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On The Bounce with Max Fredriksson

TSG’s new recruit on the Apparel team



Swedish FMB ripper Max Fredriksson has just signed up to ride TSG bike apparel and to celebrate we fired over a few questions to check up on his and see how he’s liking the idea of a brand new signature line of clothing.


Find out where, when and how hard Max Fredriksson has been shredding and read about his new team kit!

Lets get the bad out of the way first: How is the arm coming along?

The arm is at 110% again and I’m super stoked to finally be fully healthy!

After another bail on the last hit of Crankworx NZ did you go back and nail it to exorcise the beast?

Yeah, I’ve had a lot of ups and downs on that last jump over the years but I’m stoked to get back and conquer it.

We just watched your 2019 edit and see why you describe it as the “best year” of your life: What was your favourite destination and why?

My favourite trip in 2019 was probably the Hawaii trip, together with my fellow TSG Teammate Sam Pilgrim! It was overall the most fun trip I’ve ever been on!

Watch below Max’ Best Hawaii Experience


As far as contests go, Nines looks so rad: What do you love about it?

The event is always super crazy, the jumps are huge and all the boys together are pushing the limits. It’s just straight up good times!


Audi Nines Max Fredriksson

Max Fredriksson playing with the insane setup at Audi Nines 2018. Photos: Klaus Polzer/Audi Nines

Audi Nines 2018 Max Fredriksson

We are really stoked on your YouTube channel and all the trick tips and stuff – You must get some good feedback off riders who are learning from your stuff?

Yeah, the YouTube channel is something fairly new for me and it’s extremely fun to get so much great feedback from it! It’s a great platform to share my knowledge and experiences!

Who was the most influential rider for you when you were coming up?

Martin Söderström, for sure. He is a fellow Sweed and my main mentor. He has taught me so much over the years!

Also on the subject of videos can you tell us a little more about your “partner in Crime” Theo? And what trick do you always know you got him beat on?

Theo is a great kid. I started riding a lot with him 2 years ago. We rode a lot before but never as such close friends! We love to do fun carnage together and come up with new exciting things to try all the time! Man, it has to be the tail whips that I’ve always got him beat on (laughs)! But he’s getting a lot better at them now!

Wearing protection is part of your everyday life: How stoked are you to be on the TSG crew? And what is your favourite bit of kit that you never ride without?

I’m incredibly stoked on riding for TSG

I’m incredibly stoked on riding for TSG on both protection and clothing! It is such a great company with amazing technology behind the products but they are also such a friendly and personal brand, which I am loving being a part of!


TSG Kraken Helmet

Max rides with the TSG Kraken helmet. He likes that the interior foam is slightly flexible and thus perfectly adjust to his head shape.

Max Fredriksson

Also you have an amazing signature line coming out with TSG now you are signed up for apparel as well as protection: You must be really stoked?

“I’m super happy on working together with TSG apparel on my own signature line for 2021! We’re working together with the super talented designer and ex-rider, Jonas Janssen, and I we’ve got a good chemistry! The line will end up being super sick!”


TSG apparel designer Jonas Janssen

“The Outfit is inspired by Max’s personality and his country of origin,” explains Jonas.

TSG apparel designer Jonas Janssen

drafts for TSG apparel by Jonas Janssen

“It reflects his riding style, which is technical, cool and clean and is not loud or intrusive”. “The colours harmonize well,” Jonas signs off…

Finally, what have you got planned for 2020? And what trick do you want to bank?

I have some sick plans in the pipeline and some oil video projects along with three new tricks I’ve been working on for the contest season! The tricks will be shown when the right time comes, haha!

Max rides save with these products of the new TSG line:

Check out Max’ rider profile. Or read more stories of the TSG World.


team rider interview

Digging Grit With Anthony Jeanjean

Find out his admirable approach to life and more



TSG gets down to the nitty gritty with World and European BMX Freestyle Champ and Olympic hopeful Anthony Jeanjean.



