. 

I. Poppy Starr Olsen: Nipper Maxi Helmet

“My must have is the Nipper Maxi helmet. I know that it is sized to fit kids as young as 6, but it feels so comfy and with the Tuned Fit System it fits my head so perfectly. It’s light and protective and I feel safe skating in it!”

I love it

TSG must-have skate product Nipper Maxi Helmet Poppy Starr skateboarding

Poppy sails out of the lip in the TSG Nipper Maxi Helmet

“I have so many competitions around the world and it doesn’t weigh much in my luggage. Normally I can take a couple of different colours to each comp. I love it”.

The Nipper Maxi Helmet’s ultra-light in-mold construction makes it a real featherweight, weighing only 250 g, just like the Ivy helmet which also features the same build.  

See all our super light Nipper Maxi and Ivy Helmets:

II. Jono Schwan: Meta Helmet & Force V Kneepads 

“My must-have product is definitely the Meta helmet! The design fits my head perfectly, it’s so light it doesn’t move about when I skate, and most importantly, it’s certified so I can completely trust it and just focus on learning new tricks”.

Skateboarder Jono Schwan  TSG must-have skate product The Meta helmet

edit caption for Jono Schwan

Check out this episode of “What I Ride” where Jono explains what he likes about the Meta helmet.

The Meta helmet comes in 4 combined sizes to fit a broad range of head sizes from 48-62 cm.

“I also really love the Force V Kneepad. It is light, fits your knee really well, so I still have your full range of motion, you don’t have to worry about it sliding around, and it has really good foam in all the right places, so I know I can always trust it”.

Explore our complete Force knee pad line:

III. Pontus Bjorn’s all times must-have: Force III A Kneepads

“My must have products are the Force III A Kneepads”.

A good pair of kneepads is a must-have to save your feet, knees and back while skateboarding

Pontus Björn puts his pads to the test on vert.

TSG must-have product skateboard Pontus Björn TSG Force IV Kneepads

“To be able to do the thing you love for a long time in life you need to look after your body. A good pair of kneepads is a must-have to save your feet, knees and back while skateboarding. After skating vert and big transitions for almost 20 years I have tried all sort of kneepads and have felt the difference on how they absorb impacts. The best one I have tried so far is the Force III A, which fits perfectly and makes slams so much smoother!”

Shop the TSG Force III A Kneepads: CLICK HERE

Now you know which products our skateboard pros are rocking go check out our TSG skateboard gear.

Need more info? Want to know which pads to use for your skating?

Click to view our Range of Use Charts.

TSG Saved My Life

Young Rippers Need Full Face Protection Too!

Philip Metzler’s story





Philipp went over the bars and onto his face but luckily he was wearing his TSG helmet. Thanks for sharing your TSG saved my life story.

Photos by Philipp Metzler


Philip had received his TSG Squad helmet as a gift on Easter Sunday as his riding was improving daily and he had progressed on to bigger jumps. The fall that he experienced was exactly one week later.

All day he had been sessioning the cable car playground and hitting various jumps, getting more airtime on each attempt. For such a young rider Philip has a lot of natural “pop” and bike skills. His whips are already pretty dialled-in!

I rode over the ramp and then tilted over in front, although I had to go home.

As is often the case, Philip was having so much fun shredding the park that he overstayed his time to head home. He set up an additional ramp at the jump-off point to get even more air and rolled in again. Unfortunately, this time the “one more run” Crash Gremlins were waiting for him and he fell heavily going OTB (Over The Bars) and onto his face.

TSG saved my life main teaser full-face helmet after crash

Philip’s Squad Junior helmet after the crash.

TSG saved my life young boy kid on bike

Fortunately he didn’t suffer any head or facial injuries as his TSG Squad Full Face helmet took the brunt of the slam and dispersed the impact force. This resulted in nothing more than a fractured chin protector. It’s a much better scenario to have to replace a helmet rather than face a trip to the Hospital!

His parents believe that with a normal, open-face, bicycle helmet he would have surely injured himself, because the chin protector of the squad was cracked. They are very thankful that Philip chooses to wear a full face helmet and will continue to do so.

