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At this year’s Eurobike we invited visitors to join our photo challenge and create their personal TSG logo in our #wearetsg photo booth. 

It was pretty easy and fun. Eurobike visitors took a photo in our photo booth creating their own personal TSG logo.

Everybody who posted the photo public on instagram had the chance to win one head-to-toe TSG outfit. The post with the most likes won.

And the winner is…


With 652 likes the winner photo is from Sascha from roottrip.tv

Winner Eurobike Photo Challenge wearetsg

#wearetsg winner photo that received the most likes

Sascha wins the following TSG products and some more from the next year’s line

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travel report

Trip to

the Big White


Team rider Lucas Huppert in Canada




TSG Teamrider Lucas Huppert was invited to the Big White Invitational in Canda. The contest near Kelowna, Canada took place for the first time and is the only slopestyle contest in North America. Read here what he experienced together with photographer Dominik Bosshard.

text and photos by Dominik Bosshard

I. The Big White Invitational

Of course, you don’t refuse an invitation like that: TSG Teamrider Lucas Huppert aka Huppi was invited to the Big White Invitational in Canada. The contest near Kelowna took place for the first time and is currently the only slopestyle contest in North America. Organized by frontflip record holder Tom Vansteenbergen in a skiing area with the promising name “Big White”.

The riders risked everything on the huge jumps to win a wildcard

Huppi packed his bags and set off on the very long journey together with Biroma team boss and photographer Dominik Bosshard: 10 hours flight and 6 hours drive! After about 27 hours on their feet, they finally arrived in Big White at night.

On the road they captured this beautiful view

II. The Big White Contest Day

The next day we went straight to the contest area. It was super windy and the jumps were huge. That made the training difficult and therefore the qualification on Friday was also cancelled. On Saturday there was a big final with 30 athletes. The contest was overshadowed by many and sometimes severe falls. The riders risked everything on the huge jumps to win a wildcard for the legendary Red Bull Joyride in Whistler. The wildcard was given to the Italian Torquato Testa.

The Big White Canada The Big White CanadaLucas first enjoys the view from the top and then sends a Flip Whip

III. Success for Lucas

For Lucas, the event was a complete success. He finished the contest with a sensational 7th place. Lucas started the contest in 17th place and made an amazing run: 360 on the Flat Drop, 360 Tobo at the Boonerlog. A Flip Whip, followed by a Cork 720 at the biggest jump. Into the Wahl Tail a Decade Down Side, out a 360 Bar and at the end a Doubel Whip.

With this awesome and smooth run Huppi was in 2nd place for a long time. Unfortunately, he had some bad luck on the 2nd run and had to break up. With his sensational 7th place Lucas has worked his way up to position 28th in the world rankings. And hey, he’s only 18!!!

Lucas with a Flip Bar

Nicholi Rogatkin won ahead of Torquato Testa and the Canadian Anthony Messer. Click here for result list.
After a short after party we went to bed early, we still had a lot to do in the two remaining days before our return flight. So we got up early the next morning, packed our stuff into the car and drove to Kamloops to the Bike Ranch.

The Big White Invitational

Packing, driving, unpacking and assembling the bikes after our arrival in Kamloops

The Big White Invitational

IV. Fun at the Bike Ranch

The Bike Ranch is by far the coolest place we have ever ridden. Dirt Jumps, BMX track, Fast Series Jumps, Big Bike Jumps, Hips Trails… You’ll find everything a biker’s heart desires!

Bike Ranch, Kamloops

Bike Ranch, Kamloops

Lucas is ready for a short dirt park session and Dominik enjoys a Table Top


After a short dirt jump session with Rampage legend Graham Agassiz, who happened to be there, we shredded and shot all day long. Nothing more to report, so just enjoy the pics.


Bike Ranch, Kamloops

Lucas steezing down the Shark Fin

Bike Ranch, Kamloops

and one more time. Steez!

Bike Ranch, Kamloops

Dominik is whipping

Bike Ranch, Kamloops

Lucas Huppert captured from out of the woods

Bike Ranch, Kamloops

Lucas Huppert with a big table top

Bike Ranch, Kamloops

If you like what you see click here to find out more about the Bike Ranch.