Find out his admirable approach to life, contests, injury, the Olympics and his responsibilities to the next generation of riders on the up… 

I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life

From what I have read competing at FISE Montpellier in 2019 was like a ‘completing the circle’ moment for you: Is this how it felt?

It was a very intense moment for me because I discovered BMX freestyle at FISE de Montpellier 10 years ago and my first competition was at FISE de Montpellier; so finding myself in the BMX Park Pro final 10 years later was incredible for me.

Can you remember how you felt watching BMX from the stands as a 10-year-old? And did you make the conscious choice then to be a pro BMX rider?

When I was 10-years-old and watching BMX pro riders I was very impressed and I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life. For me it was a goal and also a clear choice.

Anthonybmx Jeanjean by Bart de Jong

Anthony in front of Bart de Jong’s camera (FATBMX)

BMX rider Anthony Jeanjean by Bart de Jong 

Seems like Skatepark Sérignan is quite the incubator of talent: What is it about the place or crew there that helped the likes of you and Laury Perez?

The BMX Park of Sérignan is indeed a land of champions. In the club we have 7 riders in the French team, and all the young people of the club win competitions in their respective categories. So yes Sérignan is a land filled with young talent and it helps a lot on a daily basis in progression and training!

Judging from the promises of cash and expansion it seems like the success of you guys and the park has woken up the regional government to the fact that skate and BMX is a positive thing that should be encouraged: Who would have guessed it?

Yes indeed the city of Sérignan, the department, the region, as well as the French cycling federation support us and accompany us in our projects of enlargement and development of the club. It is very important to support the professional athletes of the club but also allow young people to progress in safety on structures that are suitable for competitions so that they get to the highest level.

anthony jeanjean portrait anthony jeanjean FISE


it is a very good thing that our sport is finally recognized

You must be stoked to have been selected to represent France at the Japan Olympics? And do you have any reservations about including such a freethinking ‘sport’ as BMX in The Games? 

It is a great pride for me to have succeeded in qualifying France for the first Olympic Games in BMX Freestyle Park, and a great pride for me to represent my country in this competition. I think that for our discipline it is a good thing because our sport is still little known to the general public and I think that with events like the Olympic games which reach the public of the whole world the sport will evolve and more young people will start BMX. Also more clubs will be created, as well as Skate and BMX parks and so develop BMX and its industry. So yes I think that it is a very good thing that our sport is finally recognized and represented in a legendary competition such as the Olympics.

And on the subject of the Olympics, what do make of your chances going up against Logan Martin?

Logan Martin is an extremely talented athlete and a sportsman whom I greatly respect for his level in BMX, his enormous daily work to get there and for all the titles he has won. But in a competition he remains a competitor like all the others and I work hard daily to be able to compete with athletes like Logan Martin.

anthony jeanjean

If you bag a medal at the games you trophy cabinet is going to be pretty full: Out of all of your successes, including French Champs, and being the first ever European Champ, is there one contest that stands out in your head above all the others and why?

All the competitions are very important for me. I approach them all with the same desire to give the best of myself. That’s what I did to become champion of France and champion of Europe. I am very proud though to be the very first European Champion in the history of BMX freestyle.

Somewhere I read that your favourite BMX edits were of Drew Bezanson, which is understandable: Who else has been an influence on your riding, tricks and style on your pedalling journey? And are there any other riders whose edits you watch on repeat?

Yes, for sure, Drew Bezanson has been an influence on me since I started BMX; I’ve always admired his commitment and risk-taking. I’ve also always admired Kyle Baldock for his incredible tricks! Truth is I just like BMX, and I get inspired by all riders and their unique styles.

What was it like to come back from you monster crash in 2018? Some professional athletes even go as far as getting psychological get rid of the ghosts an accident like that; was it something that you considered?

After my accident in 2018 it was very hard psychologically to return to the highest level with a permanent fear of injury. With time, determination and support from my loved ones I managed to leave this bad period behind me and now look forward to the objectives that I have for national and international competitions.

