TSG Team Rider Interview

Shredding with Leilani Ettel

Dropping in to a new era of competition




TSG team rider Leilani Ettel has just graduated from high school and is about to drop in to a new life as a full-time pro snowboarder.


TSG team rider Leilani Ettel has just graduated from high school and is about to drop in to a new life as a full-time pro snowboarder. Find out about her board-riding roots in Munich; competitions and qualifying for the 2022 Olympics; and what her perfect day of riding would look like.

My whole family life circles around board sports

Leilani Ettel portrait

This photo of Leilani was taken in Zermatt when we shoot our 2020/21 collection.

We caught up with Leilani while she was competing in Colorado. She had just won 1st at the Futures Tour Comp and placed 10th in a World Cup comp. Not a bad start to her new era!

How long have you been snowboarding, surfing and skating?

I have been skateboarding since forever. I started surfing when I was 4, when I could swim properly. Snowboarding I started around 6, but still went skiing too. The first time I dropped into a pipe, aged 9, I started snowboarding for good.

Are your parents boardriders?

My whole family life circles around board sports. Both my mother and father skateboarded, surfed and snowboarded way back and still do. So when my little sister Kona and I came into the picture, they just kept doing what they loved and took us along.

Leilani Ettel and Family

The Ettel’s life is all around boards and travel.

Was Munich the perfect place to grow up loving Boardsports?

Probably yes, for living in Germany. Munich has some good skateparks, we’ve got standing waves, and the mountains are close by. The only better option might have been growing up in SoCal.

Leilani Ettel skateboarding bowl

Lani is also a rad skateboarder.

 When did you start competing as a snowboarder?

I kind of slipped into competition mode when I started riding at the Nebelhorn pipe. The week after was the first German Championships and friends told me to just enter the comp. It was one the most fun contests and I haven’t stopped since.

Leilani Ettel portrait snowboarder with helmet

Leilani at the JWM in Leysin 2019.

How have you been able to balance your schedule as a sponsored athlete with school? 

I know from the start I would only get days off school if my grades were good, so I basically just tried to soak everything in at school so I didn’t have to work too much in the afternoons or weekends. It got a little tough during my senior years, since I was also doing World Cups and was away quite a bit, but I still managed to finish very well.

Leilani Ettel at the WRT finals 2019

Flying high at the World Rookie Tour Finals 2019.

You are now finishing high school: What are your plans for further education and competing as a professional athlete?

I really haven’t yet made up my mind on what to study in the future. But since I want to focus on just snowboarding for a while it gives me a little time. I really enjoy riding without having to get back home in the afternoons and study for the rest of the day, so I am quite stoked on that!

What do you have to do to make the cut for 2022?

I guess be Top 20 by the end of season 2020/2021 and then probably some good World Cup placings to match German criteria. Not putting too much thought on that right now, as I just want to ride with a great crew, enjoy the moment, progress and make it happen.

Leilani Ettel Kitzsteinhorn halfpipe snowboard 2019

Preparing for the season at Kitzsteinhorn.

Out of all your results which one are you most stoked with and why? 

Placing 3rd in the Junior World Champs 2017 and 2019 and also placing 2nd at the World Rookie Finals 2019 are the obvious ones. But I actually got the most stoke out of placing 7th in the World Cup at Secret Garden, China, last December. I almost made it into finals.

Leilani Ettel Leysin Junior World Masters 2019 Halfpipe

Third at the JWM in Leysin last season.

Leilani Ettel Leysin Junior World Masters 2019 Halfpipe

In an ideal world where would you live and what would be your perfect day? 

It’s got to be in SoCal. Maybe surf Trestles in the morning, go to Banzai Bowls for breakfast afterwards, then head over to VANS Huntington to skate the Combi and then back for an evening glass off. A road trip to Mammoth would also be cool with a stop over at the Woodward ramp.

Is there any competitive spirit between you and your sister Kona when it comes to riding? 

Not really, since we are usually in separate age groups. It was awesome though when last year at German champs she beat everybody but me and we got to share the podium.

Leilani Ettel and Kona Ettel in Saas Fee photoshooting for TSG

Leilani with her sister during our season photo shooting in Saas Fee.

What TSG kit would you not be without when you go snowboarding? 

