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Peepshow Films Releases Winter Wars On iTunes

Wednesday, December 28th, 2011

The newest all-female snowboard movie by Peepshow, WINTER WARS, is now available for download on iTunes. The 3rd movie by Peepshow Films, features a crew of raw, real, and dangerously fearless girls who take adventure in pushing the boundaries of women’s snowboarding taking it beyond the park into the streets and backcountry. Featuring: TSG’s Silvia Mittermüller, Annie Boulanger, Bryn Valaika, Celia Miller, Claudia Avon, Colleen Quigley, Danyale Patterson, Darrah Reid-Mclean, Desiree Melancon, Gabi Viteri, Hana Beaman, Jess Kimura, Laura Hadar, Madison Blackley, Marie Hucal, Gabby Maiden, Robin Van Gyn

“Peepshow has always strived to show different aspect of women’s snowboarding. With the release of Winter Wars on iTunes, more people will have access to watch the adventures snowboarding has to offer. Additionally it will greatly help us spread our passion with the boarding enthusiast.” said June Bhongjan, Co-Founder and Director of Peepshow Films

Winter Wars is available for download at
For more information go to

Anne-Flore Marxer shredding tons of powder in Norway

Thursday, December 22nd, 2011

Now that is is finally dumping here in Europe, Anne-Flore Marxer shares a great edit of her trip to Tamok, Norway from last season.

Click link to watch the video. It gives you a great taste of incredible powder runs.


Elias Elhardt wins the BIGAIR in Stuttgart

Wednesday, December 21st, 2011

With clear domination, and outstanding performance in the superfinal, Elias Elhardt won the 5Star Relentless Big Air Stuttgart presented by Quiksilver.

‘It’s obviously super cool to win in your home country, the crowd went wild. It’s both the first and last contest for me this season, as I will concentrate on filming. Therefore it couldn’t have been a better day.’ says favorite Elias Elhardt, who won the contest with his Frontside 360 Stalefish – Frontside Boardslide run for style, and  a Frontside 900 Melon – 270 Frontside Boardslide on his technical run. With these two runs combined, Elias had the highest score in the super final.

Victor de le Rue (FRA) grabbed 2nd place with the best combination of style and tech runs. 3rd place went to current TTR Big Air World Tour leader Roope Tonteri (FIN).

Congratulation Elias!

Watch his runs on german TV here:;sst:1209114;sst1:1209114

Anne-Flore Marxer now rides with TSG Protection

Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011

Current freeride world champion 2011 Anne-Flore Marxer has already been wearing TSG’s helmet and protection gear when she unleashed her spectacular run at the Extreme de Verbier contest as part of the Freeride World Tour 2011.

Anne-Flore is known for her open-minded attitude and energetic character. She just loves to rock wherever she is, whether it’s in the park, in the backcountry or on the disco dance floor. She is 100 percent all the time, making her a valuable and suitable member of TSG’s international pro team.

More than 20 cover shots for both snowboarding and mainstream magazines, as well as countless video segments are proof of her talent. Transworld Snowboarding elected her Rookie of the Year 2006. She then set out to collect another set of titles, among them second Most Influential Female Snowboarder of all times (Slack Magazine), Best International Rider and French Rider of the Year. Plus in 2010, Anne-Flore was the second most important Swiss person on the internet behind Roger Federer.

We are super happy to welcome Anne-Flore to our team. She is not only a great and extremely talented ambassador of our brand but she is also involved in product development. We are all inspired by her communicative personality and her valuable experience which she brings along to push our women’s line.

Anne-Flore rides with the Lotus snowboard helmet and Evolution skate helmet as well as the new women’s protectors collection. And she is currently working on a design for her new pro model helmet in 2012/13.

Welcome to the team Anne-Flore!

check out her profile:

Sun Set Shoot in Zermatt with Gian Simmen

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Peepshow’s “Winter Wars” was awarded Best in Lo-Fi from ESPN

Friday, October 21st, 2011

Congratulation to Esthera and June from Peepshow for winning best in Lo-Fi from ESPN with their new movie Winter Wars. We are stoked for them and happy to be among their sponsors.

Below follows the beginning of the report on To read the full report click the link at the bottom.