Anthony Jeanjean at Fise Wolrd Montpellier 2019

You take the responsibility of being a professional rider in every sense pretty seriously, from you riding to your online presence: is that a fair statement?

Of course, I try to show a good image of our sport and to be as flawless as possible. I think it is important to have a healthy image for young riders.

On the subject of slams you must be pretty stoked to signing up to the TSG global team and having their protection to keep you safe?

It is an honour for me to represent this legendary brand. I think TSG represents excellence in terms of protection and I am stoked to be able to encourage other riders to put on protection.

Is there a bit of protection that you never ride without?

I never ride without my protection, which includes helmet, gloves, knee pad, shin protectors and ankle protectors. I just never ride without my protection.

In closing do you have any shout outs you would like to make?

I strongly recommend that young riders protect themselves well to avoid injuries and keep their body healthy so they can ride BMX Freestyle for as long as possible!


Check out Anthony’s rider profile.


new team rider

Anthony Jeanjean joins TSG

The Freestyle BMX prodigy



TSG are proud to announce their latest addition to their bike team, 21-year-old French freestyle BMX prodigy Anthony Jeanjean.

PHOTOS by The Agency / FISE 

Jeanjean’s love affair

Jeanjean’s love affair with BMX began at FISE Montpellier, aged 10.

From that day on his line through life’s rhythm section was set – he was going to be a pro BMXer: “I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life,” says Jeanjean. “For me it was a goal and also a clear choice.”

I knew that was what I wanted to do with my life

Jeanjean now joins TSG’s star-studded pro team: “We are so pleased to welcome Anthony Jeanjean into the Ride TSG family,” says CEO Ruedi Herger. “Not only is he an outstandingly skilful rider and competitor but he is also an incredible role model for BMX riders, present and future.”

Anthony’s BMX career is in full swing

Jeanjean burgeoning stash of trophies includes the first ever European freestyle BMX Championship crown; French BMX freestyle gold; and in 2019, after coming back from serious injury, his career came full circle with a win at the FISE Montpellier. “It was a very intense moment for me,” says Jeanjean. “Because I discovered BMX freestyle at FISE de Montpellier 10 years ago and my first competition was at FISE de Montpellier.”

Anthony Jeanjean at Fise

All set for the Olympics

This year, he will lead the French BMX team, including fellow riders from his home stomping ground of BMX Park Sérignan, to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, to battle with the world’s best riders for a gold medal. “It is a great pride for me to have succeeded in qualifying France for the first Olympic Games in BMX Freestyle Park,” say Jeanjean. “And a great pride for me to represent my country in this competition.”

TSG are honoured to sponsor Jeanjean and keep him safe on his two-wheeled journey with their first class protective kit. “If anyone has the grit, skill and determination to win a medal at the Olympics it is Jeanjean,” says Ruedi Herger. “We wish him the best of luck.”

Anthony rides safe with this TSG gear:

Want to know more? Check out Anthony’s rider profile.


Team Rider Q & A

10 of the best with Mark Diekmann

MTB freestyler and Ridegang founding member



TSG are stoked to welcome all-round bike trickster Marc Diekmann to the team, and to celebrate hit him up with a bag of 10 golden questions.


If you don’t know Marc Diekmann yet check out Ridegang edits or… read on to find out what trick he wants to dial in 2020!

Already as a kids I wanted to ride MotoX one day

How did you start out on two wheels and when did you make the transition from hobby peddler to pro? 

I always rode my street bike through the woods when I was a little kid and wanted to ride motocross one day. Some years later I bought my first BMX and then transitioned to mountain bikes soon after and kept going ever since. My transition to becoming a pro rider went hand in hand with my increasing social media output, which allowed me to focus on the sport completely.

Who were the riders you most admired when you were earning your pedals? 

I’ve always been inspired by FMX riders in general! 

How’s California treating you? How come you were there? 

I don’t live in Cali any more; I just lived there for a couple months in 2017 and 18. I’ve been back quite often though. It’s one of my favourite places as it’s always sunny and you get some of the best food J

You’ve got quite the quiver of bikes: If someone said you had to stick to one type of bike and one terrain, which would you pick and why? 