Obviously the helmet is the most important; the Lotus fits me perfectly. For back protection I wear the Women’s Backbone Vest; I love that it doesn’t slip around and is safe but still comfortable to wear. For knees and elbows I prefer the Arctic Knee 2nd Skin; it has just the right amount of cushion and doesn’t slip at all.

Leilani Ettel snowboarder with TSG Lotus Helmet and Goggle Amp

Leilani is ripping with the TSG Lotus Helmet paired with Goggle Amp and protecting her knees with the Arctic Knee 2nd Skins

Leilani Ettel uses the TSG Arctic Knee 2nd Skin A knee protector

What advice would you give to a snowboarder who wants to progress their riding this coming season with the hope of becoming pro?

You can only try out new and therefore riskier tricks if you feel as safe and protected as possible; there will always be bails involved. It really gives me the creeps if I see someone in the pipe without a helmet; couldn’t give it my all without mine. And, I rather not feel every bone hurting after a regular day in the pipe.

See you on the mountain!

Leilani Ettel in Snowpark Laax pipe

The pipe in Laax is Leilani’s second home.

Leilani Ettel portrait

See here Leilani’s choice of gear to stay safe



New Snowboard Team Rider

Welcome Markus Keller

Markus joins the TSG Family






We are stoked to announce that swiss snowboarder Markus Keller joins the TSG family as a new Global Team rider.

photos by Markus Rohrbacher – December 10th, 2019 

At the 2015 Burton European Open Markus Keller (a.k.a. Mä) took on the 6.9m halfpipe on an 183cm swallowtail and had a blast!

I. Markus’ favorite playground

He loves pipe

This little anecdote says a lot about Markus, one of the latest additions to the TSG team roster: He loves pipe and especially the Laax pipe. He understands pipe so much he can shred it on a board designed for powder. And, he loves snowboarding so much that the fun of sliding sideways far outweighs winning.

Having honed his riding skills at the Sportgymnasium, in Davos, where he was fondly referred to by staff as the “little rebel”, Mä chose to be liberal with the application of his PTex to snow, from the comp circuits of the FIS, ISF, TTR and Olympics to stellar parts on the silver and digital screens.

Markus Keller Portrait Snowboard Goggle

Markus Keller

II. Protected with TSG

But pipe remains one of Markus’ favourite playgrounds. His approach is that of an artist, applying style, control, passion and fun in equal measures to the super-tubes polished transitions. It you need proof of just how bloody good he is look no further than his part in “Tweakers”, a nuanced narrative of pipe riding which he made with fellow shred-dog Jan Scherrer.

More recently, Markus has immortalised his talent on film in “Contraddiction” – Elias Elhardt’s must-see examination of the state of snowboarding – as well as parts in “Vans Landline”, “Vans First Layer Switzerland”, “Laax: Tabula Lignea Salo” and “Learning by Doing: Spring in Laax”. Be sure to check ‘em out!

I am stoked to work with like-minded perfectionists

TSG is so stoked to have Markus shredding their gear and the feeling seems to be mutual: “I am stoked to work with like-minded perfectionists who support and protect what we like to do most,” Markus signs off.

Happy shredding!

Read more about Markus and his team mate Gig Rüf in our latest story:

Why Markus Keller and Gigi Rüf signed up to the TSG team


Markus’s Gear

Explore what products Markus is riding with.

Black Friday

Giving Friday instead of Black Friday

TSG raised  € 400 for skateiastan and skate-aid





Thanks to you we raised € 400 for children on our Giving Friday instead of Black Friday weekend campaign.

Giving Friday vs Black Friday

When we started thinking about this year’s Black Friday campaign, this whole bargain shopping day event didn’t feel right. Not that we don’t like to offer you a discount, but we don’t like this excessive consumption frenzy, especially now that we need to think about how to deal with our environment.

Together we raised 400 €

So we dropped Black Friday and decided for Giving Friday. Instead of offering a 10% discount, we donate 10% of the sales on ridetsg.com from Nov 29- Dec 1 for our charity partner projects Skateistan and skate-aid (50/50).

Thanks to you, TSG managed to raise € 400 for children who don’t have the same chances in life as we do.