V. Whistler

After this lit session we packed our bikes and drove exhausted, but happy to Whistler. If you have ever been to Whistler, you probably know the feeling when you just can’t get enough of riding and, although you have no more power left, you just keep riding until you almost fall off your bike. We enjoyed the bike park so much that we didn’t want to waste a second taking pictures or filming. So there are no photos. 😉

After a relaxing bath in the whirlpool of the hotel and a fine dinner with friends, we had to leave back home to Switzerland the next morning.


See here what TSG products Lucas and Dominik packed for Canada:

event story


Les Gets 


Podium for Erik Fedko





After Innsbruck the Crankworx tour stop in Les Gets was next. French crowds came out in their thousands to enjoy the racing, with an array of big name mountain bike personalities competing across multiple disciplines. Photographer and Biroma team manager Dominik Bosshard was on location for us to captured the performances of the TSG team riders.

text & photos by Dominik Bosshard


For the third time, the best mountain bikers from all over the world gathered in Les Gets to compete in a total of seven mountain bike disciplines.

A challenge to be present at every event at the right time

A challenge for the athletes and also for me as a photographer to be present at every event at the right time. Seven races and contests in 5 days!

I. Dual Slalom Les Gets

On Wednesday evening the action kicked off with the 100% Dual Slalom race. TSG riders Dominik Widmer (SUI) and Benedikt Last (GER) took part. The organizers struggled with organizational problems and when they started to rebuild the course during the race, it was tough following exactly what was going on. After discussions with the athletes about the new course, everyone had one more run before the finals were postponed to Friday evening.

Crankworx Les Gets Dual Slalom TSG's Benedikt Last. Photo by Dominik Bosshard

Dominik Widmer and Benedikt Last racing the Crankworx Les Gets Dual Slalom

Crankworx Les Gets Dual Slalom TSG's Dominik Widmer.

Unfortunately, Dominik Widmer of the TSG Biroma Team did not qualify for the finals. It was certainly also because he had not chosen the right bike for this course. Everyone was riding enduro bikes or fullis, while Dominik desperately tried to build up speed on the rough track with his dirt bike.

Fourcrosser Benedikt Last had less trouble on his hardtail and qualified 25th for the final. On Friday evening he had to race against Sam Dale and unfortunately couldn’t take the win.


II. European Whip Off Championships

The audience loves whip-offs. In Les Gets the official European Whip-Off Championships took place. TSG team riders Amir Kabbani and Dominik Widmer participated. Pictures tell more than words here, so enjoy the photos.

Amir Kabbani at the Crankworx Les Gets Whip-Off Session.

Whip it off Amir

Amir Kabbani at the Crankworx Les Gets Whip-Off Session.

Amir Kabbani at the Crankworx Les Gets Whip-Off Session

Whip Whip Hurra

Dominik Widmer at the Crankworx Les Gets Whip-Off Session.

Dominik Widmer


III. Pump Track Challenge

Almost simultaneously to the Whip Off the Pumptrack Race took place with Benedict Last who finished the race among the top 8.

Benedikt Last at the Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Pumptrack race

Bene fully focused

IV. Crankworx Les Gets Downhill

On Saturday the downhill was on the schedule. The high speed track of Les Gets is very popular, which is why very famous Worldcup riders also started. Right in the middle was Dominik Widmer. He had some trouble judging how fast the track could be ridden without falling.

Dominik Wifmer at the Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Downhill.

Dominik wonders how much speed he should give…

Dominik Wifmer at the Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Downhill.

In the end, he complained that he was too much on the brakes. He finished the race on 99th place. With a time of 3:25:03 only 25.88 seconds slower than the Australian Troy Brosnan who took the win.


V. Crankworx Les Gets Slopestyle

The highlight of the Crankworx series is of course the slopestyle contest. Due to the strong wind the contest was brought forward to Sunday 12:00 o’clock. That meant getting up early for everyone! On the starting list were again TSGs Erik Fedko and Matt Jones.

