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Scott 11 at Fort William World Cup 2011

Tuesday, June 7th, 2011

The wildest downhill world cup of all times saw SCOTT11’s Fabien Pedemanaud fighting his way back into the top 20 and Floriane Pugin flying onto the podium!

Huge crowds of spectators, a long and rough race track, an incredible atmosphere and athletes pumped to the max: This is what the world cup in Fort William has to offer. The racers seemed to push the limits even harder with the crowds cheering for each one of them. In fact, they were all riding at the edge of loosing control, and this is why almost none of them made it down the mountain without any major mistakes and spectacular saves.

One man who was in the middle of them all was Fabien Pedemanaud, who is on his way back to speed after a rather slow start of the season. A full attack in the rough part of the track as well as an impressive effort on the flat pedaling section at the end brought Fabien to the 18th place.

The women kept it a bit more in control, still going hard, and Floriane Pugin managed to get herself onto 3rd position. Emilie Siegenthaler rode consistent and finished the race on 10th place.

SCOTT11 is now driving the truck back through the scottish highlands, catching the ferry to Amsterdam, and then driving straight to the next world cup in Leogang, Austria, where Nick Beer will let the doctors have another look at his wrist and hopefully be able to compete again on the weekend.

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Markus Pekoll is Austrian Downhill Champ 2010

Thursday, September 30th, 2010

After winning the Austrian championships in Innsbruck in 2008, Markus started with lots of pressure and expectation into this year`s championships. Qualification went great with a clear margin of 13 seconds. During training on sunday, the track was demanding because of the strong rain. Markus was surely benefitting from these conditions.

During the final race itself conditions changed, the track was dry again but still catchy.
After a fault in the 1. part of the track, Markus later grazed a tree, what shifted helmet and goggle and let him fly blind into the champ title with a margin of 0.023 seconds only.

Congratulation Markus, a great closure of a perfect season.

3 TSG medals at the MTB DH European Championships

Wednesday, August 11th, 2010

MTB DH European Championships in Hafjell Norway 2010Nick Beer, Markus Pekoll and Floriane Pugin ended up on the podium in Hafjell, Norway.

The riders were having lots of fun on a track with good flow after the super technical tracks of the last two weeks.

The qualifier on friday was held in pouring rain, but the finals luckily in the sun.

Floriane Pugin won the silver medal only just 0.36 seconds behind her french compatriot Miriam Nicole. Emilie Siegenthaler came in fourth.

Nick Beer also won the silver medal, behind the surprisingly fast Robin Wallner from Sweden. Nick is happy getting a smooth run down after a few difficult races.

Following up his success in Val di Sole, Markus Pekoll came in third with a great run!

Congratulations to our riders!


1 Robin Wallner (Swe) 0:03:53.10

2 Nick Beer (Swi) 0:00:02.65   TSG

3 Markus Pekoll (Aut) 0:00:03.28   TSG

4 Dennis Dertell (Swe) 0:00:03.74

5 Lorenzo Suding (Ita) 0:00:04.68


1 Myriam Nicole (Fra) 0:04:43.69

2 Floriane Pugin (Fra) 0:00:00.36   TSG

3 Anita Ager-Wick (Nor) 0:00:01.82

4 Emilie Siegenthaler (Swi) 0:00:05.44   TSG

5 Petra Bernhard (Aut) 0:00:09.11