I can’t even imagine that but if it really came down to it I’d probably choose my freeride bike; it’s the most versatile in my eyes. And, I absolutely love freeriding terrain!

Marc Diekmann TSG MTB team rider

Can you tell us a little bit about Ridegang?

The RideGang started out with some friends, just randomly saying the tag “#GangGang“, inspired by Hip-Hop tracks. And when the YouTube community started to grow it seemed like there was almost a demand for a tag which people and riders could identify with! RideGang was the perfect fit! 

Last year was a standout year for you: Hit us up with a list of the places you visited and tell us which was your favourite spot to ride? 

I started out in Barcelona, for winter training. Then to New Zealand for Crankworx and Queenstown and directly after that, I went to California for Sea Otter. Then, unfortunately, I had to take a couple months off, as I separated my shoulder and had to get surgery. It was right in the middle of the Season – bad timing. Got back on the bike for the Evo Freeride Jam, in southern France, and then went to China for a unique downhill race and from China to Utah for more freeride action. I finished the year off with some indoor & urban riding at home and a trip to Malaga to shoot some more videos! New Zealand was a first for me and excited me the most for sure!

Marc Diekmann TSG MTB team rider

How is the shoulder coming along now? 

The diagnosis went from bad to worse at the beginning but I am on a good way and feel really confident on my bike again already. I’ve spent lots of time in the gym and I’m enjoying it as I know what I’m working for!

On the subject of injuries and avoiding them how stocked are you to get on the TSG protection team?

For those injuries that can be prevented by protection gear I’ve been relying on TSG products for many years now and therefore even more stoked to join the Team!

What TSG kit do you ride? And have you got a standout piece of kit that you never ride without? 

I use the Kraken Helmet as well as the Fullface Helmet, depending on the bike I’m riding. I also ride the Crash Pants, Task Knee Pads, BMX Shinpads & also ankle guards when it comes to the jump bike. 

The helmet is a must of course but I also always ride with kneepads as I try to avoid getting scarred by my own pedals.

What have you got planned for 2020 and have you got a trick that you’re working on? 

I want to get some big video projects done besides my regular YouTube videos and have as much fun on my bike as possible. I’m currently working on Cash-Rolls but there are some more tricks in the back of my head. Also I’m aiming to get my name more into the big mountain freeride scene!

Marc Diekmann

Check out Marc Diekmann’s youtube channel or watch his 2019 season edit below.

Learn more about Marc by visiting his team rider profile and read the news about Mark signing with TSG.

team rider news

Max Fredriksson

on TSG Apparel

Max adds TSG Bike Apparel to his list of rad riding gear




We are stoked to announce that Swedish FMB wonder Max Fredriksson will be burning about on his bikes wearing TSG Apparel.

Totally on TSG

“Max has been on the TSG bike team riding helmets and protection for some time,” says the CEO of TSG, Ruedi Herger. “But, we are super stoked to get him into our technical bike apparel now as well and design him his very own signature line of clothing for S21. There isn’t a more deserving trailblazer out there than Max!”

I’m incredibly stoked to be riding for TSG protection and now clothing

Max grew up with a bike between his legs and has been jumping them for over 13 years to get to his level of trickery. Since his 2011 debut on the international slopestyle scene he has collected a king’s ransom of peachy contest results and a top three World Ranking. Alas, an arm breaking bail at the 2018 Crankworx NZ put the brakes on his skyward trajectory, but in his own words 2019 was his “best year ever”.

Max Fredriksson TSG Apparel

One of Max’ favorites, the Riding Hoodie Corp. Super comfy for riding and relaxing.

