Peepshow’s “Winter Wars” was awarded Best in Lo-Fi from ESPN

Congratulation to Esthera and June from Peepshow for winning best in Lo-Fi from ESPN with their new movie Winter Wars. We are stoked for them and happy to be among their sponsors.

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“Snowboard movies, like snowboarding itself, run the full spectrum of aesthetic quality, technicality and possibility. On the one hand you have grand, sweeping, multimillion-dollar epics like “The Art of FLIGHT” shot in exotic, faraway locations that many of us will never get to go to, featuring a level of riding that most of us will achieve only in our dreams. And that’s the point — movies like this are for the wanderlust-obsessed dreamers, the international vagabonds, and the hard-core backcountry pow hunters among us.”

“On the other end of the spectrum you have gritty, low-budget movies like Think Thank’s “Ransack Rebellion” and Peep Show’s “Winter Wars” featuring riding that most of us will never have the guts to step to, but is easier to imagine doing because it’s shot in backyard locations that we see around us every day. Movies like this are for the hard-core shreds, the dirtbag truck dwellers, and the kids who move to mountain towns with 100 bucks in their pockets, pack into sketchy, overcrowded apartments, and work crappy jobs that barely pay enough to make ends meet, just so they can snowboard every day.

You have to have both, because all these movies together tell the full story of snowboarding. But outside of our little world the big-time movies are the ones that get all the accolades. This award is the balance. There are a lot of crews out there trying to make something out of nothing, putting together movies with very little money and a whole lot of heart. The most impressive of all of them are the women of Peep Show.”
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