The Giving doesn’t stop

Would you like to support Skateistan or skate-aid? Have a look at their current campaigns

Afghan kids with skateboards Skateistan

safe to skate Skateistan giving friday kids skateboard

Skateistans current campaign Safe to Skate




Find out more about Skateistan and skate-aid 


Skateboarding for a brighter tomorrow

It was our team rider Renton Millar who introduced us to this fantastic project. Skateistan was founded by his Aussie compatriot Oliver Percovich, in 2007, and provides skateboard schools as well as skate parks in Afghanistan, Cambodia and South Africa. The initiative aims to empower children and youth through skateboarding and education.


The pedagogic power of Skateboards

Skate-Aid supports kids in areas of conflict and deprivation by bringing skateboarding to their communities. In times of adversity, skateboarding provides unity, equality and a stable social environment. It enables kids to grow their self-confidence and self-worth and, most importantly, to enjoy good times.



Charging with TSG

Why Markus Keller and Gigi Rüf signed up to the team

Be prepared. Stay Sharp. Wear Protection 



Find out why two of Europe’s leading lights of snowboarding, Markus Keller and Gigi Rüf, chose TSG to keep them safe on the mountain. 

by Danny Burrow –  photos by Maksim Balakhovskii, Markus Rohrbacher, Dani Ammann and Solos Production

TSG is a leader in protective riding gear and for this reason and because of TSG’s illustrious heritage in boardsports Markus Keller and Gigi Rüf asked to join the TSG roster of pro riders and rock their kit. 


Taking The Fight to the Foe

Both Gigi and Markus have been rough riding on the vanguard of European snowboarding for nearly two decades and know a thing or two about style, going H.U.G.E and getting gnarly. 

they’ve got strategies to minimise risk

Gigi Ruef Snowboarder Freeride

Gigi surfing down fresh pow in Kamchatka, Russia. Photo: Maksim Balakhovskii

They are also all too familiar with the worst and best of snowboarding, from the glory of contest podiums and the big screen to the body-busting bails that shredding big mountains serves up. But they’ve got strategies to minimise risk.


Strategies to minimize risk

The first is to be prepared or in Gigi’s words, “don’t ride blind, read textures in the snow, avoid “no fall” zones above exposure and visualize your actions and all possible scenarios”. 

The second, according to Markus is to stay physically and mental sharp: “Can be biking, hiking, skating, surfing or tennis,” says Markus. “Plus being in the game for a while helps you to judge things”. 

Gigi Ruef Portrait

Gig and Markus both state that wearing protective gear is important.

 Markus Keller Portrait

And thirdly, which is why they both chose to hook up with TSG, wear kit that softens the blows: “In today’s commotion and pace on the slopes wearing protective kit is important,” says Gigi, who as well as his first aid kit, avalanche transceiver and backpack packs TSG crash pants, back protector and a helmet.

Gigi Ruef Portrait Snowboarder Helmet

Gigi wears the TSG Vertice helmet. Photo: Dani Ammann

Markus also sports a TSG helmet and TSG Goggles: “Jumps are getting bigger, tricks harder and the rails combinations gnarlier” he says, listing the reasons why he thinks protection is a must. 

Markus Keller Portrait Snowboard Goggle

Markus already tests the new TSG Goggle Four launching in season 2020. Photo: Markus Rohrbacher


Winter is on the Way

So, with their armour on and Europe’s contours softening with blankets of fresh snow, Gigi and Markus are setting out their lot for the coming season. Gigi has qualified for the Freeride World Tour, for the third year running and is “into the second year of filming for the Movie “Driven” which is going to be released Fall 2020”. You can catch up with Markus in a host of smaller projects on a screen near you and he will be releasing a bunch of edits with his sponsors over the winter months. 

prepare, stay fit and wear protection

TSG are stoked to keep Gigi and Markus safe in all their exploits and wishes you all a safe and shred-filled season of joy! 

STAY SAFE and in the words of Gigi and Markus “prepare, stay fit and wear protection!”

Gigi Ruef Snowboarder Freeride

Gigi Ruef showing his powder face


See here Markus’ and Gigi’s choice of gear to stay safe


or check out MARKUS KELLER and GIGI RUEF’S rider profiles

Still going big

Flying high with Gian Simmen

The Snow Family Work Balance



Gian Simmen is a legend in the field of sliding sideways and even though he may not ride professionally any more snowboarding remains the backbone of his being, from work and play to time spent with family. TSG are stoked to ride alongside Gian.


