TSG Saved My Life – by Joris Zimmermann


Downhill skateboarder Joris Zimmerman was well protected by our TSG Pass Helmet. Read his little report here.

Joris’ story

“I am a downhill skateboarder for Amersfoort, the Netherlands, and i live in Switzerland. Recently I was following my brother down a reasonably tame mountain road with my gopro. I was almost at the bottom of the run when I got extreme wobbles on my board. I was thrown off of my board and fell backwards onto my head. Thanks to my TSG Pass however i did not sustain any long term injuries, that definitely saved my life.”

Send us your story

Do it like Joris and turn in your real story when your TSG helmet or protectors saved you from severe injuries. If your entry qualifies for our new “TSG Safe My Life” stories you will be rewarded with a 25% discount voucher for a new equivalent TSG product.*

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The Pass definitely took the impact

Joris kissing the asphalt. Glad he is wearing the Pass helmet

TSG Jump It Contest


The TSG Jump It contest is a fun event for pros and rookies. Hosted by the german Gravity Mountain Bike Magazine and TSG’s Amir Kabbani. Here is the highlight video.

TSG Jump it! Contest 2017 by Gravity Mountainbike Magazine from Homegrown Motion Media on Vimeo.


The TSG STATUS bike helmet. be safe. be seen.


Be visible on the streets!

Our Status bike helmet makes cycling in the city safer and more comfortable.

The detachable LED light at the back of the helmet guarantees safety in the dark and bad conditions, while reflective straps and stickers provide additional visibility. At the same time the new reflect color makes the entire helmet reflective: In daylight the helmet shimmers at unobtrusive grey-silver but starts to glow in bad visibility or when illuminated by headlights.

Lightweight design

The helmet’s low-fit design with deep side panels covers the entire head without being too flashy; and weighing only 330g the Status is a real featherweight. TSG has revised the classic skate design for the Status: The more square-edged and aerodynamic design with new vents is perfect for everyday use on the streets. The Status perfectly matches a business suit as well as casual clothes.


Thanks to the Dial-Fit System the Status can be adjusted to any head shape. Soft, premium pads on the inside of the helmet absorb moisture and can be washed easily; each helmet comes with two sets.

Explore it here: Status Helmet

Max Fredriksson 3rd at Joyride 2016 and 2nd Overall FMB Diamond Serie



Red Bull Joyride is in the bookstand. TSG young gun Max Fredriksson placed right behind Thomas Genon (2nd) and Brett Reeder (1st) and is now ranking 2nd at the FMB World Tour Diamond Serie. The demanding and dusty course pushed every single contestant to the limit on Sunday. Many athletes had difficulties to finish their run. But then it was Brett Reeder’s show. A score of 93.00 catapulted him into the first spot. After blowing his first run the pressure was on Max Fredriksson, who not only wanted to land on the podium at this historic event, but also preserve his outside chance at the FMB Diamond Series Title. The Swede withstood this pressure and sent a great run putting him on the verge of the 90s and scoring 89.80.


1.Brett Rheeder (USA) – 93.00 points

2. Thomas Genon (BEL) – 91.20 points

3. Max Fredriksson (SWE) – 89.80 points



1. Nicholi Rogatkin (USA) – 2810 points

2. Max Fredriksson (SWE) – 2702 points

3. Brett Rheeder (CAN) – 2680 points


New TSG bike video with Amir Kabbani


We caught up with team riders Amir Kabbani and Jonas Janssen at their local trails in Germany to shoot a little edit for the launch of our 2016 bike apparel line. The sun was out and the boys were having a great day in the new gear. Check out our 2016 collection.

Sam Pilgrim takes of to Rocket Air


Swatch Rocket Air starts today. TSG’s Sam Pilgrim literally takes of to hit the course. Right on time for the course preview. Must have been the greatest air time of his life.

Return of the goat king. Timo Pritzel exploring Saalbach’s most rugged enduro trails


“What does a man get alongside the luxury title of ‘Goat King’? A very appropriate living, breathing, bleating, four-legged goat for a prize. Having graciously accepted the miniature beast at the podium, Timo Pritzel had the foresight to realise that farm animals of the Austrian mountains and city life in central Berlin are not the most sensible of blends. With that in mind, however soul-crushing, the decision to leave this furry little bundle of joy behind was made. Although Timo returned the next few seasons to compete, contact was lost and his ‘kid’, if you will, long forgotten. That is until he got the call from an old friend and resort ambassador Tibor Simai – did he want to explore Saalbach’s most rugged enduro trails and sample some of the backcountry beyond the bike park?”

Check out full story and some more awesome photos on pinkbike.com




Learn more about our Roller Derby 2.0 Pads


We have just released a brand new video techisode about our new Roller Derby 2.0 pads. Flash Bo-Dash of the team S.W.A.T. Roller Derby UK helped designing those knee and elbow pads and did another great job in explaining some of the never-seen-before features.

Josh Perry back after surgery


Welcome back riding Josh Perry! 4 months and one 1 week after ACL reconstructive surgery, Josh rides with his CTI knee brace for the first 2 times. He was accompanied by BMX legend, Duncan Gore, as well as David Goodall and Greenville, NC locals, Mike Hoffman and Joseph Lee. Acting according to Dave Mirra’s wise words: “If you do your homework, the test is easy”, Josh  worked his ass off 2 months prior to surgery, and took care about his nutrition and fitness to be back riding earlier than the norm.

Three podiums in a row for Renton Millar


Huge respect and congrats to our longtime skate team rider Renton Millar who just won the Australian Open, The Australian Championships and came 3rd at Bondi Bowlarama. Three podiums in a row –  we couldn’t be more proud!

Renton_millar_bowlarama_2016 renton_millar_podium_2016