ladies and gentlemen, we present VEP

We have a great new protection foam that we are using from now on in some of our pads. It is called VEP and offers a super accurate fit with supreme wearing comfort, outstanding damping capabilities and great flexibility, while providing reliable protection against penetrating objects.
Profiting from the new material technology are the Nose Dives Timo, 2nd Skins, Kneeguard Task, Kneeguard Slim, and Frag Shirt Advanced.

Soft and pre-shaped 3D protection pads adapt to your body features and anatomy through body heat, and they don’t slip either. This is achieved through our horseshoe shape, which entirely wraps your upper elbows and knees.

VEP is visco-elastic and thus, can handle multiple impacts. After an impact or shock from the outside, the protection pad returns to its original shape while retaining all of its functionality features. In case of a slow application of a force, the VEP material absorbs the impact energy through gentle cushioning, whereas in case of a crash – meaning high-velocity force effect – the foam yields only slightly. Why? Because the air in the cell structure remains locked in within the foam and thus, cannot escape so quickly. This is how a relatively thin and extremely lightweight material like VEP offers premium damping performance. Plus, VEP reacts without time delays in order to minimize strain on the body.

VEP’s 10 years lifespan is considerably longer than the one of other foam pads. And VEP can handle temperatures of up to 120°C, guaranteeing optimum protection even when your equipment is left in the car behind the rear window.

In order to prevent sharp stones or other objects from penetrating the foam in case of a fall, we use an additional elastic synthetic insert for all VEP pads. The insert is extremely flexible to avoid a limitation of the soft protector’s mobility. The synthetic insert is Velcro-fixed onto the VEP pad and can easily be removed from all protectors which feature a removable VEP pad.

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