Philip loves riding his 16” bike everywhere and is very happy that, due to TSG, he can continue to do do.

Find here what we offer in kids full-face protection or check out all our kids helmets

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World Rookie Tour

World Rookie Tour Skateboarding

The Black Yeti goes skateboarding





Black Yeti announces the World Rookie Tour Skateboarding! Tour stops in Italy, France, South Tyrol, Switzerland and Portugal. We are on board!

Black Yeti announces new Skateboard Tour

Black Yeti reveals its first World Rookie Tour Skateboarding, which will kick off in Italy from the 18th to the 19th of June 2019. The Milano Rookie Fest is the first ever WRT skateboard event.

Now the time has come for skateboarding

The action will kick off in Milan at the 2019 Red Bull Skate Week. This is one of the best summer skate event in Italy with the world’s greatest skateboarders. The Black Yeti then travels to a selection of international events in France, South Tyrol and Switzerland and rounds it all up with tour finals in Lisboa, Portugal. 

World Rookie Tour Skateboarding

Marco Sampaoli is co-founder of World Rookie Tour and is looking forward to the new tour:

“World Rookie Tour is dedicated to providing the young action sport riders with the best possible opportunities to progress their competitive experience and their career. Through the last 14 years Black Yeti discovered the strongest snowboarders in the world. Among them X-Games medalists and many Olympic riders. And the best freeskiers during the recent first edition of the World Rookie Freeski Finals in Seiser Alm, Italy. Now the time has come for the World Rookie Tour Skateboard.” 

We love the World Rookie Tour because it offers young talents an excellent starting platform and drives the sport forward. Be it on the snowboard, on skies or a skateboard.

Read more about our collaboration here




TSG Summer 2019 Collection

Must-Have BMX Products

BMX Team Riders reveal their favourites




You’ve already heard from our MTB riders as to which TSG product is their favourite and now it’s the turn of our BMX team riders. They reveal the essential must-have item that they cannot do without when they’re off to ride the streets or park. Similar to the MTB riders choices it’s a varied list, so read on to discover what the Pro riders rely on.

I. Daniel Wedemeijer’s must-have product: Ankle Support

“My must have product is the TSG Ankle Support. For years I have been riding BMX with them and it surprises me every time how good they help during heavy impact”.

A must-have for every bike rider

TSG Must-Have BMX product Ankle Support  Daniel Wedemeijer

Daniel Wedemeijer never riders without the TSG Ankle Support.

BMX rider Daniel Wedemeijer TSG must have product

“Everyday I’m riding my BMX to the fullest and this wouldn’t be possible without the TSG Ankle Support. This is not only a must have for myself but should also be a must have for every bike rider!!!”

The Ankle Support comes with  wraparound velcro construction and a lace-up fit system. It stabilises your ankle to prevent against sprains and other ankle-related injuries. The hems are flexible and the 3D mesh padded tongue offers max wearing comfort.

Check out all TSG products with ankle protection:

II. Lara Lessmann and the Evolution Helmet 

“My all time must-have is the Evolution Special MakeUp Helmet, not only because it looks very special, it’s also comfortable and fits perfectly. Throughout the years it saved me several times, no matter where on the globe it follows me and my bike”.

TSG must have product bmx Lara Lessmann TSG Evolution Helmet clear white

Lara loves our Evolution helmet in clear white

Check out the TSG Evolution Special MakeUp helmet in clear white and goldie. To see all Evolution colors and graphics click here

III. Jose Cedano’s must-have bmx product: Knee-Sleeve Joint

“My must-have product is the TSG Knee-Sleeve Joint. They are incredibly light weight and it feels like you’re using nothing plus they are super strong”.

I knew these were going to be my must have for ever!

“I had my first big fall with them in the last FISE stop in Japan where I went straight to my knees and absolutely nothing happened! After that I knew these were going to be my must-have for ever”.

TSG must have product bmx Jose Cedano TSG Knee-Sleeve Joint

Jose never rides without the Knee-Sleeves Joint

TSG must have product bmx Jose Cedano TSG Knee-Sleeve Joint

“I would never ride without them because I barely know they are there and if you’re using bigger pants you can’t even tell you’re wearing them, that’s for all the people that doesn’t like using big pads but still being 100% protected”.

