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TSG podium at King Of Dirt 2013

Tuesday, May 7th, 2013

Last weekend most bikers headed to the beautiful Lago di Garda joing the Riva Bike Festival. Highlight was the King of Dirt, a FMB Bronze Event.

Congrats to the first 4 winners, looks like a TSG rider’s get together.

1. Thoams Genon

2. Amir kabbani

3. Patrick Leitner

4. Pete Henke


We couldn’t come to Riva, but escorted Sam Pilgrim to Solothurn for the Bike Days. Sam defended his titel of last year and placed first before Tomas Zejda and Mehdi Gani.

1 month left until the Swatch Rocket Air takes off

Wednesday, March 13th, 2013

Have you planned your trip to beautiful Thun, Switzerland yet? If not, it’s about time now!

The Swatch Rocket Air is back in Thun, from April, 12th – 13th. Expect the biggest mayhem of Freestyle Mountain Biking in Switzerland!

As soon as the ice in the arena of Thun is melting the Flying Metal Crew is going to redesign the terrain into a huge bike course. The arena will be in the hands and wheels of the world’s best mountain bikers, fighting for a prize money over CHF 10’000.-. Additionally they battle for important FMB World Tour points.

And bring your kids to race at the TSG Nipper race on saturday, 3 pm.

Friday, April 12: Swatch Rapid Fire hosted by the Fuel Girls + Pre-Qualifications
Saturday, April 13: Qualifications, Final Slopestyle

Official Swatch Rocket Air Afterpartys (Bierkönig Thun):
Friday, April 12: Fuel Girls Night
Saturday, April 13: BIG BAANG Party

For more information:

Iouri Podladtchikov wins the Arctic Challenge

Tuesday, March 12th, 2013

After an evening filled with outstanding riding, it was finally TSG’s Iouri “iPod” Podlatchikov who won the Arctic Challenge title, ahead of Chinese Yiwei Zhang and the Japanese shooting star Ayumu Hirano.

When Iouri returned to Oslo this week he was determent to defend his title as the World Champion, and so he did. His winning run was highly technical, combined with great hight and style consisting of the following:
A skyhigh frontside 900, followed by a backside 900 mute, frontside 1080 tailgrab and with the finale hit of a giant cab doublecork 1080 mutegrab, a run which gave him a total score of 90.2 points.
Iouri commented: “The Arctic Challenge is a contest that I used to wait for, because it’s always been in the end of the season and it’s always been on a high level; of technical difficulty and also a high level on style. I am very proud that we still represent that today; really represent snowboarding the way that it should be – for example those big Backside Airs and some really really good grabs that you don’t see often, that’s important to me. And to be the winner right now is just insane! I’m excited to ride more contests with Ayumu in it; he’ll obviously be there in the future. There are not too many riders that have a little bit of skate style. I’m a skater and he’s a skater. I really like to watch people that have a little bit of skate style in their riding. So excited about that, and I hope that he’ll develop his tricks even more.”


Congrats Iouri!

Watch his 1st place run below.

Swatch Rocket Air 2013 preview

Thursday, January 17th, 2013


As soon as the ice in the arena of Thun is melting, The Flying Metal Crew redesigns the area into a huge bike dirt jump course. Expect  some of the world’s best mountain bikers fighting for price money over 10.000 swiss franks on April 12-13 and battle for important points in the FMB World Tour.

This year Rocket Air can boast  with 3 great news.

Watch Manufacturer Swatch took notice of this fun and spectacular event and has committed to the next edition of Rocket Air as the title sponsor.

If you can’t make it to Thun, you can now watch it worldwide streamed live in HD. Qualifications and the Swatch Trick Showdown on friday evening. Finals on saturday.

And last but for sure not least, The Swatch Rocket Air tops last year setup with a longer and even more challenging course, bringing it to a next level. A new huge big air in the middle of the stadium with FMX jump dimensions awaits the riders. Starting from the nearby parking deck over a 6 meter high stage the riders need to exactly calculate their flight in order to not touch the 10 m high ceiling.

Can’t wait to be there! Meet us and our riders Sam Pilgrim, Thomas Genon Amir Kabbani and more.