I. Take off

Gian was 19 when he turned pro and by 21 had the world’s first Olympic pipe medal around his neck and a display case brimming with championship trophies.

He continued shredding at the highest level into the early 0s, winning the ISF champs in 2001 and 2002, and retired in Davos, the resort where he began riding, 17 years after turning pro.

Gian in his home resort Grindelwald

But this was far from the end of snowboard for Gian. He applied his knowledge and experience to commentating for SRF TV, coaching at Swiss Olympic and mentoring children to a better future with the Laureus Foundation. He is now the Head of Snowpark in his home resort of Grindelwald, where he plans events, market etc, and in his own words “personally checks the quality of the park” – riding was never going to be far from the office. Check out his 18/19 edit to see how the management rips.

II. Flying High

As the Head of Snowpark Gian is conscious that as well as pushing the boundaries of riding parks need to be safe: “I think in general pushing the borders does not mean to build super crazy features, it means that everything is built good and safe, with take offs matching landings. And, for sure our parks need to fit all levels of riding”.

The Fly Helmet has a supreme fit and is feather-light, so you don’t even feel that you are wearing a helmet while riding.

Personal protection also plays a part in this equation of safety and personally he kits himself out with the TSG Fly Helmet, the lightest winter helmets on the hill, our super-wide vision Google 3s and Backbone Tank 2.0, made from lightweight and shock-absorbent ACF foam. We asked him if there was one piece of kit that he wouldn’t go without: “The Fly Helmet” he replied. “It has a supreme fit and is feather-light, so you don’t even feel that you are wearing a helmet while riding”.

TSG Fly helmet with Goggle Three – perfect combo


Gian Simmen Portrait

He also now has 4 boys under his wing, all of whom followed him onto the mountain at a young age, as well as getting into soccer, mountainbiking, breakdancing and hiking: “It is interesting to take my kids to the park because with them I see the set up in a different way” he says. “They choose different lines between the obstacles and of course it takes a lot of control from me that they’re not going to wild trying stuff that is out of their league”. It is funny how wearing the parent hat can give you a new perspective on the inherent dangers of shredding – not that he applies it to himself.

Gian Simmen snowboarding with his kids

Nothing can top a pipe run with your kids

snowboarding kid

Family time on snow


snowboarding kid

III. Landing

So what can we expect from Gian Simmen for the coming season? “I would like to hit some backcountry kickers again and hit some cliffs,” muses Gian. “For sure I will be out shredding with my family and with a filmer and photographer.” Watch out for the 19/20 edit, ‘cause Gian I still flying high!

Gian Simmen

Gian flies high! Absolutely!

Check out Gian’s Gear

And this is what his kids use to ride safely

Stay tuned with Gian Simmen, follow him on facebook



winter 19/20

New winter arrivals

Greater vision and more comfort




With the start of autumn we present you our product novelties for this snow sport season. This winter we provide greater vision with the new Goggle Three and more comfort with the Backbone Tank A 2.0.

Explore the new products.

I. Get the full view this winter with Goggle Three

The Goggle Three is the largest goggle in our collection, delivering super-wide vision from pipe to park and beyond. The oversized spherical two-layer lens gives distortion-free peripheral and horizontal vision, while an inner anti-fog treated CA lens ensures all-day clarity.

Hassle-free magnetic lens-changing

Winter 2019 Goggle Three from TSG. Ski Goggle and blue sky

Perfect view with Goggle Three

Our hassle-free magnetic lens-changing system allows for quick lenses swops so you can keep up with changing light conditions. An included spare low-light lens ensures adds contrast when the weather closes in. A total of eight magnets keep the lens bombproof in the frame. The goggle’s triple-layer, fleece-backed foam is both comfortable and wicks away sweat.

Changing the magnetic  lens of a ski goggle

Goggle Three features a Magnetic Interchange Lens System. Push the lens out from inside, insert a new lens, done. Quick and easy.

Changing the magnetic  lens of a ski goggle

The Goggle Three is compatible with all our adult-sized helmet models, so you don’t have to compromise on safety while scoring surround vision.

TSG Gravity ski helmet and snowboard helmet paired with Goggle Three. Non-gap fit

Absolute No-gap fit with our adult sized helmets. Goggle Three is here paired with the Gravity helmet.