Shop the TSG Joint protectors:

Want to know which pads to use for your riding?

Click to view our Range of Use Charts.

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Rocket Air 2019

Photo Gallery





The Swatch Rocket Air brings top mountain bikers from all over the World to a little swiss town called Thun. This year this iconic event celebrated it’s 10th anniversary. As usual it didn’t disappoint and went off with lots of style and craziness. 

photos: Dominik Bosshard

I. 10 Years of Rocket Air

What a party! The 10th edition of the Swatch Rocket Air was definitely a blast. The birthday themed course featuring a swing set, remote control car, cake and giant confetti bomb offered the audience an amazing colorful backdrop for the rider’s full gas runs.

Must-go event for TSG riders

This Swiss event organised by The Flying Metal Crew is a must-go event for some of our team riders. Previous winners include TSG’s Sam Pilgrim and Matt Jones.

Swatch Rocket Air 2018 . Sam Pilgrim. Mountainbike Dirt

Matt Jones and Sam Pilgrim at the 2018 Rocket Air. Matt captured by Simon Nieborak and Sam by André Maurer

Swatch Rocket Air 2018 . Winner Matt Jones. Mountainbike Dirt

II. TSG Riders at Rocket Air 2019

This year we saw TSG team riders Erik Fedko, Sam Pilgrim, Lucas Huppert, Lukas Schäfer, Chris Räber as well as Lukas Weilenmann and Jan Hegemann from the Swiss Biroma Bike Team in attendance. Click to watch the Biroma Team Highlight edit from this year’s Rocket Air.

The vibe in the hall is unique

Swiss local Lucas Huppert loves the event: “The Swatch Rocket Air is by far my favourite contest of the season! The 10th birthday edition definitely proved this again. The vibe in the hall is unique.  It feels like the hall is vibrating when the spectators applaud. I placed 8th this year and I can actually be satisfied with the result as the level was really high. I can’t wait to be back in the Ice rink next year!”

Biroma team boss and photographer Dominik Bosshard was on location and here is his photo selection from Rocket Air 2019.

III. Training

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Lukas Weilemann photo by Dominik Bosshard

Lukas Weilemann of the Swiss Biroma Team warming up with a backflip.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Sam Pilgrim photo by Dominik Bosshard

Sam Pilgrim captured in training styles a 360 over the hip jump.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Chris Visscher photo by Dominik Bosshard

Biroma Team member Chris Visscher lets everyone know he is ok after a crash during training.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Chris Räber photo by Dominik Bosshard

The Flying Swiss Chris Räber with a backflip over the Bonerlog.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Erik Fedko photo by Dominik Bosshard

Erik Fedko impresses with a 540 quader to bank

IV. Rocket Air Team Battle

The Team Battle on friday night is sick

“The Rocket Air is always a super fun event and quite unique. The course is very diverse and has everything from bigger jumps to playful skatepark obstacles. I love the Team Battle on friday night. It makes the whole thing special and heats up the atmosphere. I’m already looking forward to next year!”, states Lukas Schäfer.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Lukas Schäfer photo by Dominik Bosshard

Friday night is Team Battle time! Lukas Schäfer with a huge 360.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Erik Fedko

Erik Fedko getting ready to wow the crowds with tech trickery.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Erik Fedko

and tries to join the boys on the swing.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Chris Räber photo by Dominik Bosshard

Chris Räber getting hot in the Team Battle with a 360 over the hip jump.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Chris Visscher photo by Dominik Bosshard

Another 360 from Chris Visscher over the tabletop.

V. Qualification

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Lukas Schäfer photo by Dominik Bosshard

Qualification run on Saturday before the big final. Lukas Schäfer Backflip Tailwhip.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Jan Hagemann photo by Dominik Bosshard

Jan Hagemann captured during pre-qualification with a sweet 720.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Jan Hagemann photo by Dominik Bosshard

Jan focussed and planning his run in his head.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Jan Hagemann photo by Dominik Bosshard

360 on the step down by Jan Hagemann.