I’m just so stoked

Erik Fedko Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Slopestyle. Photos by Dominik Bosshard

Due to the crash in Innsbruck, Erik had to struggle the whole week with his hand, which might be partially fractured. But you wouldn’t even have noticed it when you didn’t know. He was one of the riders who got along best with the course right from the start.

Erik Fedko Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Slopestyle

Erik Fedko shows an awesome 1st run

Erik Fedko Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Slopestyle

He delivered a sensational 1st run and was leading for a long time until Nicolin Rogatkin and Brett Rheeder surpassed him.

Erik Fedko Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Slopestyle

Erik in front of a amazing crowd

Matt Jones also showed a solid run and finished with a very good 7th place.

Matt Jones Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Slopestyle

Matt Jones shows heaps of steaze

Matt Jones Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Slopestyle

“I am proud that I finally finished two solid runs on two Crankworx events. In the last few years I have been followed by a lot of bad luck at the Crankworx Stops, so I am happy to go home with these two amazing results. People can’t imagine how difficult it is to have a run like this from top to bottom at such an event with so many jumps,” states Matt Jones.

Matt Jones Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Slopestyle

above the public

Fedko started his season with an 11th place finish in Rotorua, pushing up to fifth in Innsbruck, and now took his first Crankworx podium.

Podium of Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Slopestyle

1. Nicolin Rogatkin, 2. Brett Rheeder, 3. Erik Fedko

“I’m feeling so good right now. I’m so happy,” said Fedko, struggling to find the words through his excitement. “I’m just so stoked.”

Ahead of the contest, the 20-year-old had said he knew he had the tricks that could take him to the top, but whether he could string them together consistently in order to produce the run he wanted was another matter.

Erik Fedko Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Slopestyle Erik Fedko Crankworx Les Gets 2018 Slopestyle

Erik is almost speech-less after his great run

“I knew I could do it,” he said of his run that included a 360 superman seat grab indian arm, a trick that took him down last week in Austria. “So I just did it.”

Congrats Erik!

Click here for full result lists of all Crankworx Les Gets contests. 

And now watch Erik’s 3rd place run:

These TSG products were used at Crankworx Les Gets

30 years 




video greeting from the team





Joining the birthday bash, our team riders send us greeting to 30 years of TSG. Thank you! We wouldn’t be where we are today without you. This gallery will grow every day we release a new happy birthday TSG video. If you want to send some greetings to us as well, do so by uploading your video with Hashtag #Happy30TSG and #ridetsg to instagram. Your video will be part of the gallery below.

Thank you

event story




Whips, Flips, Speed and Style





Crankworx are the Olympics of mountain biking. With its four stops in New Zealand, Austria, France and Canada, it is by far the largest event series in freestyle mountain biking. Last weekend the Crankworx Stop took place in Innsbruck, Austria. At the start also some TSG Team Riders, who gave their best at the different contests and races.

text & photos by Dominik Bosshard

I. RockShox Innsbruck Pump Track Challenge

“Pump for victory” is the name of the game at the Pump Track Challenge. Competitors must complete the circular track without pedalling – all they are allowed to do to build up speed is pump their bike up and down over the rollers and obstacles. The first one to the finish wins.

Benedikt Last, our German 4X Champion, was the most successful TSG rider here and reached the quarter-finals.

Benedikt Last pumping at the Crankworx Innsbruck Pump Track Challenge


II. Mons Royale Dual Speed & Style Innsbruck

The Dual Speed & Style is a head-to-head competition carried out in a dual eliminator format. Two riders race against each other and try to make it to the finish as quickly as possible while performing the most stylish run on the dual course featuring step-ups, tables and drop-offs.

 Crankworx Innsbruck 2018 Speed  and Style

At this race the next day several TSG Team Riders were competing: Amir Kabbani, Lukas Schäfer, Lucas Huppert and Antoni Villoni gave full speed.

Amir and Lukas before the race

Crankworx Innsbruck 2018 Dual Speed and Style

Amir Kabbani with a beautiful flip one foot x-up

Amir showed nice runs with stylish Flip one Foot X- ups and 360 one foot can can. Unfortunately, he could not beat his counterpart and was knocked out in the 1/16 finals.

Lukas and Lucas came furthest and had to compete against each other in the next race. 