TSG Gravity ski helmet and snowboard helmet paired with Goggle Three.  Non-gap fit

The Goggle Three will be available from winter 2019 in blackout with a green chrome and yellow lens.

Shop Goggle Three


II. The Backbone Tank A 2.0 combines protection with smart solution for the hydration bladder

The low-profile Backbone Tank A 2.0 delivers comprehensive and safe back coverage with the added bonus of a hydration bag compartment, plus tube routing and velcro fastening straps for secure storage.

back protector with compartment for water bladder

The water bag can be easily attached above the protective foam and the tube can be fixed through different loops according to preference.

Water bladder tube fixation in a back protector

III. CE certified protective foam

The back protector is made from TSG’s ACF foam which is both lightweight and highly shock-absorbent to protect against the worst of slams. The foam returns to its original form undamaged slam after slam. Two pads in the upper back extend the protective area of the vest without restricting mobility. The Backbone Tank A 2.0 meets the requirements of CE standard 1621-2.

TSG Backbone Tank A 2.0 rear view

Front and rear view of the Backbone Tank A 2.0.

TSG Backbone Tank A 2.0 front view

IV. Guaranteed wearing comfort

The ergonomic, conformable fit delivers premium security and comfort however hard you ride. 3D Mesh adds breathability for all-day ridablity and customizable, low-profile, padded shoulder straps guarantee that the Backbone Tank A 2.0 fits firmly and comfortably, even when worn under a rucksack.

TSG snowboard team sitting together with new winter 2019 gear

Iouri Podladtchikov wears the Backbone Tank A 2.0 during the team photo session.

There is also a velcro-sealed storage pocket in the waist belt and an additional open pouch on the back to store lift pass and other bits and bobs needed for sessioning the hill.

TSG Back protector Backbone Tank A 2.0 with storage solutionsTSG Back protector Backbone Tank A 2.0 with storage solutions

V. Extensive collection for all winter sports

TSG has a total of 12 helmet models in the 2019/2020 winter collection – including two women’s and three children’s models – allowing skiers and snowboarders to find the perfect head protection. As well as fit we have a wide range of colours to choose from, with muted colour blocks complemented by strikingly colourful detailing (straps, logos).

Gravity solid color line up winter 2019

Gravity Solid Color line-up

Eye-catchers include an orange-black colour block and the „stickerbomb“ overall print, consisting of different TSG logos. Small playful illustrations make unicoloured helmets more exciting.

Gravity graphic designs winter 2019

Gravity Graphic Design models for winter 2019. From left to right: cabin beige, sticker bomb, ripped stripes.

Explore all new Helmets, Goggles and protectors. 

Team Shoot

Winter 2019 photo session

How to be creative in Saas Fee





The winter 2019 catalogue shoot went down in Saas Fee at the beginning of last season. Check out the footage from the session right here…

photos by PETER RAUCH

I. Where to go for a photo shoot

Each year we face the same dilemma: The winter 2019 catalogue needs to be shot and we need footage with our team riders wearing the latest gear. Sounds easy, but the reality is that getting good snow this early in the season is hard. So the question is, where should we shoot?

It didn’t stop snowing

The pin fell on Saas Fee, where we were guaranteed something to slide on on the glacier and some serious trick features in the park. The week before we arrived it was puking, which was all good. The bad thing was that it didn’t stop and with the snow came the wind. With D-Day fast approaching the road up to Saas Fee remained closed and some serious sacrifices to Ulr the god of snow had to be made. 

Finally, the roads opened which was a small relief but the glacier and park remained closed with the snow metres deep and seriously wind-effected.

II. It started to rain

The next morning, the snow turned to rain and our location shoot in town looked in doubt. But, as seasoned veterans, we’re used to dealing with the ups and downs of mountain weather and we just got on with the lifestyle shoot in the village. 

TSG photo shoot in Saas Fee Leilani Ettel Kona Ettel

The Ettel sisters and Iouri in front of Peter’s camera

TSG winter 2019 photo shoot Iouri Podladtchikov in Saas Fee village photo Peter Rauch

TSG winter 2019 photo shoot Leilani Ettel Kona Ettel Snowboarders walking in village

Some village lifestyle photos with Kona, Leilani, Sampo Vallotton, Michael Schärer and Iouri Podladtchikov.

TSG winter 2019 photo shoot  Snowboarders and Freeskier walking in village Sass Fee

III. Kicker session in light and dark

Finally, the clouds parted and out came the sun. Gian Simmen fired up the crew to dig a kicker at the gondola and we were guaranteed a fun booter session for the afternoon.

TSG photo shoot 2019 Walking to the set

While we prepped the sky cleared.

Gian Simmen, Michael Schärer and Kona Ettel shaping the kicker

Kicker building = team building

Freeskier Sampo Vallotton with TSG helmet

It may not be Stomping Grounds standard but it was a kicker session nonetheless!

Snowboarder David Hablützel Backside Air

Dave Habluetzel with a BS Air

Freeskier Sampo Vallotton with a inverted 540

Sampo Vallotton, Invert 540

Snowboarder Gian Simmen with a BS 180 Indy

Gian Simmen, BS 180 Indy

Snowboarder Iouri Podladtchikov with a  BS Rodeo

Iouri Podladtchikov, BS Rodeo

Snowboarder David Hablützel  with a BS Rodeo Nose Grab

Dave Habluetzel, BS Rodeo Nose Grab

Snowboarder David Hablützel and Iouri Podladtchikov walking

Dave and Iouri talk shop.

Snowboarder David Hablützel with Red bull painted TSG Fly snowboard Helmet

snowboarder changing magnetic lens of TSG Goggle Three

Michael Schärer testing the magnetic System of the new Goggle Three

Then we shot some brass-monkey moments in The Larix‘ Lobby.

snowboard girl Kona Ettel putting on TSG knee guards

Kona Ettel never rides without knee protection. Smart girl! The Knee-Sleeve Joint is super comfortable.

Gian Simmen modelling for TSG photo shoot winter 2019

Gian modeling for some new T-Shirts.

Gian Simmen modelling for TSG photo shoot winter 2019

Michael Schärer and David Hablützel having fun at the TSG photo shoot winter 2019

Michael and Dave fool around at the bar.

Michael Schärer and David Hablützel having fun at the TSG photo shoot winter 2019

Gian and Dave were even up for a short night session before we went for dinner.

snowboarder David Hablützel with a BS Air night shooting in Saas Fee

Dave (BS Air)  and Gian (Indy Tailbone) in action.

Gian Simmen with a Indy Tailbone during TSG nicht shooting

snowboarder David Hablützel and Gian Simmen cheering on the kicker during TSG night shooting in Saas Fee

Cheering after a fun session.

IV. Last action before heading home

The next day we ticked off the portraits and some protection pics and the winter 2019 shoot was wrapped.

Portrait of Leilani Ettel

Beautiful smile of Leilani paired with a beautiful Lotus helmet and Amp Goggle.

David Hablützel in front of the camera at TSG photo shoot winter 2019

snowboarder with back protector

Putting our back protectors into the right light with Kona and Leilani.

Despite terrible conditions we managed to get the shoot done. But to be honest, it was only possible because the team pulled together and stayed motivated! Thanks guys and girls!

With the 2020/2021 shoot now just around the corner and the products stacking up in the office it’s time to find a new location: Any suggestions? 

Check out our new winter 2019 snow helmets and protection for skiing and snowboarding and get ready for a killer season on the snow.

And remember, pray for snow!

Or go back to read more stories & news from the world of TSG.


trade show recap

Eurobike 2019

good times in Friedrichshafen






Every year, beginning fall, Eurobike invites the bike scene to Friedrichshafen. See and read here our little recap on what was going on during the show.

I. TSG booth and new products at Eurobike 2019

The first three Eurobike days are pure business days. We present our 2020 product lines to retailers. So sneak-peak some styles and colours that will be in the shops from spring 2020. 

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth

Our booth in prime position at the main gangway right before the show started early morning.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth

And the view from the other side.