Max Fredriksson TSG Apparel

Max is getting his own apparel line

Max Fredriksson’s S21 kit is being design by TSG’s very own bike apparel guru, Jonas Janssen: “The Outfit is inspired by Max’s personality and his country of origin,” explains Jonas. “It reflects his riding style, which is technical, cool and clean and is not loud or intrusive”. “The colours harmonize well,” Jonas signs off…

“I’m incredibly stoked to be riding for TSG protection and now clothing,” says Max. “It is such a great company with amazing technology behind the products. They are also such a friendly and personal brand and I am loving being a part of it!” 

Max rides save with these products of the new TSG line:

What to expect for 2020

2020 is also looking like a humdinger for Max, who apparently has three crispy new tricks to drop on the contest circuit – “to be shown when the time is right” says Max – and his brand new deal with TSG Apparel.

Be sure to drop by for all the latest news and information about Max’s S21 signature line of apparel. And remember to follow his YouTube channel so you too can learn to shred like a pro. You might even get to see Max’s wingman Theo dial tail whips and win a game of BIKE…

Max Fredriksson

Max in Barcelona during the winter season

Check out Max’ rider profile. Or read more stories of the TSG World


new team rider

Marc Diekmann joins TSG

MTB freestyler and Ridegang founding member



TSG and the 24-year-old German freestyler mountainbiker Marc Diekmann make their mutual admiration official as Marc joins the TSG global bike team!

All-round amazing Marc

“Marc is one of those all-round amazing riders and good guys you just want in your crew,” says TSG’s CEO Ruedi Herger. “He loves to ride and goes hard whatever the terrain!” No matter the bike frame and from stair sets to freeride trails Marc is certainly a force to be reckoned with!

Marc grew up burning around the woods of his local hood Melle, in Germany, on a road bike but quickly racked up airtime and an enviable trick list when he moved on to a BMX and then a mountain bike.

I`ve been using TSG products ever since I started riding

Him and his crew, the Ridegang, have since earned themselves an emperors share of fans on youtube, with their constant flow of credible bike porn and trickery pulling in the clicks, which Marc backs up with some serious hunger on the contest circuit.

Marc Diekmann TSG MTB team rider

Staying safe with TSG

He put himself on the benches last season after separating his shoulder but with a some serious gym time and determination he is back in the saddle and riding harder than ever – TSG will be keeping him safe in all the latest TSG protective gear.

“I`ve been using TSG products ever since I started riding” says Marc. “And I am super glad to now be on this Team!”

Marc is repping the Kraken and Advance Fullface Helmet, depending on what and where he’s riding. He also sports the Crash Pants, Task Knee Pads and BMX Shinpads and even slips on ankle guards when he’s on the jump bike. 

Marc Diekmann TSG MTB team rider

Big plans for 2020

Marc has got big plans for 2020, including a bunch of trips, loads of cool video edits on Ridegang and getting bank-rolls by the bundle stuffed in his bag of tricks. And, word on the street, or at least the single track, is that he wants to go huge in the “big mountain freeride scene”. Judging from his already handsome skill set he is bound to succeed.

TSG are stoked to have him on the team. Stay tuned for all the latest news on Marc and much much more on

Check out Marc’s rider profile.

Marc Diekmann TSG MTB team rider

Learn more about Marc’s gear

Team Rider Q & A

Jason Watts

The Goofy-footed Wonder from Down Under



Meet the latest addition to the TSG’s biker team, the 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup overall winner, Jason Watts.


Born in Brisbane, Western Australia, Jason was always going to be a shredder of some persuasion. It was an off-the-cuff roll-by of his local dirt jumps that changed him from four wheels to two.

Read on and find out more about TSG’s newest BMX team ripper…

When, why and how did you get into riding in Brisbane?

I got into riding because when I was around 13 years old I was skateboarding with my two cousins and we thought we would see what the local dirt jumps where like. When we got down there, there were some really good riders and it was awesome to watch, so we started riding instead of skating that week. It just took off from there (haha)…

What riders did you have on rewind on your clips while you were learning and earning your pedals?

A few of the riders that I watched all the time were Corey Bohan, Mike Aitken, Mark Webb, and many. But they were definitely the 3 I watched the most growing up.

Jason Watts bmx australia pool

How did you get onto the pro circuit and sponsorship?

I got into the pro circuit and sponsors mostly though Colin Mackay, I’d say. He randomly hit me up one day, before I knew him personally, and gave me an invite to the very first Van Doren Invitational Bowl Contest at Huntington Beach. Everything sort of kicked off from there. He got me on Vans and Haro, which I’ll be forever thankful for!

What’s the biggest ball-ache about being goofy-footed?

Haha, the biggest ball-ache would be running pegs. At the start, every time I’d loop out a manual, my foot would hit the peg instead of the ground and I’d hit the ground harder because the peg is on your back foot.

Winning the 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup last year must have been near the top of your stoke list in your career?

Winning the Vans BMX Pro Cup definitely is the Stoke of my career (haha)!
I was blown away to win two stops in one year. Then to top it off win it overall. I was absolutely pumped!

Are you still rocking the Walsh frame for 2020?

I’ll definitely be rocking the Walsh frame in 2020. I love the way it feels and looks. I don’t think I’ll be changing it for a long time.

What TSG kit are you going to ride this year?

I’ll be riding the TSG Dawn Flex because it feels unreal and comfy to ride in. And possibly the Ankle Guards when my ankles are busted and need to heal.

And what bit of protection would you not ride without?

The piece of kit I never ride without is my helmet. But if you’re out to learn new tricks or dropping something big or new I advise you to pad up. Getting hurt sucks!

TSG Dawn Flex Helmet Jason Watts

Jason’s new Dawn Flex helmet

What are your plans for 2020?

Plans for 2020 are definitely hitting all the stops of the Vans Pro Cup. Also, I’ll hopefully get invites back to XGames, as I missed it last year because of visa issues which are all sorted no.
I am also dropping a DVD part for Fast and Loose and working on a Cult video and much, much more…

Shout outs?

Shout outs to all the brands that support me and help me do what I can do on a bike.
TSG, Vans, Cult, Demolition, Backbone and Fast and Loose

Jason Watts bmx

If you want to know more about Jason watch his interview with Vital BMX. Discussing his unique riding style, living in a van, mastering nose manuals, surviving his crazy lifestyle, and much more!

Check out Jason’s Rider Profile or read the news about Jason signing with TSG.

new team rider

TSG signs Jason Watts

The BMX wonder from Down Under



TSG are pleased to announce the signing of Australian born BMX master and overall 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup winner, Jason Watts.

Welcome Jason

“We are over the moon to have Jason on our team,” says TSG’s CEO Ruedi Herger. “Few other BMX riders embody the lifestyle like Jason, and as one of the best transition riders in the world, he always shows an incredible amount of style alongside as his huge bag of tricks and creative lines!”

absolutely stoked

Jason Watts bmx

Stoked to be on the team.

As Ruedi says, no matter the arena Jason is always pushing the limits of what is possible on his Walsh frame. He is also widely praised in the BMX for flavouring his riding with a medley of heritage tricks, showing a knowledge, commitment and respect for BMX that few other riders have.

The BMX Wonder from Down Under

Jason’s democratic and dynamic style, and his propensity to go HUGE out of transitions, won him the overall crown at the 2019 Vans BMX Pro Cup, scoring what Jason describes as “the highpoint of his career so far”.

Jason Watts bmx australia pool

“I’m also absolutely stoked to be a part of the TSG team this year,” Jason effuses. “I can’t wait to work with the crew on new designs, photos and videos and of course have fun along the way”.

Jason will be strapping into the Dawn Flex helmet and the Ankle Support which will help keep him in one piece for the coming year of travelling and riding: “On his trips around the world he inspires all who watch him ripping bowls, parks and dirt,” signs off Ruedi. He is the perfect addition to the TSG Team!”

TSG Dawn Flex Helmet Jason Watts

Jason’s sticker job on his new Dawn Flex Helmet

If you want to catch up with Jason this year then watch out for his video parts with Fast and Loose and Cult video as well as news and views of his latest antics right here on

Check out Jason’s rider profile.