Crankworx Innsbruck 2018

Lucas Huppert qualified as 14th. However, with nice flip whips and a lot of speed he did not manage to beat his TSG team mate Lukas Schäfer

Lukas Schäfer triumphed in the battle and made it to the next round. In the eighth final, he unfortunately lost to Greg Watts. 

Lukas Schäfer with a no hander


III. OAKLEY Official Alpine Whip-Off Championships presented by SPANK

Before the finals at Speed & Style in the evening, the legendary Whip Off took place. The Whip Off Contest is certainly one of the coolest events at Crankworx Innsbruck, not least because of the spectacular mountain scenery.

Crankworx Innsbruck 2018 Whip Off

Timo Pritzel and Amir Kabbani during training

Besides Amir, Lucas and Lukas Schäfer, Timo Pritzel also showed how classy he is in the air. With blue bird weather and summer temperatures, the fans were enthusiastic about the whipping.

Crankworx Innsbruck 2018

Lucas Huppert is gaining his first experiences on the big bike. Let’s hope next year the whips look the way he handles them on the dirt bike.

Crankworx Innsbruck 2018

Lukas Schäfer probably did not show the heaviest whips, but by far the most steez. That got him into the finals.


The two winners of the jam session format were last year winners Louis Reboul (FRA) and Casey Brown (CAN).


IV. Crankworx Innsbruck Slopestyle presented by Kenda

On Saturday the Crankworx main attraction took place with the slopestyle event. At the start we had TSG style machine Matt Jones from the UK and our new pro team rider Erik Fedko.


Crankworx Innsbruck 20018

Matt Jones with a huge 360 Tuck no hand

Crankworx Innsbruck 20018

Erik struggled with pain in his foot all week and also crashed very hard on his first run. So it was good to see him at the start again in the second run. He made some adjustments to his run and then showed a super stylish run from top to bottom, which catapulted him to 5th place. With this score he can be completely satisfied!

Crankworx Innsbruck 2018

Erik with a breathtaking 360 barspin to tail whip

Crankworx Innsbruck 2018

Where is the landing? Sure Erik knows while barspinnig at the flat drop

Matt Jones also showed a great run, but had problems with the second one. A hang up after the 720 took his speed for the next jump and he had to break up. He finished the contest in 6th place right behind Erik.

Crankworx Innsbruck 2018

super nice 360 tuck no hand from Matt Jones

Crankworx Innsbruck 2018

Matt with a 360 barspin

Top 3 results:
1. Nicolin Rogatkin
2. Brett Rheeder
3. Diego Caverzasi


V. iXS Innsbruck Downhill presented by Raiffeisen Club

On Sunday the downhill race took place. Packed with jumps, roots and technical sections, this event brings thrilling action in a race against the clock. Biroma team rider Dominik Widmer supported by TSG finished on the 66th place.

Crankworx Innsbruck 2018

Dominik Widmer waiting for the DH race to start

A weekend full of action! And it continues with the Crankworx in Let Gets, which is currently running. Good luck to our riders Erik Fedko and Matt Jones!

Watch the lifestream on Sunday June 24th here: https://www.redbull.tv/live/AP-1VS3UEPBD2111/crankworx


Check out some of the TSG products used at Crankworx


Marin Bikes production

Video shoot 

with Matt and


food poisoning, rain and mud…





Marin Bikes produced a nice edit for their new Bike collection with TSG team riders Matt Jones and Timo Pritzel. Matt was heavily involved from concept to design & testing of this bike. Both headed down to Surrey, UK, to see how the bike handled the S4P bike park and the local trails. Read here how Matt and Timo experienced the video shoot.

photos by Marin Bikes

We caught Matt and Timo to learn a few more details about the video shoot. For Matt, the first day of the shooting didn’t really start promising…. But read yourself what they have to report.


I. Matt Jones remembers well

Matt: This was my first time riding and working with Timo and it was so awesome.

I’ve looked up to Timo for years as a rider with legend status

I’ve looked up to Timo for years as a rider with legend status and somebody who pushed the limits of the sport before I was even doing it. So to ride with Timo as not only Marin team mates but also TSG team mates is a crazy experience.