New colours of the Scope Enduro Helmet and the new mountain bike apparel line. We launch more rain gear, bring new jerseys and shorts/pants and cool new Sam Pilgrim SP Line and Amir Kabbani AK Line combos.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth Bike Helmets

Scope helmet colour range for 2020 and the new TSG apparel line.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth Kleiderstange

Cushioning for the feet

Head-to-toe is the magic word. In 2020 your feet will be protected as well. TSG insoles are coming and give stability, cushioning and impact absorption to your feet.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth Insoles

The eew TSG Insoles for happy feet and full body protection for serious mountain biking.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth

Don’t forget the kids. They rock more than ever before in biking. At TSG we have a full range of kid’s protection gear for beginners to trail shredders and rad dirt jump rookies.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth Kids Bike Protection

Our kid’s models show different knee and elbow pads from soft-shell to hardshell.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth Kids Bike Protection

At Eurobike you get the chance to see our full range of bike, bmx and skateboard helmets.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Booth Bike Helmets

Just some of the new helmet colours for 2020

II. TSG Team visit at the show

Eurobike is also a family gathering. It’s great to see and chat with our team riders.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Messestand Timo Pritzel Lukas Schäfer

Timo Pritzel, Lukas Schäfer and Erik Fedko hanging at the TSG Eurobike booth

Eurobike 2019 TSG Messestand Erik Fedko

A highlight of our booth was the scribble column. Everybody was invited to get creative or leave a love message.

Eurobike 2019 TSG booth Matt Jones signing

Mountain biker Matt Jones is leaving a message on our scribble wall

Eurobike 2019 TSG booth Matt Jones signing

Sam was here

Eurobike 2019 TSG booth Sam Pilgrim signing

Same does Sam Pilgrim with a little self portrait

Eurobike 2019 TSG booth Sam Pilgrim signing

III. Signing Session at Eurobike public day

When business and hard numbers are in the pocket (hahaha), Eurobike opens its doors for the public on Saturday. A bike-fanatic crowd conquers the halls. 

Seven of our team riders came for the TSG signing session that takes place every year. This year was so crowded that Sam Pilgrim, Matt Jones, Lukas Schäfer, Erik Fedko, Lucas Huppert, Timo Pritzel and Max Fredriksson signed posters and fan gear for an complete hour. They sure had have cramps in their fingers afterwards. 

Eurobike 2019 crowded TSG booth during signing session

The crowd was insane. They had been waiting for 15 minutes before the official start of the signing session.

The riders throw free products into the crowd and were really close to their fans.

Eurobike 2019 crowded TSG booth during signing session

Who gets’ the helmet signed by all riders? And Matt Jones talking to the kids.

Eurobike 2019 TSG booth Matt Jones and fans

The table was a mess after 30 minutes.

Hundreds of signing cards.

Eurobike 2019 TSG booth signing session autographs

Hundreds of signing cards and posters…

Eurobike 2019 crowded TSG booth signing session

Lukas Schäfer is cheering the crowd and they cheer back.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Messestand Team: Sam Pilgrim, Matt Jones, Lukas Schäfer, Lucas Huppert, Erik Fedko, Max Fredriksson, Maxime Vinchent

Team photo after the show. From left to right: Lucas Huppert, Lukas Schäfer, Maxime Vinchent, Sam Pilgrim, Matt Jones, Max Fredriksson, Erik Fedko

IV. Fun for the kids at TSG Nipper Race

Right after the signing session two of us run outside to build up the Nipper Race course and get the kids ready for the balance bike race. Eurobike prepares a space just for the kids visiting the show. We are partner and organise this little race for small bikers.

The kids start in two age groups:  Minis (2-3 years old) and Maxis (4-5 years old). it’s all about the fun.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Nipper Race balance bike race Laufradrennen

The kids are ready to start

Eurobike 2019 TSG Nipper Race balance bike race Laufradrennen

Congrats to the little winners.

Eurobike 2019 TSG Nipper Race balance bike race Laufradrennen

The fastest kids: Mini and Maxi podium

Eurobike 2019 TSG Nipper Race balance bike race Laufradrennen

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Thanks to all bike media that came visiting us at Eurobike 2019. Find here some links and videos with reviews from the show. More to be added.

MTB-NEWS.DE published a nice review and you can sneak-peak many news TSG products.

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The editors of Vital MTB wanted to know everything about our new Patrol A 2.0 Kneeguard design. Watch the video!

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Bang Bang

Michael Schärer Blows Up!

A banging clip from Swiss TSG rider Michael Schärer




Check out the latest clip “Bang Bang” from TSG team rider and Swiss Olympian Michael Schärer as he blows up the Grindelwald park.