And follow him on instagram @wattzup

Learn more about Jason’s gear

Oscars 2020

Learning To Skateboard In A Warzone

Skateistan wins Best Documentary Oscar



Movie about Skateistan wins Oscar for Best Documentary.

And the Oscars go to…

Congratulation to Skateistan and Grain Media for winning this years Oscars for best documentary. 

We are super stoked that the movie about Skateistan won the 2020 Oscars for best documentary. Oliver Perkovich, the founder of Skateistan, has done an incredible job in Kabul. We are very grateful that we can support the girls in all Skateistan projects since 2008 with helmets and protectors.

When girls and women are empowered, they can achieve great things

Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone (If You’re a Girl), is a short documentary which follows the progress of a group of girls at Skateistan in Kabul. Filmed over the course of a year, Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone follows the girls as they progress both in the classroom and the skatepark. The navigate not only the challenges of their education but of the increasingly unstable world outside the walls of Skateistan. 

learning to skate in a war zone skateistan girls on skateboard

The girls can’t wait to go skateboarding.

The film focuses on how Skateistan acts as a heaven from the outside world for its students. Within the walls of Skateistan, the girls are free to express themselves, learn without fear and to allow their personalities to shine. 

Learning to Skateboard In A Warzone

Oliver states about the movie: “ We see so many negative stories about Afghanistan and Learning to Skateboard in a Warzone is a story of real hope which can help to challenge perceptions. Here at Skateistan, we’re firm believers that when girls and women are empowered, they can achieve great things. That’s what is demonstrated so well in this film – the story of a group of girls who are defying expectations in Afghanistan, being told by an all-female film crew and getting the recognition it deserves.”

If you want to empower more girls like the ones in the film, please consider making a donation so they can continue their work. 

Read more about SKATEISTAN.

new TSG product



Get the full view with ease





The Goggle Three is the largest goggle in our collection, delivering super-wide vision and quick magnetic lens change

explore now

Goggle Three: Precise spherical performance

With our new Goggle Three you get everything in one package: a huge field of view, ultra-easy lens exchange and a bonus bad weather lens for changing light conditions.

See more

The Goggle Three is now the largest goggle in our collection, delivering super-wide vision from pipe to park and beyond. The oversized spherical two-layer lens mimics the curvature of the human eye for distortion-free peripheral and horizontal vision. See more what is above, below and next to you. 

Winter 2019 Goggle Three from TSG. Ski Goggle and blue sky

The spherical lens offers great peripheral vision.

The anti-fog inner lens uses a water absorbing micro-etched surface to absorb moisture and spread it over a wide area to minimise fogging. 

The outer lens comes with an anti-scratch hard coating that acts as a protective layer, making the lens more durable and safer. 


Powered with magnets

Powered by magnets, the Goggle Three allows you to swap your lens quickly when the light conditions change. Eight self-aligning rare earth magnets embedded in the lens and frame provide riders with a seamless and secure lens-to-frame seal with unsurpassed retention. 

Changing the magnetic lens of a ski goggle

Easily adapt to changing light conditions thanks to our magnetic quick lens change tech.

Changing the magnetic lens of a ski goggle

Swap your lens quickly

Goggle Three comes with two lenses. The pre-installed green chrome lens ist perfect for sunny and good view conditions. The brown base colour together with the green chrome mirror block a high amount of blue light to heighten the contrast while preserving color balance.

The yellow bonus lens is your choice for cloudy, low-light and heavy-snow conditions. It filters the blue light for a sharper focus and generally brightens the visibility. 

With our hassle-free magnetic lens-changing system you can quickly swop lenses and keep up with changing light conditions. 


Goggle Three fits

The goggle’s triple-layer, fleece-backed foam is both comfortable and wicks away sweat. The Goggle Three is compatible with all adult-sized helmet models, so you don’t have to compromise on safety while scoring surround vision. See all features of Goggle Three below.

TSG Goggle Three Features

Fits best with these helmets

Shop Goggle Three

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