More info, click

Thomas Genon wins Red Bull Joyride

Wednesday, August 22nd, 2012

At only 19 years of age, TSG’s Thomas Genon wins the Red Bull Joyride at the legendary Crankworx Festival in Whistler (Canada) – the most prestigious Slopestyle-contest in the world. The underdog surprised the mountain bike world with his victory as this young talented rider was not seen as threat for the top spot on the podium. In a tough battle with Martin Söderström, for 1st place, he came out on top, leaving Martin to take a 2nd place. Freeride icon Cam McCaul gained 3rd place.

His performance, especially his 2nd run in the finals, couldn´t have been any better: Thomas started his winning run with a 360° x-up off the starting drop, followed by a tailwhip on the boner-log and a backflip no-hander over the first gap jump. The young Belgian impressed the worldwide audience with his smooth and perfectly timed frontflip – a trick which Thomas is renowned for. He then proceeded to execute a huge double-tailwhip over the first hip and a tuck no-hander over the second. Further down the course, Thomas exited the fruit-bowl with a 360° x-up, to set himself up for the daring backflip on to the cabin feature – Thomas was the only rider during the event to attempt this. He completed his run with a 360°, dropping off the cabin rooftop, 35 feet on to the final landing. Despite an exploding back tire when landing the drop, Thomas rode through the victory-arch masterfully, taking the win and gaining his competitors’ respect. The Belgian demonstrated his tremendous skills earlier this year by winning two FMB World Tour events in Austria, the Dakine Airstrike at Saalbach and the 26TRIX-Contest in Leogang.

Fuelling the suspense at Joyride was the failure of other big name riders to make it in to the Super-finals: Cam Zink and Yannick Granieri experienced a hard fall, just like the current FMB World Tour leader Brandon Semenuk who didn´t make it into the top eight and consequently the Super-finals.

Find the replay of the LIVE-webcast on the website of the FMB World Tour:

The first TSG King Of The Air ended with freshly crowned kings, an awesome atmosphere and a world premier

Tuesday, June 26th, 2012


The premiere of the TSG King Of The Air in the evening of June 23rd, 2012 was a complete success. The crowed was stoked by the unbelievable trick performance on the 12m respectively 15m large Big Air kickers. At sunset the MTB and BMX dirt riders jumped into the night, accompanied by the happy atmosphere of the public.

The biggest highlight was brought by the 16 year old US American Nicholi Rogatkin with his Quadwhip, a world first on a dirt landing. This guarantied him the win in the BMX discipline in front of Patrick Guimez with a sweet Flipwhip. Daniel Tünte whipped himself on the third place with a Triplewhip.

In MTB we saw a tight decision between Bienvenido Albas Frontflip and Xavier Pasamontes Flipwhip, both over the 15m gap. At the end Bienve came out on top with his Frontflip. The Belgian Thomas Genon ended up third with a Double Tailwhip.

Followed by a 30 minutes jam session jury and public additionally crowned Best Trick, Best Style and Fans Favorite. This was when the creativity exploded, as the riders had many tries to land their tricks. The German Simon Moratz (BMX) took home the Best Trick title with a 360 Backflip.

Best Style won Desmond Tessemaker (BMX) with some unbelievable Supermans. This was a really tight decision, as TSG rider Thomas Genon (MTB) scored heavily with a beautiful 360 Flatspin.

Bienve Aguado Alba and the Swiss Ramon Hunziker split the price money of Fans Favorite.

More trick highlights were shown by Desmond Tessemaker (BMX) with a Pendulum to Tailwhip and a Cannonball Superman, Markus Hampl (BMX) wowed with a 360 Superman Seatgrab und Pasamonte (MTB) with a Backflip Superman.

TSG rider Daniel Wedemeijer landed during practice way to far a slightly over rotated 360 and crashed heavily. He had to go to hospital. Luckily nothing was broken and he got off with a swollen blue face. Recover fast Daniel!

Within the jury was nobody less than BMX and MTB legend Timo Pritzel, who didn’t wanted to miss our first own event. He enjoyed the mountains of Laax during some downhill sessions.