I. The story behind “Bang Bang”

TSG team rider and Swiss Olympian Michael Schärer is no stranger to putting down bangers. But in his latest clip “Bang Bang” he takes this laboured axiom far too literally, adding shock and awe pyrotechnics to a display of pure booter radness.

It wouldn’t get out of my head. I had to do it

We caught up with Michael over breakfast in New Zealand, as he rested up a shoulder injury. Even the best riders fall and injuries like this only highlight the importance of wearing protective gear while riding. Despite being grounded Michael was as ever stoked on life and happy to tell us about what he coined his “explosion session”. 

Michael explains that the idea for the “explosion session” was hatched when his buddy Jonas showed him an old video part of Marco Lutz and in Michael’s words “it wouldn’t get out of my head. I had to do it”. 

Bang Bang by Michael Schärer. Explosion Session in Snowpark Grindelwald

Michael lighting up the sky over the Grindelwald Park

Bang Bang by Michael Schärer. Explosion Session in Snowpark Grindelwald

II. How to light up the snow park

Michael approached Gian Simmen from Snowpark Grindelwald and asked if the park would be into the idea, and got a resounding YES! Next he recruited a pyro technician who with the help of a few gallons of gasoline was happy to light up Grindelwald with a few explosions. And, the final piece of the jigsaw was a hook-up through the girlfriend of the Swiss team’s physio with the highly skilled drone filmers Dedicam TV. All the charges were now in place for the mother of all banger sessions. 

On a perfect Grindelwald bluebird day Michael had ten jumps with explosions to make the session a success. In his own words he had to “choose between style tricks and video tricks” – in other words bangers that look good on film and stills over difficulty – his favourite being a switch back 9 stalefish and the double tricks with his buddy Ralph Menth.

Bang Bang by Michael Schärer. Explosion Session in Snowpark Grindelwald

Michael and buddy Ralph Menth put the wang into a pair of methods

III. TSG has got his back

It is Michael’s precision on kickers – and now slopestyle courses – that has earned himself the nickname “Big Air Mike”. But going big comes with consequences and when something fails in flight-mode TSG has got his back.  

Bang Bang by Michael Schärer. Explosion Session in Snowpark Grindelwald

Michael going out with a bang!

Michael protects his head in the skate style, hard shell Gravity Helmet; the reactive, low-profile Backbone Tank A back protector; and a pair of Goggle Amps to guarantee a clear view of the terrain in which he rides.   

“90% of the time I ride with a helmet but when I’m chilling I just ride in a beanie” explains Michael. The TSG Gravity Helmet is the slimmest profile riding helmet on the hill and features customizable comfort and fit for the best riding protection. 

He may chill without his helmet but Michael never rides without his back protector: “The TSG Backbone Tank A is super comfortable and I don’t feel safe when I’m not wearing it” he explains. “It is not one of those hard ones it is made from 3D and conforms to your back”. 

IV. What’s next ?

Although Michael says it may be some time before he does another “explosion session” you can catch up with him next winter in Stubai and then on the comp circuit, including Air & Style Beijing. If last season’s victory at Total Fight is anything to go by it promises to be another banger season for our team Swiss team rider and although we can’t protect you against explosions we can certainly keep you safe while riding. 

Michael wants to give a shout out to “Snowpark Grindelwald First, Nitro Snowboards, TSG, Hess Moto and Dedicam” for helping to make the dream of the explosion session a reality. 

V. Bang Bang video


TSG saved my life

Huge crash at Winterberg

Matt’s story



I have just had a huge crash at Winterberg and my TSG helmet and pads saved me from serious injury.

story and photos by Matt Andrews

I took off from a jump at the start of the Freeride trail and got bucked off the lip. This threw me forward and way up into the air. As I landed the front wheel dug into a braking bump hole and threw me over the bars, onto my back and head sideways.

Apart from superficial cuts and bruises it seems I am fine. I hit my head really hard on the rocky ground. It really rang my bell!

My TSG helmet, pads and DH Pants certainly worked!

TSG saved my life Huge crash at Winterberg

Matt took a pretty gnarly hit but keeps smiling

 TSG saved my life Huge crash at Winterberg

Find here what full-face protection we offer or check out all our TSG Bike Helmets

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