VI. Time for the Finals

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Sam Pilgrim photo by Dominik Bosshard

Sam Pilgrim, game face on and ready for the finals.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Sam Pilgrim photo by Dominik Bosshard

Sam gets a lot of amplitude with this flair.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Sam Pilgrim photo by Dominik Bosshard

The crowd always loves Sam Pilgrim.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Sam Pilgrim photo by Dominik Bosshard

And he loves the fans! Backflipping over the hip jump for the crowd!

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Lucas Huppert photo by Dominik Bosshard

Swiss local Lucas Huppert thrills the public with a super-tech cork 720 barspin.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Lucas Huppert photo by Dominik Bosshard

Then goes for one more.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Lucas Huppert photo by Dominik Bosshard

How high? Lucas Huppert reaching the roof of the ice rink in Thun.

Swatch Rocket Air 2019 Lucas Huppert photo by Dominik Bosshard

Crowd pleaser Lucas Huppert high fives the fans!


Erik Fedko goes big with a no-handed 360.


Erik Fedko contemplates.

"SwatchThen pulls a massive three whip from his bag of tricks.

This was the Swatch Rocket Air 2019. Watch the video recap


Wonder what products our riders use to protect themselves and look good at events like the Swatch Rocket Air? Here is a selection:

Team news

What Mountain Biking Really Is About

Timo Pritzel presents: Not your typical bike video





Timo Pritzel has launched a very personal video, reflecting about where he stands now, what mountain biking means to him and how his life has changed over the years. Going from being this cool kid on a BMX to become a yoga-balanced father on a mountain bike… and still doing flips.

Text inspired by and from Timo Pritzel. Photos by Viktor Strasse

I. Don’t waste your time, go mountain biking

Timo wanted to do what feels right to him and wanted to show what he loves the most at the moment. When he was a cool BMXer he thought cross country MTB was a bit boring, but now at 42 he admits that he loves cross country riding through his local forest, especially with his daughter.

That’s the biggest ride of life

What mountain biking really is about. Timo Pritzel's daugther enjoys the nature

Timo enjoys riding through the woods of Berlin with his daughter. The smiles say it all.

What mountain biking really is about. Timo Pritzel and daugther enjoy the nature

It’s a much needed recharge of his batteries to go into nature, feeling the energy of the trees, without any annoying car noises and to share this with his daughter. “That’s the biggest ride of life, to see your own child growing up and being a mirror of yourself so often”, states Timo.

And actually this is what most people often do when they have a bit of time: they grab their bike and have a ride in the nearby nature. 

What mountain biking really is about. Timo Pritzel enjoys the nature

The beauty of nature

II. Timo’s most personal mountain bike video

“This is quite a personal video, it does not get more personal than showing your own child and, as a man, to show your feminine (yin) soft side. Oops I said that.”

What Mountainbiking really is about. Timo Pritzel's daugther enjoys the nature

Sharing these moments with your daughter is so precious

Showing himself is something that Timo learned on his journey as a yoga teacher and through lots of other self development workshops. It’s important to him to be authentic: “I started with yoga because of my body screaming and not getting help from Western medicine. All I received were wrong diagnosis and pain killers that messed up my gut flora which is hugely important. In Chinese medicine they say that your body centre is your second brain!”

What mountain biking really is about. Timo Pritzel and daugther enjoy the nature

Just the two of us

What mountain biking really is about. Timo Pritzel enjoys the nature

III. What comes after a pro career?

Don’t get me wrong, I love cycling and will continue my bike dream

After Timo lived his life and dream as a pro mountain biker for so long, more questions came into his mind. What’s coming after his career? What are his new goals and dreams? Just higher and bigger didn’t feel right anymore. These are questions that most pro athletes start asking themselves after reaching their peak in their professional career. 

What mountain biking really is about. Timo Pritzel enjoys the nature

Timo still loves doing tricks be it on his own in the local forest or at huge public events like Audi Nines

“Don’t get me wrong, I love cycling and will continue my bike dream!  It’s just that I need more now and want to keep progressing as a human being.”

Timo found a second passion with yoga and is super happy that he can now combine both – mountain biking and yoga. Watch his La Palma Bike & Yoga Camp video.

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Timo and his daughter enjoy riding with these TSG products through Berlin’s woods.