“Snowboard movies, like snowboarding itself, run the full spectrum of aesthetic quality, technicality and possibility. On the one hand you have grand, sweeping, multimillion-dollar epics like “The Art of FLIGHT” shot in exotic, faraway locations that many of us will never get to go to, featuring a level of riding that most of us will achieve only in our dreams. And that’s the point — movies like this are for the wanderlust-obsessed dreamers, the international vagabonds, and the hard-core backcountry pow hunters among us.”

“On the other end of the spectrum you have gritty, low-budget movies like Think Thank’s “Ransack Rebellion” and Peep Show’s “Winter Wars” featuring riding that most of us will never have the guts to step to, but is easier to imagine doing because it’s shot in backyard locations that we see around us every day. Movies like this are for the hard-core shreds, the dirtbag truck dwellers, and the kids who move to mountain towns with 100 bucks in their pockets, pack into sketchy, overcrowded apartments, and work crappy jobs that barely pay enough to make ends meet, just so they can snowboard every day.

You have to have both, because all these movies together tell the full story of snowboarding. But outside of our little world the big-time movies are the ones that get all the accolades. This award is the balance. There are a lot of crews out there trying to make something out of nothing, putting together movies with very little money and a whole lot of heart. The most impressive of all of them are the women of Peep Show.”
Read more of Melissa Larsen on

PMS webisode: Silvia Mittermueller shredding SnowPark, NZ

Wednesday, October 19th, 2011

In this PMS webisode edit, watch TSG’s Silvia Mittermueller shred SnowPark NZ, with her friend Isy.

Slash Magazine just caught up with Silvia. Read the interview here

And check out her new website that is now finalized:

Oktoberfest Gaudi

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

If you couldn’t make it to the original Oktoberfest in Munich, Elias & Friends deliver you some fun (gaudi) impressions of the beer festival. We are sure you come visiting it next year!

Marco Smolla´s statement about the clip:
“Lederhosn – the traditional Bavarian dress. Locals wear it all year and everyone else wears it at least for the two weeks at the Oktoberfest in Munich. After an amazing time at the Wiesn (Oktoberfest) Elias and Me decided to just keep on wearing our Lederhosn and go to Hintertux to shred the slushy park there. Watch out for some new Lederhosn Outerwear at next years Ispo…”

We like Elias and Friends, like them too and click Elias-and-Friends

Elias Elhardt presents ELOOA Camps

Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

elooa Camps are about to kick-off!

Together with the 2 former snowboard pros Jens Anselstetter and Heinz Löhle, Germany´s reigning ‘Rider of the Year’  and TSG pro rider Elias Elhardt has launched the project elooa Camps which will start in the winter season 2011/2012.
The ideology behind elooa Camps is simple, but the concept unique: International snowboard pros, certificated coaches and the founders themselves offer the participants an incredible snowboard weekend including pro coaching, photo shoots and video analysis. The participants will get an interesting insight into the snowboard scene and at the same time profit from the pro’s experience and passion.

“We would like to pass on our expert knowledge as well as enthusiasm for snowboarding and push the individual skills of each single one, no matter if it is about trying your first 180 or stomping a 720”, says Elias Elhardt, who will be joining the first 2 elooa Camps in Hintertux and Stubai.

We are happy to support eelooa Camps and highly recommend you to visit it. is online now and the dates for the first 5 elooa Camps are set!

CAMP 1 – Hintertuxer Gletscher > 28.-30.10.11
CAMP 2 – Stubaier Gletscher > 02.-04.12.11
CAMP 3 – Zugspitze > 20.-22.01.12
CAMP 4 – Grasgehren > 24.-26.02.12
CAMP 5 – Nordkette > 02.-04.03.12

Elias epic revival in Saas Fee

Tuesday, September 13th, 2011

It was ten years back when Elias Elhardt was in Saas Fee, Switzerland with his family and he got to learn the back flip and got soo much into snowboarding he could not stop it anymore.

Together with best friend and TSG ‘s ambassador team rider Friedl May and Saas Fee local hustler Alessandro Boyens this summer was time for an epic revival, check out here how much fun they had shredding the park and every little bumps in between.

Right after we organized a photoshoot with Elias and photographer Carlos Blanchard for next season’s campaign. Big props and thanks to the Saas Fee tourism and cableway offices for support and great hospitality. If you next trip brings you to Switzerland make sure you get some riding in Saas Fee.