We are looking forward to next year’s event!

Results BMX:

1. Nicholi Rogatkin, USA

2. Patrick Guimez, FRA

3. Daniel Tünte. GER

4. Desmond Tessemaker, NED

5. Hampl Markus. GER

6. Simon Moratz, GER

DNS Daniel Wedemeijer, NED

DNF Lluis Lacondeguy, ESP


Results MTB:

1. Bienvenido Aguado Alba, ESP

2. Xavier Pasamonte, ESP

3. Thomas Genon, BEL

4. Amir Kabbani, GER

5. Kelly McGarry, NZL

6. Jonas Janssen, GER

7. Ramon Hunziker, SUI


TSG King of the Air Best Trick: Simon Moratz, BMX, with a 360Backlip

Best Style: Desmond Tessemaker, BMX, with a super extended Superman

Fans Favorite: Split between Bienvenido Aguado Alba, MTB & Ramon Hunziker, MTB


TSG King Of The Air

Friday, June 8th, 2012

 We crown the King of the Air and invite the world’s best mtb and BMX dirt riders to Flims for the TSG King Of The Air at the Dakine Trailfox. On June 23rd, 2012 the riders battle on two kickers with gap length of 12m and 15m, bringing new dimensions on swiss ground.

Besides crowning the MTB and BMX King of the Air, titles like Best Trick, Best Style and Fan’s Favorite wait for the riders. A total of 14.000 CHF pricemoney will be distributed amongst the winners.

Confirmed riders are the 26TRIX winner Thomas Genon (BEL), the german machine Amir Kabbani (GER), Bienvenindo Aguado Alba (ESP), Jonas Jannsen (GER), Tobi Wrobel (AUT), Ramon Hunziker (SUI) and Kelly McGarry (NZL).

For BMX battle the Lords of Dirt organizers Patrick Guimez (FRA) and Markus Hampl (GER), the italian stylemaster Alessandro Barbero, TSG ambassador Daniel Wedemeijer (NED) and Daniel Tünte (GER) as well as Lluis Lacondeguy (ESP) and Desmond Tessemaker (NED). More riders in negotiation.

Don’t miss it and come to Flims!!!

For more information please visit:



Official Video of Rocket Air Slopestyle 2012

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Rocket Air Slopestyle Video Edit

Tuesday, April 17th, 2012

Rocket Air – Sam Pilgrim 2nd!

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

Thomas Genon Rocket Air 2012 Price Giving Rocket Air 2012

Rocket Air 2012, what an event! At the final on Saturday evening 15 of the worlds best riders from 7 countries performed a spectacular show on an extremely high level. The entertainment was perfect for the completely crowded ice skating rink in Thun, the spectators could witness flip and trick combos that were not even thought possible last year.

Martin Söderström from Sweden made amends for 2011 and was just able to edge out last years winner TSG’s Sam Pilgrim to take the crown. Martin laid down a run with heavy trick combos like Barspin to tailwhip or 360 double whip. But not that Sam was out of his element, Sam smashed some big 720s and Frontflips to stay well in the contest. But Martin just managed to keep his nose in front! Third after Söderström and Pilgrim was the young Frenchman Antoine Bizet, using impressive flip combinations. On a great 4th place came TSG’s Thomas Genon.

The TEVA TRICK Showdown was also a big hit with the spectators on Friday night. TSG ambassador Ramon Hunziker managed to wow the crowd with stylish 360 combos winning the FANS FAVORITE!! The BEST TRICK went to the Frenchman Yannick Granieri and the BEST STYLE award went to Martin Söderström.

Congratulation to all TSG riders! It was impressive and fun watching!

1. Martin Söderström
2. Sam Pilgrim
3. Antoine Bizet
4. Thomas Genon
5. Sam Reynolds
6. John Alm Högman
7. Louis Rebould
8. Jakub Vencl
9. Patrick Leitner
10. Clemens Kaudela
11. Bienvenido Alba
12. Ray Samson
13. Tomas Zejda
14. Teo Gustavsson
15. Yannick Granieri