The night before the first day of filming, I got the worst food poisoning so the shoot did not start well for me, I was being sick for hours whilst Timo rode hard in the rain and got some sick riding shots despite being cold and wet. In the evening I started to feel better and Timo gave me some natural food which helped a lot, and his advice was super important for me to get back to riding the next day.

Matt Jones loving his creation

So we only had one full day to ride and film together, in two locations but it was awesome. We started at the dirt jumps and got some sick shots riding together. We made sure to get some slo-mo classic Timo one-foot-tabletop shots which was so cool for me to watch.

Afterwards we rode enduro style tracks on the bikes and hit muddy corners and puddles.The video is sick and it was such a great opportunity for me to ride with such a legend.


II. Timo’s Review of the filming in the UK

Timo: I was really looking forward to riding with Matt Jones, my team mate for TSG and Marin Bikes. I was a bit surprised though that they wanted to film a dirt edit march. But we were really lucky! It was bit wet as it always is in the UK, but sunny in between! The bike scene on the island is one oft he best all over Europe in my opinion. Riders just really get it on at their spots! Plus they are super friendly and passionate about what they’re doing!

I thought Matt is going to do some super stunts and leave me tagging along

At first I thought Matt is going to do some super stunts and leave me tagging along. But Matt showed up with food poisoning and was super sick! So, it turned out, the old dirt jump grandpa, could drop some food knowledge on this young youtube millionaire. That it might not be the best idea to only eat english pub foodJ. Don’t spend money just on strong engines for cars, also spend money on quality fuel for your own engine! Your body.

Timo Pritzel guiding his San Quentin through the singletrack of Peaslake, UK.

The new Marin San Quentin, is Matts signature project. An all around affordable bike, which turned out just great! I know Matt and the guys at Marin put a lot of work in this project and its super cool to see the final outcome. When filming an edit and spending a couple days together its super important to have guys around you that know what they are doing. Thankfully the film-crew and photographers were riders themselves, that was awsome! Thanks to Jacob Gibbins / aspectmedia.tv and rupertfowler.co.uk! And our team manager John Oldale for putting it all together!

I was really surprised on how good the trails were not far out of London. And I’ll take some of that motivation these brits have when it comes to riding in all wheater conditions, back home to Berlin.

end of a great and productive film day

Now it’s about time to watch the video!

Want to check out the TSG products Matt and Timo wear in the video?

Pro Team


Erik Fedko

New TSG Pro Team Rider





We are stoked to announce that the german dirt jump and slopestyle mountain biker Erik Fedko joins the TSG Pro Team

Erik Fedko did everything right. The German slopestyle mountain biker from the Ruhr area grows up next to a motocross race track and starts with motocross when he was 8. Two years later, his father built him his first mountain bike and Erik began to dream of becoming an extreme sports pro.

Living young and wild and free

At Rocket Air in Thun. Photo: André Maurer

True to his motto “Living young and wild and free”, Erik Fedko is constantly accelerating. In 2013, he entered his first FMB events and 3 years later Erik had his breakthrough, winning the FMB AM Cup Europe. He rose further through the ranks in 2017 when he collected several top-10 spots including a 2nd place at the FMB Dirt Jump Gold event O’Marisquino in Vigo (ESP).

Watch his run here:

Then he followed this with a sensational 5th place at the prestigious FMB Slopestyle, Diamond Level, Red Bull District Ride in Nuremberg (GER), in front of 90,000 spectators.

The dream comes true! 

Our distributor, 24/7 Distribution GmbH, becomes aware of the young German in 2017 and supports him with material.

Erik Fedko above the public at the TSG Cash for Tricks during Dirt Masters in Winterberg. Photo: stephanpetersdesign.de

We now officially welcome Erik to the TSG Pro Team. He meets team mates like the very first FMB World Tour winner Sam Pilgrim, and slopestyle colleagues Matt Jones and Max Fredriksson.

Erik sprays energy

Erik sprays energy! Together with his incredible talent and style, we can’t wait to see what more he has got in him.

Want to know more about Erik? Check out his Rider Profile here: https://www.ridetsg.com/rider/Erik_Fedko/

Erik rides with the following TSG products: